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Read on to find out what the stars have in store for your sign this month.

August Horoscope
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Although it coincides with the dog days of summer, Leo season can hardly be described as dull. This month-long period, in which the sun camps out in the fire sign of Leo, can either inspire us to stir the pot or take the high road. Either way, the potential for drama increases — but how we respond to these hypothetical scandals is what affects the path we take. This expansive season will be punctuated by a wonderfully weird full moon in Aquarius on August 3, which will encourage innovative (if somewhat harebrained) ideas and humanitarian deeds to take precedence over interpersonal squabbles.

The full moon’s whizbang energy will find its counterpoint in the 18th’s new moon in Leo. This lunar phase could inspire self-consciousness in some of us, as we’ll be compelled to reflect on the choices we make around self-presentation — and the role those choices play in our public reputation. Be tender with yourself, even if you come upon an unflattering truth about the first impression you give. The new moon is your monthly opportunity to uncover some hidden aspects of yourself and work to change them, if you so choose.

This all-about-me energy will come to a clipped and decisive end on the 22nd when the sun moves on from Leo and into Virgo. Expect back-to-school-style vibes to abound: Organization, practicality, and efficiency will be the keys to your success.

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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Don’t let the remaining weeks of Leo season pass you by, Aries — you’re particularly playful during this time and opportunities for joyous pursuits (say, hobbies or activities that allow you to actively blow off some quarantine steam) will abound. Plus, messenger planet Mercury will join the sun in Leo on the 4th, revealing how to ask for exactly what you want (and more than likely receive it).

Speaking of receiving what you believe is due, Uranus will challenge your approach to money matters on the 15th when it begins its monthly retrograde. Since March 2019, the off-kilter planet of revolution has been shaking things up in your cash sector, but now that shake-up will be drawn out from within yourself. Whatever financial booms or busts you’ve seen recently demand adaptation. Even if you addressed these changes in the moment, the time has come to look at your long-term strategy when it comes to money and see if it’s really up to the challenges of the present moment. Luckily, you have the next five months to restrategize.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Deep breath, dear Bull: Uranus, which has been fluttering around in your sign since March of last year, will begin its annual retrograde on the 15th. What may have already been a confusing period will feel all the more personal for the next five months: Where it usually serves as a catalyst for large scale change in the outside world, Uranus directs all of that chaotic-neutral energy inward when it’s retrograde. For you, that means addressing staid parts of yourself that no longer fit your everyday life — and possibly shedding them altogether.

While Leo season tends to make you want to nest and putter around at home, Virgo season will urge you to shake off the cobwebs and rediscover the activities that light your creative fire. When the sun moves into this fellow earth sign on the 22nd, brace yourself for a boost in confidence, if not your overall mood. Your normally even-keeled sign will feel empowered to take greater risks and chase your desires in earnest. End this month on a bold note, Taurus.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Money matters will take on a rosy glow when alluring Venus moves into your finance sector on the 7th. Perhaps you’ll strike upon a newfound savviness when it comes to your savings or a significant purchase that’s really more of an investment will present itself to you. You may also be tempted to offer a generous loan to a loved one (or accept one yourself) — there’s nothing inherently wrong with adding a financial aspect to your personal relationships, but it is undeniably risky. Be sure that no trust will end up lost by adding money to the mix before accepting or offering.

The sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd, lighting up your domestic sphere. You share your ruling planet, Mercury, with Virgo and this celestial kinship shows: Throughout this month-long period, familial bonds (of the blood and chosen variety) will be top-of-mind for you. Drop your loved ones a line, reminisce about the good old days, and be strategic if past indignations come up in the midst of the nostalgia-fest — it’ll be all too easy to fall into regressive patterns of finger-pointing and blame-shouldering. If the wounds of old resentments are reopened, do your best not to dig into what was or wasn’t said at the time. Instead, direct the conversation toward how you can rebuild and move on from this conflict into a better relationship in the future.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

This month may find you, shall we say, touchier than usual, Cancer. You’re already an inherently sensitive sign (you can blame the moon, your planetary ruler and the celestial body that most directly affects our emotions), but with the sun in your house of finances and security until the 22nd, you may feel compelled to withdraw even farther into your crab’s shell. Simply, it doesn't feel good to do anything even slightly outside of your comfort zone. Do what makes you feel safe and good, Cancer, but keep in mind that just because something is unfamiliar doesn’t make it bad. Reflect on that idea during the new moon on the 18th.

