The best razors for women

The 8 Best Razors for Gloriously Smooth Skin Anywhere and Everywhere

From subscription kits to disposable blades, these are all top-rated and customer-beloved.
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Do you remember the first time you tried to shave? It was likely a scary experience that probably included a few missteps (we're talking cuts, patches, and razor burn). Those kinds of mishaps should be things of the past, but the reality is that even as adults we're probably still making more than a few mistakes smoothing out our legs, underarms, bikini lines, and faces. And the first error we might be making? Using the wrong razor. 

Razors set you up for success or failure. The type razor you choose can act as a road map to your final destination of silky smooth skin — one wrong turn and you're stuck in no-man's land with bumps and cuts all over. Likewise, if you're using an old dud of a razor, chances are your legs are going to end up looking and feeling the same way. And those annoying nicks and bumps we all experience could actually lead to some more serious problems. 

According to the Associated Dermatologists in Michigan, skin infections like folliculitis (aka razor burn and bumps) or staph infection (a bacterial irritation) can sprout from damaged hair follicles. This can lead to itchy, uncomfortable areas that might even result in boils. To prevent any of this from happening, the dermatologist association recommends always using sharp, quality razors. To find the best razor possible, think about what kind of grooming you want done. Your skin's sensitivity is different depending on the zone, so when it comes to razors, you can't necessarily use a one-size-fits-all approach.  

There are many different types of razors out there, depending on your needs. Specific ones are designed for your face, legs, and bikini line, and there are even some models out there that cater to super sensitive skin. Below, you'll find eight top-rated razors that each have thousands of rave customer reviews. These shopper-backed shavers start at just $5 and can make all of the difference in your skincare regime. 

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Best Electric: Panasonic Electric Shaver

Chances are you haven't seen a razor with 24,000 perfect ratings. The popularity stems from the versatility of this Panasonic electric model. You can use it to shave on dry or wet skin, and reviewers say they use it especially on sensitive spots, like the bikini line or legs. Three flexible heads work together to flawlessly contour with, not against your body, to trim hair without causing irritation. 

"I will never go back to shaving my bikini area with another razor again," wrote one reviewer. "No bumps or nicks like I used to get from shaving with a razor. I also tried it on my legs and loved it as well... I think this is a must have product for every woman."

Shop now: $20 (Originally $30);

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Best for Sensitive Skin: Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Skin Razor

Infused with moisturizing shea butter, the Schick Hydro Silk razor is packed with five sharp-but-safe blades designed to fit as close to your skin as possible. According to the brand, your skin will stay hydrated for up to two hours after each use, too. 

"I was surprised to discover that this product was a significant upgrade from my previous razor," said one shopper. "The moisturizer dots above and below the blades work so well that I don't even need to use soap or shaving gel/cream." 

Shop now: $9 (Originally $12);

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Best for Face: Schick Silk Touch-Up Facial Razor

The concept of grooming your face is intimidating, but with razors built especially for the endeavor, you don't have to be nervous about accidents. Schick's model can be used for everything from trimming mustaches to shaping eyebrows, and the razor has a devoted following. Petite in design, it can be used on wet or dry skin. Regardless, make sure your skin is clean before using this dermaplaning device.  

These trimmers have a 4.6-star rating at Ulta and more than 72,000 perfect ratings at Amazon. Many of the reviews touch on just how life-changing these can be for those who have peach fuzz.

"These did such a good job of getting all the baby hairs off my face and upper lip," explained one shopper. "The case that comes with them is helpful too because it has an opening for the razor so you can shape your eyebrows and hard-to-reach spots."

Shop now: $5;; 

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Best Disposable: BIC Silky Touch Disposable Twin Blade

These often get a bad reputation for causing dryness or irritation, but sometimes, you just need a disposable razor. In those instances, the BIC Silky Touch style can get the job done. More than 6,000 people have given the simple and cost-effective 10-pack a perfect rating, thanks to the dependable shave and price. 

"I was pleasantly surprised," one shopper wrote of the razors. "It was a nice clean shave without any nicks. Plus it was such a good deal for this price. I normally dread spending a ton on razors and am easily disappointed so will continue to purchase these as needed."

Shop now: $12 (Originally $14); 

Gillette Venus
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Best for Bikini Line: Gillette Venus Intimate Grooming Razor Blade

Shaving the bikini line can be a tough task — it seems like bumps and unevenness always come along with the territory, but with this specially-designed razor, you can avoid those mishaps. Each shaver head is designed with an irritation defense bar that prevents razor bumps and burns. According to Venus, the smaller size also makes it easier to reach curved areas while also protecting pubic skin. 

The sharp blades can also be a game-changer. Dr. Nadia Kihiczak of Spring Street Dermatology in New York City told us previously that "a fresh, sharp razor blade and a thick shave gel will make for a much more comfortable shave and protect against nicks, cuts, and irritation." 

For best results, be sure to shave in the direction of the hair growth. Going against the grain can lead to issues like redness, irritation, and ingrown hairs. In addition to the razor, you can shop the brand's exfoliator and serum for an even smoother result.  

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Best for Legs: Athena Club Razor

A longtime InStyle favorite, Athena Club's kit includes two five-blade cartridges and a magnetic hook for hanging in addition to the top-rated razor. Shea butter and a water-activated serum are infused in the head so that it glides effortlessly on your legs and leaves a smooth and hydrated finish. 

"This is the best razor I have ever used," wrote one shopper. "I have very sensitive skin. Razors are usually agitating to my skin during use with added sensitivity after shaving. This was the closest most comfortable shave. I have not had any agitation or discomforts. My skin feels amazing. There is also the added benefit of how nice the razor looks."

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Best Subscription: Billie Starter Kit

You've likely seen or heard about Billie from their kitschy and colorful Instagram ads. The subscription service benefits those who often find themselves forgetting to replace dull or damaged razors. Another plus? They're free of the pink tax (the glorious additional costs placed on things like tampons and razors). 

When you start you'll receive whatever color five-blade razor that you selected — they're all beautiful hues like periwinkle and pink — along with any accessories such as a carrying case or shaving cream. Based on how often you shave, you'll receive head refills every one, two, or three months after your first purchase. 

This is the kind of easy experience you won't have to think twice about, since the brand will do all of the work for you. Just sit back, relax, and some new razors will be at your door before you know it. 

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Best Safety: Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Unlike the typical plastic razors you'll see in drugstores and supermarkets, this chrome-plated alternative can be reused a lifetime. Safety razors are known for their ability to limit razor burn and irritation, and Merkur's long-handled model is no exception. 

"I am a 24 year-old female," wrote one shopper. "I never knew these things existed and I'm so happy to know now. I enjoy the economical aspect most. It makes me feel good to know I've made a step in limiting my carbon footprint. The razor itself is very well made and I am happy to have it as a new addition to my lifestyle."

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