By Leigh Gotzmer
Updated May 09, 2016 @ 3:30 pm

It's easy to change your outfit with your mood, but flooring has never quite been that simple—until now—thanks to more and more brands specializing in modular flooring. We know, piece-by-piece carpets tend to evoke images of kindergarten classrooms, but now they're the ultimate, affordable way to get a custom look for your home. We've rounded up some of our favorite fashion-forward brands that are bringing big style to the foreground.

Henzel Studio

Henzel Studio was created by multimedia artist Calle Henzel, who has worked with fashion legends like designer Helmut Lang and photographer Nan Goldin in the past to create amazing floorscapes, and now the company has launched the X Module system, giving buyers the chance to design a custom, super-mod, floor concept one section at a time. The full-sized compositions can be transformed into 96"-long "X"-shaped samples, and linked together in any order for endless combinations.



Carpet brand FLOR credits the surge in piece-by-piece looks to the public's increased desire for unique, personalized designs. "In my mind, our society is becoming more and more interested in 'doing it yourself' and less interested in following trends set by other people," FLOR President Rick Kilmer says. "Everyone is looking for something unique that no one else has, something that they've created with their own hands." FLOR offers tiled options that can be joined for any desired rug size, in solids and bold graphics. You can fit them together like a puzzle for a coordinated design or flip the pieces for a more mismatched, collage look.


Kinder Modern

Kinder Modern's segmented rug collection, Kinder Ground, launched in 2014 with a system that gives consumers a way to create functional art. The brand, which started with area rugs, fragmented single piece designs into multiple tiles using fun shapes like triangles and hexagons.


Between these three companies, changing the look of a room is just a few swaps—and minutes—away, and that is something we can totally commit to.