The 9 Best Razors for Women in 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Say so long to razor burn and bumps with these razors for women that guarantee a smooth, close shave.

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Best Razors

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Did you know your razor could be the culprit behind strawberry skin, ingrown hairs, and painful bumps? It's true: Using the wrong razor might be what’s separating you from the luxurious feeling of smooth legs under clean sheets or rocking high-cut swimsuits (if a hairless look is your preference). Between straight, safety, and electric razors you have a lot of options, but understanding your skin and hair type can steer you toward the best razor.

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Claire Wolinsky, there's no one-size-fits-all razor. "For those with thick hair who are more prone to ingrown hairs, a safety razor gets a close shave with one blade versus multiple-blade razors that increase friction,” she says. She also adds that lubricated heads are beneficial for sensitive skin — but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

To help you out further, our team tested 21 top-rated razors for women, keeping blade efficiency, lubrication strips, grip, efficacy, and overall skin feel top of mind. In the end, we narrowed down the pool to nine impressive razors that will give you a more enjoyable shaving experience and leave you with baby-soft skin. Read on for best razors for women, tested and approved by InStyle.

Best Overall

Joy Razor Handle and 2 Blade Refill Cartridges

Joy Razor Handle and 2 Blade Refill Cartridges


What we love: The razor uses five blades and a non-slip grip handle to give a close, clean shave free from irritation or razor burn. 

What we don’t love: It only comes in one color.

Meet your new shaving superhero: The Joy Razor. Clocking in at under $10, it does an impressive job of solving our biggest shaving woes. Aside from using five thin blades for an ultra-close shave, it includes lubricated strips to prevent irritation and nourish the skin. In fact, these strips are so moisturizing that you won’t even have to use shaving cream, and razor burn will become a thing of the past. 

Beyond the impressive blade performance, we also love that the no-slip silicone handle ensures you’ll have a sturdy grip — no accidental cuts from slippage here. This feature really set the razor apart from other contenders with plastic handles. Honestly, we struggled to find a single  flaw in the razor's performance, but if we're nitpicking, it’d be nice to see it offered in more than one color.

Price at time of publish: $9

Handle Material: Plastic, silicone | Blades: 5 | Cartridges Included: 1 | Color: 1

Best Safety Razor

Oui the People The Single Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

Oui the People The Single Sensitive Skin Razor

Oui the People

What we love: It’s a sustainable option that has a long lifespan and includes a protective covering to prevent cuts.

What we don’t love: The product requires a bit of a learning curve.

We wouldn’t usually think of razors as opulent items, (they’re typically supermarket afterthoughts), but this one is luxurious. Offered in rose gold and brushed chrome, the sleek safety razor is beautiful, and it delivers equally gorgeous results for your skin. 

What differentiates this pick from other razors is its weighted, single-blade design that shaves close to the surface without tugging at the hair follicle (which can cause ingrown hairs, FYI). Using it isn’t totally intuitive, though. It takes some time to initially get the hang of shaving with it and replacing its blades, so we recommend watching a tutorial, as the included instructions are a little vague. Once we got the hang of it, we found that the handle’s clearly marked indentation makes for an easier grip that allows us to seamlessly maneuver around awkward areas, like the bikini line. 

We understand that the up-front cost may be a little jarring, but investing now will save you money in the long run — This razor comes with 10 replacement blades that will last for up to five to six shaves each. (and a pack of 10 replacement blades costs only $15!) What’s good for your wallet is also good for the planet since the blades are recyclable, and the stainless steel handle will last for years. 

Price at time of publish: $85

Handle Material: Stainless steel | Blades: 1 | Cartridges Included: 10 replacement blades | Colors: 2

Best Subscription

Billie Razor Starter Kit

Billie Razor Starter Kit


What we love: Billie’s flexible subscription service delivers its skin-moisturizing, close-shave razors on your timeline.

What we don’t love: The head is not sturdy.

Billie delivers its whimsical razors to your door whenever you need them, turning a purchase that’s typically a nuisance into a track-your-package situation. Cross lotion off your shopping list, too, because the razor also hydrates parched skin with aloe-infused blades.

Compared to other razors we tested, its lubrication strips last longer, hold up in wet environments, and do a better job of preventing irritation. The ergonomic curved handle design also makes shaving hard to reach crevices a cinch and pretty much eliminates the possibility of accidentally nicking yourself.   

We’re glad Billie designed the handle with a slip-free rubber back, because the head isn’t the sturdiest — we found that it pops off when dropped, so the rubber grip makes mishaps like this less likely.

Price at time of publish: $10

Handle Material: Resin, matte rubber back | Blades: 5 | Cartridges Included: 2 | Colors: 7

Best for Sensitive Skin

Flamingo Razor

Flamingo Razor


What we love: Five thin blades and a lubricated razor head minimize bumps on even the most sensitive skin.

