It’s time to stop playing by the rules.

By Sara Coughlin
Aug 14, 2019 @ 2:30 pm
Andrey Pavlov/Stocksy

August is a bittersweet month — just as we find our summer groove and make our peace with the heat and humidity, the season starts to draw to a close. Even if it’s been years since you’ve been a student, it can be hard not to get a “back-to-school” vibe this time of year. Luckily, the full moon this Thursday, August 15, will grant us all one more chance to make this a summer to remember.

Where last month’s full moon put our careers, self-discipline, and ambitions under the microscope, this month’s, sometimes known as the Full Sturgeon Moon, will ask us if we’re playing by the rules a little too much.

In case you’ve never met someone born under the sign of Aquarius (or, more specifically, gotten roped into a discussion about constructs with them), they’re ruled by the intellectual element of air and Uranus, the planet of revolution. They tend to have a rebellious streak and reject anything that’s too conventional. When the full moon, the ruler of our inner selves and emotions, lights up this sign, we all feel a little more Aquarian than usual, which can prompt us to act more like ourselves than the structures of our lives might normally allow.

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Even if you tend to express yourself pretty freely in your everyday life, there’s probably something you desire that you aren’t actively pursuing. Maybe it’s a crush, a raise, or a change of pace — whatever it may be, it never seems like the right time to go for it. The 15th, with Aquarius’s emphasis on independent thought and action, could be the nudge you’ve been looking for.

This is an especially advantageous time to start something brand new, like a hobby or tradition with your friends (the full moon in Aquarius can make changes not only seem less intimidating, but also downright appealing). If you’re still reflecting on last month’s work-oriented full moon, keep things up and pitch your wildest — but potentially most promising — ideas during this period. Invention and innovation, no matter how harebrained, will be rewarded.

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As we mentioned earlier, this full moon will also remind you there’s still plenty of summer left. Neither a fling nor a confession of deeper feelings are out of the question right now, especially if there’s already someone you have your eye on who seems just as interested as you are. On a more platonic note, Thursday’s moon may compel you to find a core group with whom you truly gel. If the waves of change and rebellion are little too rough for your liking, spend the day bonding with your most grounded pals. You’ll regain your stability and satisfy Aquarius’s sociable side to boot.

Keep in mind: As individualistic and nonconforming as Aquarius can be, it’s also the sign of the people. Aquarian energy often asks us to put the greater good before ourselves and our personal needs, so this lunar phase won’t look kindly on any behavior that’s too selfish or, even worse, hurtful to others. Break free, speak your mind, shoot your shot — but don’t go scorched earth on your boss or bare your soul to the wrong person. This is your opportunity to have a little fun before summer ends for good. It isn’t an excuse to just do whatever you want.

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