Wireless In Ear Headphone
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On the one hand, the Doppler Labs Here Ones are a solid set of wireless in-ear earphones, capable of streaming songs from a phone sans cord. On the other, they are one of the most impressive pieces of technology we’ve seen this year, with the ability to endow users with seemingly superhuman powers.

The key is that these tiny buds don’t just change the way you hear music—they change the way you hear everything. That’s because they contain built-in microphones that suck up the sounds of the outside world before pummeling music through to your ears. Using an accompanying app, you can then filter, adjust, manipulate, and otherwise tinker with the sounds of the world around you.

BUY: Doppler Labs Here One, $300;

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On a loud plane or train? Tap the app to cancel out these annoying hums. At a café and looking to eavesdrop on that couple a few tables over? Turn up the volume and give yourself superhuman hearing. The best part: You can do both these things at the same time. The app actually lets you turn some sound frequencies up (such as human speech), and others down (everything else), simultaneously. Our only hope is that you’ll use your newfound powers for good and not evil.

Wins for: Packing a computer’s worth of technology into a tiny set of earbuds

Noteworthy features:

  • Allows you to turn the sounds of the outside world either up or down
  • Pre-set audio filters are designed to block out specific scenarios, such as planes or trains
  • Comes with a case that doubles as a backup battery

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