It's Time You Unpacked Your Venus Sign

The planet of love and beauty influences passions, relationships, pleasure, and money.

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Astrology beginners often hear about the "big three" — aka your sun, moon, and rising (or ascendant) signs. But there are three other "personal planets," which help shape your personality that are slept on. One of those planets? Venus.

The planet of love, romance, money, beauty, and art, your natal Venus speaks to the way you express your desires, your passions, what you value, and how you relate to and experience pleasure. It also influences how you socialize, relate to, and attract others. In astrology, we look to this planet to find out how we can spark inspiration and excitement, and lean into activities that we find fulfilling. So yeah, it's kind of an important detail of your birth chart to know!

Venus flirts through every sign of the zodiac in a year's time, scintillating each sun sign for 30 days at a time. But, Venus's sign at the time in which we were born will point to how we find fun, pleasure, and joy in our own lives. It shows us how to spark our hearts with things that we love.

To find yours, you can look at your free birth chart from places like or or use an online Venus sign calculator to identify where it was at the time of your birth.

Aries Venus

The ram loves to have playful banter with those who have opposing views. In fact, they find it so fulfilling that they choose to assert their views nonstop with those they're close to. It's imperative for them to engage in a debate that will allow others to see their perspectives while they hear the points of view from their friendly opponents. Another reason that Aries will enjoy competing with others is that winning first prize will make them glee with delight, as they find solace in being the best at every activity they undertake (which they usually are).

Taurus Venus

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which makes them naturally find joy in their artistry and creativity. Being an earth sign allows them to use their senses and the natural world around them as inspiration. The artistic Bull is stubborn in how they carry out their visions, as they tend to have a one-track mind about what their creations should look like. Tauruses find pleasure when making crafts, drawing, painting, or building items that show off their innate talents or aesthetic. The same applies to making decadent and indulgent meals that they can eat with friends and family.

Gemini Venus

We all know that Geminis have a tendency to gossip — even if they aren't the ones spreading it. Being that Venus is a social planet in astrology, it's important to note that Gemini's influence on this planet consumes itself with activities that discuss matters and relationships. Reality TV, movies, books, and websites dedicated to spilling the tea in real-life stories and situations will make Venus in Gemini glee with happiness. Reading and seeing the rumor mill play out on an entertainment level will give them joy — especially if it's not affecting their lives or anyone they know.

Cancer Venus

Venus in Cancer is known to find pleasure in simple activities with those that they care about. With this placement, it's more about who you're spending time with and what you're doing. Venus in Cancer relishes in driving around town while doing errands with their friends, going out for ice cream with their family, and luxuriating on the beach with their significant others. As long as they are surrounded by people who love them and who they love, then they'll have a splendid time and be happy. For them, joy is about being in the presence of emotional warmth.

Leo Venus

Venus in Leo adores giving and receiving gifts from those that they care about. To Venus in Leo, it indicates how much a person loves them. If they feel that they are not appreciated, then the drama (which this placement is known for) will commence. But, they only act out when they feel as though they are not a top consideration. The Venus in Leo placement plans out holiday gift-giving months before the celebrations even start. And, they always keep in mind the perfect present to give someone in their social circle or partner.

Virgo Venus

It's important for Venus in Virgo to connect with nature. They can do this by planting flowers or vegetables in their backyards, tending to their gardens, and volunteering at local parks. Using their hands to relax their nervous energy will connect their bodies to the earth, which will relax their anxious Mercurial energy. Plus, Virgos will feel as though they are using their patience and care to create a beautiful world that others can enjoy. Being that Virgos like to give to others, they will find comfort and resolve through these projects and endeavors.

Libra Venus

For Venus in Libra, relationships are a two-way street. They get what they give. To them, partnerships require mutual support and care. Therefore, it's safe to say that this Venusian placement finds fulfillment in love, as they rarely like to walk through life without someone standing by their side. Venus in Libra wants to share their world with one another and create a long-standing relationship that lasts through the test of time. This is what they need to find joy. Without someone else, they won't be able to take on anything because they find their way through relationships and love.

Scorpio Venus

Venus in Scorpio is a lover of games and mysteries. They rely on their gut sentiments and feelings to help them navigate relationships, careers, and everything else in their life. Venus in Scorpio must trust their feelings more than anything else in the world (even rational facts), which is why they excel at the nuances of finding out information that is brewing beneath the surface. Once they solve the situation and resolve a problem, they will feel emotionally fulfilled and excited.

Sagittarius Venus

Being the globetrotter of the zodiac, Venus in Sagittarius loves exploring new places and meeting friends in their travels. In fact, they have a long list of global contacts and networks throughout the world that they keep in touch with. The reason being is that Sag enjoys learning about different cultures and philosophies. The free-spirited archer enjoys adventure and excitement so much that it's hard to keep them in one place for a long time. They see the world as theirs to explore and see.

Capricorn Venus

Little known fact: Venus in Capricorn likes to reflect on the past in an effort to understand how to move forward. Being the time-traveling savior of the zodiac, Capricorn goes back in time to help augment the future. However, they find that one cannot change the actions that are destined to shape their world. When Venus is in Capricorn, this placement lends that vibe to a creative pursuit that radiates through their spirit. Saving memorabilia from the past and using it to make scrapbooks or time capsules will allow Venus in Capricorn to know themselves on a joyful level.

Aquarius Venus

The Venus in Aquarius placement likes to bring people together through humanitarian projects. Giving their time freely to a charity or organization that aligns with their beliefs will allow them to feel as though they are helping the world. Through progress and change, Venus in Aquarius can bring evolution by bringing knowledge to the masses. Volunteering their time through Habitat for Humanity, fundraising finds at a local level, protesting for a cause that they full-heartedly believe in, delivering food for Meals on Wheels, or spreading the word about social justice will make them happy.

Pieces Venus

Venus is in its favorite placement when in Pisces because the mutable water sign is tender, romantic, lucky, and fluid. This makes Venus in Pisces able to connect to the arts on an emotional level. When it comes to the type of art they like, all that matters is that it is emotionally expressive and able to transcend feelings into harmonic rhythms. Venus in Pisces will add their poetic sentiments to get their soulful notions out in the open. They will enjoy playing and making music, dancing to sentimental songs, and singing their hearts out to a favorite tune.

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