23 Reasons We Won't Be Getting Out of Bed for the Rest of Winter

Hill Home House Chancery Lane - Luxe Set
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The holidays are the optimal time to take a day off. And not just any day off, but an epic, stay-in-bed extravaganza that includes a major couch session with Netflix, a decadent blanket nest, and head-to-toe fuzzy everything. To help you prepare for what is sure to be the snuggliest throwdown of all time, we've prepare a tactical guide to making your next cancel-all-your-plans-and-stay-home night as comfortable as humanly possible. Set your phasers to lazy. Reaching peak cozy vibes in 3... 2... 1...

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Upgrade the Cozy Factor

serena and lily blanket

For the ultimate blanket nest, the layer closest to you should be impossibly soft, like this braided throw handwoven in Peru.

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Dreamy Duvet

Nordstrom at Home 'Chloe' Duvet Cover

Warning: This duvet cover will increase your nap quotient by roughly 1,000 percent.

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A Magic Pillow That Will Decrease Stress

warming pillow

This pillow is a triple threat: warm, good-smelling, and oh-so-pretty. Pop it into the microwave to warm it up and activate the calming scent of lavender—a frequently used aromatherapy plant that can lower stress levels.

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Faux Fur

Nordstrom at Home Mongolian Faux Fur Throw

TBH, just looking at this blanket makes us feel warmer. The cheery bubblegum-pink color and the faux fur texture means you're definitely ordering delivery. The kitchen is simply way too far.

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Release the Kraken (Pillow)

Jonathan Adler octopus pillow

Leave it to Jonathan Adler to take a mythological beast and render him in glittering golden glass beads.

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Splurge-Worthy Sheets

Pine Cone Hill King 400TC Petite Vine Flat Sheet

A high thread count with a colorful twist.

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A Comforter That Will Make the Snooze Button Totally Necessary

Nordstrom at Home 'Davie' Velvet Comforter

Are there any two words in the English language that denote coziness more than "quilted velvet"?

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A Throw With Serious Snuggle Potential

Mantas Ezcary Rozco Red/Orange Mohair Throw

Sunset-hued mohair and wool are woven together in Spain to help aid your quest for the ultimate cuddle.

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A Chair That's Basically a Velvet Hug

Jonathan Adler velvet chair

This cozy chair ups the chic level in any bedroom.

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The Prettiest Snack Plate Ever

Ita Blue Cheese Plate & Forma Spreader

No lazy day is complete without a major snack session. Your charcuterie spread is going to be Insta-famous thanks to this gorgeous cheese plate and spreader.

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The Heirloom-in-Training Blanket

Pendleton '5th Avenue - Glacier Park' Throw

Pendleton Woolen Mills has been churning out high-quality, American-made blankets since in the early 1900s (seriously!), and this superfine merino wool throw is no exception.

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Five-Star Slippers

Uggs slippers

Your toes will thank you for these shearling-lined slippers that are so good, there are over 1,000 five-star reviews for them on Zappos.

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A Pillow So Pretty, It Deserves to Be Framed

Cupcakes and Cashmere 'Chambray Dot' Crewel-Embroidered Pillow

A pastel fairytale scene makes this pillow basically double as a bedtime story.

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The "Who Keeps Stealing My Pillow?" Pillow

Mina Victory Genuine Tibetan Shearling Pillow

This is a pillow so plush, so darn cuddly, that every single time you get up from your spot, someone is going to try to steal it. Buyer beware.

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A Blanket Better at Cuddling Than Your S.O.

UGG® Duffield Throw

This year's velvet trend moves from the closet to the couch with the plushest blanket ever.

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Over-the-Knee Socks

Natori over the knee socks

Because if you're going to have a pants-optional day, you better have some fiercely cozy socks on.

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A Pouf Straight From Winterfell

Nordstrom at Home 'Cuddle Up' Faux Fur Pouf

Imagine a Game of Thrones binge session spent draped over this. Heaven.

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The Perfect Accent Pillow

Nordstrom at Home Colorblock Accent Pillow

This pillow is so stylish, it'll dress up any sofa.

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Cozy Candlelight

Volsupa candle

This candle's notes of black ebony wood and ripe peaches will transport you from the frosty embrace of winter to a midsummer night's dream with the flick of a match.

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PJs You'll Want to Live In

eberjey sleep shirt

Real talk: You haven't known true coziness until you own this sleep shirt. Eberjey's line of frilly bras, lacy panties, and gorgeous loungewear are dedicated to dispelling the myth that lingerie is inherently uncomfortable.

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A Pillow That Makes the Bed Look Better By Association

Kate Spade gem cluster pillow

This grown-up gray wool pillow gets glammed up thanks to clusters of rainbow-hued gemstones.

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Tea Fit For a Prince

Kusmi Prince Vladimir Tea

Russian tea purveyor Kusmi created this luxurious blend to honor Vladimir the Great, ruler of Holy Russia, way back in 1888. And the same dramatic blend of Earl Grey, citrus, vanilla, and spice that warmed Tsar tummies through St. Petersburg winters will keep you toasty, too.

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A Crisp Set of Pillows

Hill Home House Chancery Lane - Luxe Set

Like pillows from a posh London hotel, but in your very own bed.

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