It's eerily accurate.
Take This Quiz to Find Out Which Zodiac Sign You're Most Compatible With
Credit: Stocksy

From comparing love languages to ensuring you both root for the same baseball team and checking your Myers-Briggs Types, there are endless ways to judge compatibility when you're in search of your perfect romantic — or even platonic — match. But one system that's not only eerily accurate but incredibly fun to work with is astrology. 

By working one-on-one with a professional astrologer to understand your own personal birth, or natal, chart, you can gain quite a bit of clarity around who you are in your partnerships and the type of person you'd best click with. (My parents actually met after my dad did this. True story.)  But knowing yourself and what you're looking for quite often also leads you to your ideal zodiac sign match. 

Take this "Which Zodiac Sign You're Most Compatible With?" quiz, and see which of the 12 signs' energy you click best with (and which a would-be partner might have as their sun sign, or represented in their "Big 6" — that's moon, rising, Mercury, Venus, Mars).