Uranus’ retrograde on the 15th could be the kick in the pants you need to look outside of yourself and your own needs. Your social life has been seeing some serious changes, if not total upheavals — perhaps you’ve found a new circle to run in or let go of friends whose values no longer align with yours. Now, while Uranus is retrograde for the next five months, you’ll need to see what changes need to take place within yourself to fully adapt to these new social circumstances. Do you need to set firmer boundaries with the people you phased out? Do you spend enough time listening to your new pals? Dig deep, Cancer.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Your birthday season kicked off last month, Leo, and you can make it good to the last drop. Before the sun leaves your sign on the 22nd, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities and situations you can work to your advantage — a boost in mental clarity and social charisma provided by verbose Mercury on the 4th will highlight how you can schmooze your way to victory. The new moon in your sign on the 18th will allow you to end Leo season 2020 on a content but activated note. Celebrate the ways in which you’ve been able to sell yourself this past year, but consider how you might change up the way you present yourself in the year to come.

Virgo season will see you battening down the hatches when it comes to money. You’ve spent the last 30 days basking in your birthday season and now it’s time to get down to brass tacks, Leo. Look closely at your savings and budget, and root out any unnecessary expenses. There are ways to sustain your regal lifestyle without breaking the bank.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

This month opens with you positively itching to do something — anything — to feel productive. But, much to your hardworking sign’s chagrin, you appear to be in a holding pattern at the moment. Perhaps you’re more hung up on something from your past than you’d care to admit — or it could just be the dog days of summer getting you down. Whatever the reason, the first half of the month might be better spent on your own, away from prying eyes expecting you to perform. There’s nothing wrong with taking a few days off from your usual schedule, Virgo. Besides, these doldrums will lift soon enough.

The sun will move into your sign on the 22nd and return your can-do moxie to you in full force. You’ll be back to your problem-solving, task-attacking self, Virgo — and, what’s more, those around you will heed your suggestions and directions with open ears. This is the time of year where your natural gifts have a chance to shine, so don’t let it slip by. If your boss gives you the floor in an important meeting, hit them with that ten-point plan in your back pocket. If friends come to you for your opinion, speak your mind. You’ll be a hot commodity until mid-September — show us exactly how much you can accomplish between now and then.

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Libra (September 22 - October 23)

Turn on the charm, Libra (more than usual, we mean). From the 7th onward, your natural wit and dazzle will give you a major leg up around the office. Networking, asking for a promotion or recognition, or picking a new mentor’s brain are all on the table now, if you play your cards right and act smoothly without coming off as underhanded. This could also be a wonderful time to bond with coworkers. Whether you strike up a conversation around a common interest or set up a virtual happy hour to commiserate about the execs, you very well may be kicking off a new friendship.

While you climb the corporate ladder, don’t get so high that you leave others in the dust. The new moon on the 18th will remind you to check in with your wider circle of friends from time to time, if only to say hi. If you realize that you’ve been slacking off in the group chat or viewing relationships from a transactional perspective, this is your chance to reconnect with your pals and show those friendships some serious TLC.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

How are things on the homefront, Scorpio? Last month you were so preoccupied with your day-to-day (especially at work) that larger domestic concerns may have fallen by the wayside. The full moon on the 3rd will bring the most pressing needs to light: appliances in disrepair, relatives aching for a phone call. Address what you can while protecting your energy, Scorp. These things are demanding your attention, no doubt about that, but you know your limits.

