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Lightening Cable
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Between your iPad, iPhone, work iPhone, and Apple Watch, are you ever not looking for a lightning cable to charge something? But most connectors are flimsy and easily tangled—the ends will fray if your cat doesn’t chew it in half first. If you're deeply invested in Apple’s product line, it's advisable to upgrade your charging and data transfer experience with a connector that's as sleek and well-designed as the objects it powers. While there are a slew of options on the market in a range of lengths, colors, and shapes, Ventev’s Chargesync Alloy is our pick for best lightning cable for its durable, tangle-free design and stylish finishes.

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The Alloy model is braided in a subtly sheened high-tensile wrap that makes it virtually unbreakable. (Trust me, I tried). The ends feature brushed aluminum housing, an elegant improvement over the cheap plastic ends most competitors opt for. It comes in eight colors including metallics like silver and rose gold so you can maintain a single seamless color scheme. At four feet, it is the Goldilocks-perfect length—long enough to stretch across your desk, but not a cable kudzu situation. While the nature of the wrap prevents tangling, the Alloy also comes equipped with a velcro tie to keep things neat.

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Wins for: Durability, Appearance, and Tidiness

Noteworthy Features:

  • High speed charging and data sync
  • Durable high tensile brushed aluminum alloy cable
  • Velcro cable tie

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