Cara Delevingne Is On a Mission to Normalize Self-Pleasure

We spoke to the actress and model about her new role as co-owner for sex-tech company Lora DiCarlo.

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Let's just go ahead and say it: Sex toys are having their moment.

During quarantine, online sex toy and vibrator sales soared as people had more time on their hands — and more stress and anxiety to burn off. Now, celebs are getting in on the action, too. (Uh, pun intended.)

Sex tech company Lora DiCarlo announced today that Cara Delevingne has joined their team as co-owner and creative advisor, following in the footsteps of Lily Allen and Dakota Johnson, who both recently partnered up with sexual wellness brands.

"In her new role, Cara will use her voice and platform to inspire and encourage humans to embrace their sexuality with positivity and confidence, sharing their unified values of unapologetically celebrating sexual exploration and working to destigmatize sexuality," the brand said in a statement.

EMBARGO: Cara Delevigne/Lora DiCarlo Vibrator

The female-run company, which launched in 2017, made waves back in 2019 when they received the Innovation Award in Robotics from CES for their high-tech vibrator, Osé, which was rescinded (and later reinstated) due to its "obscene" nature — helping to expose gender bias and double standards in the tech industry as a whole. This led CES to officially welcome sex-tech for the first time earlier this year.

"Cara is approachable, unapologetic, and kind. She has some great ideas about destigmatizing the space and reaching a broader audience, which we're really excited to explore together," founder and CEO, Lora Haddock DiCarlo tells InStyle. "The thing that separates Lora DiCarlo from other brands on the market is our data and our technology. We want to tap into Cara's highly engaged audience for even more data as we continue to grow the brand. Cara is also ecstatic about collaborating with her new teams on product development and creative direction. She's an excellent addition to our already highly engaged and innovative team and a dream to work alongside."

EMBARGO: Cara Delevigne/Lora DiCarlo Vibrator

We spoke to Delevigne about her new role and her mission to normalize self-pleasure.

When did you first become familiar with the brand and what do you think sets Lora DiCarlo apart from other competitors? Any favorite products?

I got connected with Lora and her brand before they officially launched. And unlike other brands, Lora DiCarlo really aligns with my values — it's women-led and femme-focused, it's focused on science, and is redefining how people explore, experience, and take ownership of their pleasure.

Beauty partnerships are everywhere, but rarely do you see celebrities partnering with vibrator brands — why do you think it's important to venture into this new territory and talk about masturbation and sexual health more broadly?

I think what you said is exactly why I find it important. I think pleasure is something that needs to be normalized. We all do it, but nobody talks about it. I think if I can be a part of a company that helps normalize and destigmatize those conversations then we are helping women or people who identify as female, around the world. I'm hoping people will share with me via text (310-421-0894) what they want to see in the sex tech space that they haven't seen yet, what they feel is missing, and also what they like so we can continue to make products that people love.

According to some studies, there's a big gender gap when it comes to masturbation. How can brands like Lora DiCarlo help to change that?

The gender gap in this space is no different than where we are seeing it everywhere else and we, as women, should be shifting to normalize it — for ourselves, for our girlfriends, for the future generations. We at Lora DiCarlo are looking to make self-pleasure less scary and less intimidating. The products are beautiful and don't need to be hidden in a drawer. They're easy to use.

What do you hope to accomplish in this new role as co-owner of the brand?

In my new role, I want to inspire and encourage others to embrace their sexuality and be open to learning more about sexual wellness.

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