Uranus, which has been whirling through your partnerships sector since March 2019, begins its yearly retrograde on the 15th. First, the bad news: The whirling will continue. But here’s the good news: You’ll have the next five months to slow down and consider how you might adapt to the romantic developments or setbacks you’ve seen since Uranus set up camp in your love life. When retrograde, this planet demands inner evolution — what can you change about yourself to see the kind of results you’re hoping for in your relationships with others? This is not an invitation to mask your true self or sacrifice your values, but, rather, to check and see if you still want what you thought you did a year ago.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

August will see its fair share of play and work (in that order) for you, dear Archer. The sun is in fellow fire sign Leo for the first half of the month, and you’re in hot pursuit of a very specific Sagittarian sort of fun as a result. Impromptu getaways have been hard to come by (if not completely off the table) this year, but you’re making do with what you have, seeking out virtual escapes and online rabbit holes you dive down for hours at a time. Your naturally curious, inquiring sign finds these pastimes satisfying, so long as they provide you with a respite from the monotony of everyday life. Keep chasing the unfamiliar for the remainder of Leo season, Sag: Hike somewhere remote, get lost in a new neighborhood, become a budding expert on local wildlife.

The 22nd, when the sun moves into Virgo, is when work replaces play. For the next 30 days or so, your attention will be trained on your career — something is coming up that could accelerate your trajectory or throw a spotlight on your current efforts. Major recognition, even acclaim, could come as a result. What do you want to be noticed for, Sag?

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

The new moon late last month asked you to pore over the current state of your relationships, leaving no stone unturned. Now, starting on the 7th, when lovey-dovey Venus moves into your house of partnerships, you’ll be compelled to look again, but not before donning a pair of rose-tinted glasses. You’re in love with love (or something close to it) this month, Cap, and that twitterpated feeling could simplify conflicts and make compromises easy to reach. Just be sure that this fog of affection isn’t blinding you to actual issues that need your attention. You may be more flexible right now, but you still have your boundaries.

Virgo season, which kicks off on the 22nd, will remind you to nurture yourself as much as your relationships. Namely, this is a wonderful time to pick up a hobby or hone a skill that’s meaningful to you (and not necessarily to anyone else). Ignore the voice in your head that says you should be spending all your time working, doing chores, or checking to see if your loved ones need anything. Pursue something that’s purely for you, Cap — for your interests, your passions, your expansion.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

You’ll kick off early August with a mini celebration that could turn sour, Aquarius, thanks to the full moon on the 3rd, which will occur in your very own sign. You’ll want to highlight your recent accomplishments and receive the accolades you believe you deserve. Those may very well come your way, but don’t throw a fit if your friends are busy with their own stuff to heap praise upon you. Yes, this is a natural time to bring your hard work to light, but it’s also a chance to adjust where you seek recognition. How would you feel if it only ever came from within yourself?

On the 15th, Uranus begins a retrograde that will last about five months, during which time you’ll be able to look at what’s changed about your living situation (from familial dynamics to your actual, physical dwelling) since March 2019 and, from there, identify the decisions and choices you have to make as a result of these changes. Some of you may have seen gradual shifts while others have weathered sudden, jarring interruptions to their usual personal lives. Either way, you can evolve in a way that allows you to rise to this current occasion, Aquarius. By the time Uranus directs course next January, you will have struck upon a new approach to home and family issues that helps you sail above the fray.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

This month will show you just how magnetic you can be, Pisces. The fun begins on the 7th, when Venus lights up your playful side and sends your creativity, confidence, and charm soaring. Any tendency to be overly cautious or hard on yourself will fly out the window in exchange for some much-deserved self-assuredness. You’ll feel empowered to express yourself fully (aloud or through your favorite artistic medium), crack an unexpected joke or two, and even flirt a bit, if the mood strikes.

And, make no mistake: Others will pick up on your fancy-free energy, especially when the sun moves into Virgo and lights up your relationship zone on the 22nd. And you’re more likely than usual to welcome that added attention with open arms — Virgo season often finds you in the mood for company, if not downright love, Pisces. Again, don’t let timidity or self-consciousness keep you from asking for a little one-on-one time with someone special (even if you have to get it over video call). It’s more than likely that the feeling is mutual.

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