I Keep Getting Compliments When I Wear These Colorful KN95 Masks, and They're 42% Off at Amazon

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If you're struggling to find the best face mask to fend off COVID-19, you're not alone. Like the ever-evolving virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's mask guidelines are constantly changing. In its most recent update, the CDC said that well-fitting face masks and respirators are more protective than "loosely woven" cloth masks. That's why I've been wearing these colorful KN95 masks from Amazon that are currently 42 percent off.

KN95 masks, which are certified and produced in China, are made with multiple layers of synthetic fibers that trap at least 95 percent of air particles that are larger than 0.3 microns. They're designed to fit snugly on your face with a malleable nose wire, tight seals around your nose and mouth, and comfortable ear straps.

Since most KN95 masks are plain black or white, I started looking for colorful options that would make wearing face coverings every day a bit more fun. I found the Miuphro KN95 Disposable Face Masks, which come in five solid shades. They have five layers and sit super comfortably on my face. Unlike other KN95 masks I've tried that move around and poke my eyes, these ones stay in place once I adjust and tighten the nose wire.

KN95 Disposable Face Mask - Miuphro Multicolor KN95 Safety Masks,

Shop now: $29 (Originally $50); amazon.com

Every time I've worn one of these masks over the past couple of weeks, a friend has stopped me and asked where I got it. My philosophy is that if we're going to continue wearing masks for the foreseeable future, we might as well make them an outfit-enhancing accessory.

These masks are number-one best-sellers on Amazon, and they have nearly 4,000 five-star ratings. "I was having the hardest time breathing with the non-KN95 masks," one reviewer wrote. "Not only can I breathe better in these, but I can match my outfit. After almost two years of wearing masks, you definitely want versatility, but not at the cost of safety."

A second shopper said, "I am a nurse, I work in a hospital and a school. Let's say I have many types of masks for different environments. These are the best KN95 masks with a touch of nice color yet. They don't hurt my ears, they don't smell, and are breathable."

Before stock runs out, be sure to grab these comfortable and colorful KN95 masks for 42 percent off at Amazon.

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