15 Vibrators So Good, You’ll Be Shocked They’re From Amazon

We're talking toe-curling Os starting at $13.
By Summer Cartwright
Feb 20, 2021 @ 8:00 pm
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Having better, more intense orgasms doesn't usually have to require a ton of work. Most of the time, it's as simple as updating your sex toy collection with some new, more technologically advanced additions, like clit stimulators with autopilot settings or nugget vibrators that last for up to two hours of play time

And because everything bought online can ship so quickly nowadays, you don't even have to wait that long to start getting off — thanks, Amazon Prime. Unbeknownst to some, the online retailer is a hub for tons of sex toys, including just about every vibrator imaginable. Plus, like anything on Amazon, the reviews are brutally honest, so it's easy to pick out a fraud or spot the real deal. 

What's not easy is delving through all of the pages of products that pop up when you search for a vibrator. But don't worry, we put in a lot of time and energy reading thousands of reviews, combing through ratings, and analyzing descriptions to come up with 15 of the absolute best vibrators that you can find on Amazon.

Best Vibrators on Amazon:

This list includes everything from vibrators that attach to fingers (perfect for partner play) to rechargeable wands that will blow any of your other personal massagers out of the water. The best part? The majority of these top-rated vibrators cost under $50 — and there's one that's just $13

It looks like you don't have to break the bank to break into a round of intense orgasms after all. Read on below to find the best vibrator for you. And get excited: they'll be at your doorstep and in your bed in no time. 

Best Cheap: Secret Lover Bullet Vibrator

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Finding a vibrator that you can put discreetly inside of your purse is easier said than done. This one is so small, though, that you might even be able to keep it in your wallet. Use it on your own, or use it with a partner — it's small enough so that it won't get in the way of penetration or cunnilingus, but rather add to the pleasure.

Worth mentioning: It comes with three speeds and seven different pulse patterns.

"This lil thang did not come to play games, honey," wrote one satisfied reviewer. "I love all the different vibration options; I really did not expect that."

Shop now: $13; amazon.com

Best Rated: Paloqueth G-Spot Rabbit

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Combine the experiences of penetration with clitoral stimulation and you get this top-rated rabbit. More than 12,000 people have given it a perfect rating, calling it "unbelievably amazing" and "a game changer."

A ribbed shaft and four different vibrating sections make this model a standout compared to other models. It's designed to hit everything from your clitoris to your G-spot all at once. When fully charged, it can last for up to three hours of use. 

Shop now: $28 (Originally $40); amazon.com

Best Waterproof: Sendry Wand Massager

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This is not your mother's wand (unless your mother's wand came with 20 pulse patterns, eight speeds, and a rotating head). The waterproof vibrator has a combined 160 vibration modes, and yet it costs less than $20. 

"It definitely had me shaking and feeling good," said a customer. "It has the perfect amount of power and all the different vibrations and speeds are truly amazing! I would 100 percent recommend."

Shop now: $19; amazon.com

Best Splurge: Zumio S Precision Clitoral Stimulator

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If you're somebody who really gets off to clitoral stimulation, you'll want to invest in this vibrator. The massager comes with a compact and rounded tip that precisely targets your pleasure points in a way that can't be replicated. The tiny rotations make for a sensation that's not as intense as some other powerful products, so that you can build up to a truly incredible orgasm. 

"I love this toy," wrote a reviewer. "It delivers intense, pinpointed stimulation. I'm learning more about my body and what I like. I am having some intense, amazing sensations while using it solo."

Shop now: $98; amazon.com

Best Overall: Adorime G-Spot Rabbit

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Chances are you haven't seen a vibrator shaped like this. The unique shafted horseshoe configuration allows it to be a truly versatile sex toy. The rounded head can fit around nipples and shafts while the tips can target the clitoris or G-spot, depending on which end you use. This is something that you can discover a new use for each time it's pulled out, making for fun explorations. 

"It has a very soft silky feel to it, and the seven different vibration settings are great," one five-star reviewer said. "I like how you can set both ends to vibrate differently or just one at a time. This toy is great to use alone or with someone."

Shop now: $29; amazon.com

Best Quality: Paloqueth Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

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While most sex toys vibrate, this one thrusts, creating a powerful yet precise penetration that'll have you ready for lift off in 3...2...1... The best part? Its three thrusting patterns and seven vibrations are all controlled by you, rather than a partner who may or may not be rhythmically challenged. 

"At first I was hesitant to purchase it because it is so different from anything I have ever owned, but this product is worth every penny," wrote one reviewer. "The curved tip hits just right. The thrust isn't a particularly deep one, but the product gets deep enough to have a similar effect."

