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Charging Station 2
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As electrical outlets have evolved into Medusa-like tangles of charging cables, mobile power companies have begun to develop power docks to organize devices as they charge. They are powerstrips for the mobile era, complete with built-in USB ports and decluttering slots for tablets and phones. While there are numerous versions on the market, the FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution stands apart for its compact design and innovative two-in-one battery pack feature.

BUY: FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution, $100; amazon.com

I have not been so excited about a hybrid product since the advent of the sushirrito. The FuelBox is half dock and half battery pack. The dock looks like a standard double electrical outlet with a slightly beefier 1.2” profile. FuelBox packs a lot of punch into that extra inch—a USB port, a rubberized dock to display your phone or tablet while it charges, and two hidden built-in charging cables (lightning and micro-USB).

When the display dock is not holding your device, it magnetically holds and charges a matching boostPack portable charger. The battery pack is petite at 1” x 3,” easily slipping into your bag with your tampons, Tide stick, and other emergency supplies. It clocks in at a dainty six ounces but holds 25+ hours of power and rapid-charge technology. Much like its other half, the boostPack is also wrapped with hidden built-in charging cables, plus a USB cable so you can re-charge the battery from your computer. It has an LED display that enables you to keep an eye on your power levels, too.

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Wins for: Size, Innovation, and Built-ins

Noteworthy Features:

  • Built-in USB, micro-USB and Apple lightning cables
  • Rubberized display dock
  • Surge-protected electrical outlets
  • Rapid charging technology
  • At-home and on-the-go charging solution

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