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Charging Phone Case
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Despite its incredible features, it's no small secret that the iPhone 7 has a paltry battery life. (No surprise considering how often the average person checks Instagram, Snapchat, and other data-burning apps.) Until devices are able to offer a thin design and all-day functionality, we're forced to attach external battery packs to ensure we get the juice we need, or else risk being relegated to the corner of the room, awkwardly hunching over a power outlet.

BUY: iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case, $99; apple.com

The problem is, most of these portable phone chargers (Mophie et al) are clunky and require an entirely separate cord to charge them, meaning that, on an average night out, you'd have to carry no fewer than two devices and power cables to avoid being stuck with a dead phone. This is why Apple's iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is a saving grace. Not only does it offer a longer battery life (up to 22 hours of Internet use on LTE), its sleek silicone exterior protects your phone from the inevitable drops.

Though what truly sets the Apple case apart from the rest is that it charges your iPhone and battery case simultaneously—and it only uses the case's power when the iPhone's battery drains. Plus, it can be charged with the regular iPhone cable. Purse, meet extra room.

Wins for: Functionality and convenience

Noteworthy features:

  • Protective microfiber lining
  • Silicone exterior
  • Up to 22 hours of Internet use on LTE
  • Compatible with Apple's USB Cable

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