Shop now: $38 (Originally $46); amazon.com

Best Durable: Luxeluv G-Spot Vibrator

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Designed to bend whichever way you like, this flexible G-spot vibrator hits all the right places, according to reviewers. It's even garnered a reputation for getting "the job done quickly." Its compact size, as well as its 10 vibration patterns allow for it to be used in a number of ways, from penetration to external arousal.

Shop now: $22 (Originally $34); amazon.com

Best for Couples: IMO Vibrating Cock Ring

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A couple's toy that won't get in the way of your time together, the IMO cock ring takes things to the next level with its seven vibration modes. It pleasures both parties at once, or can be used as a smaller toy for solo penetration. 

"If you are looking to spice up your sex life, get this," said one reviewer. "If you already have an amazing sex life, this will be next level."

Shop now: $26; amazon.com

Best Clitoral: Womanizer Pro 40

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Give your clit the attention it deserves using a toy that uses suction to get you off. The stimulating head shapes around your pleasure points in a way that's precise without inducing any jolt-like sensations, a rarity (and a blessing) for toys.

"I'm a traditional vibrator person usually, but The Womanizer puts everything else to shame," wrote one shopper. "I probably orgasmed within 45 seconds, and not only that, had the most intense orgasm of my life. This product is well worth the price tag, I honestly don't know how I lived life before this."

Shop now: $69; amazon.com 

Best G-Spot: Phanxy Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

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It's your God-given right to be selfish when it comes to sex toys. So why not stimulate your G-spot and your clit at the same time? The unique curved shape of this vibrator makes this possible. Shoppers say it also allows for anal penetration if you're feeling so inclined. Better yet: It comes with a remote, so partner play can get even more spicy. 

"We searched for a couples' vibrator for hours before deciding on this one," wrote one duo, who added that this pick is great for livening things up. "We are loving that you can control this using the remote or using the button in the vibrator itself. [It's] very easy to change to a different vibration mode without missing a step, and there's a lot to choose from."

Shop now: $34; amazon.com 

Best Bullet: G-Spot Bullet Vibrator

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Never doubt the size or cost of a vibrator again after using this $13 bullet model. Shoppers say they refuse to let it ever leave  their sides. Now that's the kind of reliability and support we could all use more of. 

"It blew my mind away, in more than one way," wrote one five-star reviewer. "There is nowhere this little toy couldn't go, so why not take it with you wherever you go, and never have a dull moment again?"

Shop now: $13; amazon.com

Best Wand: Luna Rechargeable Personal Wand

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Any "personal massager" you see after grabbing this one will lack in comparison. The waterproof model comes with an impressive 20 vibration patterns as well as eight speeds to choose from at your will. With this many combinations, you'll be discovering new favorites for a long, long time. Also, it comes in several cute colors (which, let's be real, does matter).

"Too bad I can't leave 10 stars," wrote one passionate shopper. "After using this bad boy, I believe there is a God that wants us to be satisfied and happy ... I can't believe how quick and easy it is to have an orgasm. Afterwards, I danced in the kitchen and happily cooked dinner with no complaints. Please buy it."

Shop now: $25; amazon.com

Best for Beginners: Oliver James Rechargeable Personal Wand

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Unlike some other similar wands out there, this one is built to be flexible so that it can bend with, rather than against, however your body responds. According to the brand, the vibrator keeps quiet no matter what setting it's on. 

"This is the first wand massager I have ever purchased and it lives up to the hype," wrote one user. "Not only is the color super cute, but the intensity is perfect." 

Shop now: $30; amazon.com

Best Small: Shibari Mini Halo Plus

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Personal wands can be bulky, but not this miniature model. It has the same capabilities as its bigger counterparts, but measures in at under 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. Take it on the go without needing a large tote bag to conceal it, or leave it at home for safekeeping — based on the reviews, this is one toy that you won't ever want to lose. 

"Best wand you'll ever own hands down," wrote one reviewer. "The 20 patterns are fantastic. I've recommended this to everyone I know."

Shop now: $19 (Originally $22); amazon.com

Best Quiet: Paloqueth G-Spot Finger Vibrator

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If you've got roommates, kids, or nosy pets wandering into your room whenever they hear the slightest noise, then this quiet vibrator should be at the top of your list. It fits onto your finger to add a little sauciness to your typical solowork, and it can do the same for your partner, too. Slip it on and use it wherever you please — the nine vibration modes and ribbed texture will basically do all of the dirty work for you. 

"It's been a favorite since I purchased it a few months ago, and I have many in my repertoire to choose from," said one shopper. "It is small and sleek enough not to be obtrusive during partner play, and wouldn't be intimidating for newbies. My favorite thing about this toy is that it is literally like an extension of your finger, so it feels natural to use."

Shop now: $25; amazon.com