What we don’t love: The head is hard to reattach once it pops off.

Using the right razor is paramount for those with sensitive skin who are more prone to itchiness, bumps, and razor burn. Throughout our testing, we found that none care for sensitive skin quite like the Flamingo Razor. We adore that the blades stay pristinely sharp through multiple shaving sessions and appreciate how the aloe and shea moisturizing strips guarantee a painless and smooth shave every time. 

We can’t deny the palette of soft colors — including lilac, rose, and sage — isn’t a bit of a selling point, too. It’s even better that they accessorize a weighted, easy-to-grip handle that makes shaving any part of your body a breeze. We just wish the head was less flimsy (it pops off a little too easily), but the affordable price makes us a little more forgiving of this con.

Price at time of publish: $8

Handle Material: Plastic | Blades: 5 | Cartridges Included: 1 | Colors: 5

Best for Bikini Line

Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer ES246AC

Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer ES246AC


What we love: The tool quickly trims your bikini line and is easy to maneuver. 

What we don’t love: It isn’t waterproof (even though it claims to be). 

If you plan on sporting a Love Island-inspired ultra high-cut bathing suit anytime soon, this Panasonic bikini line trimmer will be handy. The battery-operated tool has five adjustable settings so you can effortlessly shape up the area to your desired preference. 

We won’t lie: If you’re new to automated trimmers, they can feel a bit nerve wracking to use — but this one’s lightweight grip allows you to get ultra close to the skin without nicking it. Though we found the results to be closer to a buzz cut than fully bald, the sharp blades shortened our trimming time from 15 minutes to a tight five. 

The trimmer head claims to be waterproof, but we recommend using this outside the shower and away from running water because through our testing we found that getting it wet impacts its overall efficacy. 

Price at time of publish: $20

Handle Material: Metal  | Blades: 1 | Cartridges Included: 1 | Colors: 1

Best for Face

Tweezerman Facial Razor

Tweezerman Facial Razor


What we love: The stainless steel weighted handle gives you more control, allowing you to get a closer shave without nicking your skin.

What we don’t love: The blade can be a little irritating if used on dry skin. 

Maybe we can let a couple of cuts slide when shaving our legs or armpits, but the same courtesy doesn’t extend to our moneymaker — AKA our face. This editor-approved and highly-rated tool left us with baby-soft skin and completely free from nicks. Whether you’re looking to exfoliate or just want to remove a little peach fuzz, the razor’s heavyweight, sturdy blade keeps hands stable to reveal an all around smoother complexion. 

The blade is sharp, which is excellent for hair removal, but it does mean you’ll need to be extra careful to avoid irritation. Tweezerman cautions only using it on damp or moisturized skin and replacing the blade every two to three months. Remember to sanitize this razor with each use, too — it’s imperative to prevent harmful bacteria buildup. 

Price at time of publish: $19

Handle Material: Stainless Steel  | Blades: 1  | Cartridges Included: 3  | Colors: 1

Best Kit

Athena Club Razor Kit

Athena Club The Razor Kit

Athena Club

What we love: The durable design is effective at leaving skin hairless for several days.

What we don’t love: You may experience irritation if you don’t use shaving cream.

Like your favorite meal subscription service, this kit includes everything you need to take the hassle out of a daily task. It has two five-blade cartridges, a sturdy handle, a magnetic hook, and plenty of charming color options.

Cost-efficient and convenient, too, Athena Club replaces your blades whenever you need them. But, most importantly, it gets the job done: The razor removes every bit of hair with just a glide, and the baby-smooth results last for about a week. That said, we wouldn’t use it in a time crunch because skipping out on shaving cream can result in some serious razor burn. Luckily, Athena Club has an airy shave foam that can be delivered straight to your door, too. 

Price at time of publish: $9

Handle Material: Aluminum, silicone | Blades: 5 | Cartridges Included: 2  | Colors: 9

Best Electric

Bushbalm The Francesca Body + Bikini Trimmer

The Francesca Body + Bikini Trimmer

Bush Balm

What we love: It trims longer hair quickly and has long-lasting battery life.

What we don’t love: The cotton travel bag isn’t very protective. 

Looking for a one and done tool? The extremely efficient trimmer adequately trims patches in one pass, so it ultimately cuts down on shave time. Complete with a shave guard, travel bag, cleaning brush, and lubricant, it quickly and effectively shapes up any area in minutes. Oh, and did we mention it’s waterproof?

Even if you’ve never used an electric trimmer, this one is extremely beginner-friendly with an easy to control grip that makes it less likely for nicks or cuts to occur. Our favorite thing about the trimmer, though, is that it actually reduces ingrown hairs and razor burn because it provides such a close shave. As a bonus, the battery life lasts up to five hours, so you can get over 10 uses out of the trimmer before having to charge it again. The extended battery life makes it ideal for taking on trips, but you may want to find sturdier storage because the included travel bag isn’t very protective. 

