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"We know firsthand how important it is to keep that romance going in relationships," recalls Tyler Turk, CEO of the subscription box Crated with Love, a date night lifesaver for both newlyweds and long withstanding married couples. Tyler, and his wife Michelle, noticed their romance starting to dwindle after the twosome—while both attending college—had successfully made it past the honeymoon stage of their relationship. "We both had multiple jobs and internships, let alone being full-time students and planning our wedding," explains Tyler. "Date night just seemed to be placed in the background." Set on finding a solution that would successfully get them to the newlywed phase, the duo agreed on a monthly date (and budget) set aside to invest in their courtship as a couple, a promise that eventually lent itself to the establishment of their present-day business. "We started to notice how much our relationship improved just by adding this monthly date," recalls Tyler. "One day, everything clicked and we wondered if other couples could benefit from what we did, thus Crated with Love was born!"

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Even though the now-married pair conquered the first obstacle of creating a business—coming up with an innovative idea—the duo quickly faced the inevitable challenges of getting their business off of the ground. "I don't think we realized how much stress running a business would really be until we actually got started," says Michelle, co-founder of Crated with Love. "In our first year, we were shipping out thousands of dates from our small apartment. One Christmas, we didn't have any room for a tree, so we built one out of boxes!"

Determined to spread their idea to couples around the globe, mainly to help date stumped newlyweds, it was important for Tyler and Michelle to create a product they too could enjoy. "One thing that has been important for us is to make sure we remember why we started the company," explains Michelle. "Today, we are still Crated with Love's customers! We make sure to have that special date night as much as we can."

So how exactly does Crated with Love take the stress out of date night? Each box is equipped with three distinct factors that make relationship-building activities a no-brainer, including date specific themes. "We really pride ourselves in coming up with unique dates," says Tyler, "you can only have so many picnics or spa nights, so each box you receive from us will be completely different." After uncovering you and your partner's set theme, you'll find 4-5 activities that uniquely correspond to that subject. "We've had escape room boxes filled with puzzles and riddles, and even galaxy dates where you create your own galaxy, stargaze, and compete against each other with our special Crated with Love gliders," explains Tyler.

Along with these activities, couples receive access to Crated with Love's online bonus content of extra games, activities, and recipes for date night desserts. When asked what his favorite theme has been since crafting Crated with Love, Tyler's answer was nothing less than out-of-the-box. "One of my favorite dates so far has been our 'Bet on My Love' box. All the games and activities are casino-inspired. In that box we have Couples Bingo, Truth or Dare Roulette, and a customized card game that Michelle and I created."

Two-and-a-half years later and Tyler and Michelle found themselves shipping boxes to couples all over the world. "That in itself is so amazing and humbling," recalls Tyler who details that they have shipped a Crated with Love box to every single state in the U.S.. "There are studies that show that married couples who spend more couple time (or you can call them date nights) have a higher probability of happiness and a much lower probability of divorce," relays Michelle on another crucial reason spending one-on-one time as a couple is valuable. "All just from more date nights!"

Humbled by the gratitude they have received from pairs both domestically and internationally, Tyler and Michelle continue to want to grow in their relationship while helping others grow in theirs. "To think that it all started with Michelle and I wanting to strengthen our relationship is so surreal. And with all the work we've put into the Crated with Love, hearing how these dates have helped other couples has made everything so worth it."