Price at time of publish: $65

Handle Material: Plastic | Blades: | Cartridges Included: 1  | Colors: 1

Best Disposable

up & up Women's 5 Blade Disposable Razors

up & up Women's 5 Blade Disposable Razors


What we love: The blades stay sharp through multiple uses, and the moisturizing strip leaves skin so soft you might not even need shaving cream.

What we don’t love: The lubricated head can get messy.

If moisturizers have taught us anything, it’s that drugstore brands can perform just as well, if not better, than more luxe items. Case in point: This Target disposable razor. Its five-blade design eliminates all hair in one fell swoop, without leaving behind bumps or cuts.

The lubricated strip hydrates your skin using a couple of common emollients we often find in our favorite skincare products: Shea and jojoba oil. We also love that compared to other disposable razors, its blades last longer — specifically around five shaves. Word to the wise, though, only use this if you have a dry place to store it: Once the lubrication strip gets gooey it tends to stick to every surface. 

Price at time of publish: $7

Handle Material: Plastic, silicone | Blades:| Cartridges Included: 1  | Colors: 1

What to Keep in Mind

Skin Type

Just like with skincare products, you should keep your skin type in mind when selecting a razor. For example: According to board-certified dermatologist and founder of La Jolla Dermatology & Laser Center, Dr. Azadeh Shirazi, those with sensitive skin will benefit from using a single-blade weighted razor, like Oui the People Sensitive Skin Razor. “Weighted razors don’t require as much pressure to shave, making them more gentle on the skin than disposable options,” she explains. (But if you do prefer a more traditional razor, the Flamingo Razor is a great option for sensitive skin.)

If you’re prone to developing razor bumps, Dr. Shirazi says a razor with lubrication on the top and bottom can minimize friction. Consider our top pick, the Joy Razor, if you fall into this category. Regardless of your skin type, though, you’ll want to ensure you regularly switch out your razor and moisturize post-shave to keep your skin smooth and soft.


"After shaving, razors should be rinsed and stored upright to dry, not left to rest in water,” says Rhea Souhleris Grous, a renowned facialist, esthetician, and founder of La Suite Skincare at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City. 

She adds that you should replace razor heads regularly since old, dull razors become rusty and less effective. A good rule of thumb is to replace the blades after five uses. Purchasing extra heads, or signing up for a subscription service (like Billie), always ensures you have one handy.

Pre and Post-Care

Particularly if you have sensitive skin, one of the most important aspects of shaving is making sure your skin is well-prepped. Dr. Wolinsky tells us to start by cleansing the skin with a warm damp towel to remove dirt and oils, then apply a thick layer of shaving cream before taking the razor to your skin.

“After shaving, moisturize with a gentle, fragrance-free body lotion that contains soothing ingredients like aloe, chamomile, cucumber extract, or green tea,” Grous adds. Dr. Wolinsky recommends a product like Tend Skin Solution or one with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

Your Questions, Answered

How do you get rid of razor bumps?

According to all three of our experts, you should exfoliate regularly with glycolic or salicylic acid-based products to remove dead skin cells. Additionally, Dr. Shirazi notes moisturizing with an aloe- or green tea-infused body cream after shaving helps calm inflammation.

How you shave is just as important, too. “Shaving in the direction of the hair will minimize ingrown hairs,” explains Dr. Shirazi. However, for the closest shave, you should go against the direction of hair growth. It may make you more prone to ingrown hairs, but using a clean, sharp razor can counteract this issue.

How many blades should a women's razor have?

There’s not one answer — this question is personal and depends on skin type, shaving preferences, and susceptibility to irritation. 

“Razors with multiple blades will give you a cleaner, closer shave but will also cause more irritation and carry a greater risk of razor bumps and ingrown hairs,” explains Dr. Shirazi. On the other hand, a single-blade weighted razor will give you a closer shave with less irritation, which is ideal for those with sensitive skin. 

“Coarser hair is harder to cut, so it’s best to use sharper blades like those found on men’s razors or even opt for an electric shaver,” she adds.

What razor is best for pubic hair?

Pre and post-shave care in this area is vital, because pubic hair is coarser and denser, and therefore more prone to ingrown hairs. “The key is to keep the area as lubricated as possible so the razor glides across the shaving area,” explains Grous, who adds that you should opt for razors with moisturizing strips when shaving the pubic area.

Dr. Shirazi also tells us to choose razors with, “more rounded heads that pivot easily to better maneuver hard-to-reach and contoured areas.” If you have sensitive skin, try a trimmer, like the Francesca Body + Bikini Trimmer.

Can you bring a razor on a plane?

According to the TSA, safety razors, disposable razors, and razors with cartridges are permitted in your carry-on without the blade. Keep all blades and straight razors in your checked luggage.

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