The Uranus-North Node Conjunction Could Bring the Most Eye-Opening Moment of 2022

Your relationships — with yourself and others — may never be the same.

The Uranus-North Node Conjunction Could Bring the Most Eye-Opening Moment of 2022
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When it comes to big astrological events that are bound to deliver shake-ups and surprises, eclipse season gets the most buzz. These supercharged new and full moons, which happen roughly four times a year, are reality checks and wake-up calls. But they're far from the only astrological events that could turn your world upside down.

Anytime Uranus — the planet of rebellion, sudden change, and innovation — is invited to the party, you can anticipate a truly eye-opening moment (at the very least). And this summer, Uranus will form a close conjunction to the North Node — a point related to karma and spiritual growth — for the first time since 2007, spurring an opportunity to truly pinpoint and embrace your destined path.

The exact meet-up occurs on July 31 at 3:04 p.m. ET, but because the transit is fairly slow-moving, you'll feel it as Uranus and the north node come together and as they separate. Here's what you need to know to make the most of its electrifying effects.

Uranus in Taurus is fueling awakenings around our values, security, and comfort.

Uranus, the planet of revolution, the future, and breakthroughs, has been moving through Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac and fixed earth sign, since May 15, 2018 and will continue through the sign until April 27, 2026. Moving so slowly and sitting relatively far away from Earth (and us) compared to speedier planets like Mercury, Venus, and Mars, Uranus is a transpersonal planet, meaning its astrological effect tends to be felt by society as a whole versus on a more individual basis (unless it's hitting your chart in a significant way — say, during your Uranus opposition). And since its been in Taurus, we've seen lots of futuristic, forward-thinking Uranian shake-ups happening in regard to the Bull's terrain: security and finances (think: crypto) and our values.

Even though Uranus tends to shape trends and patterns on a global scale, its time in Taurus may fuel major epiphanies related to your relationships, sense of security, and how you define wealth.

The nodes in Taurus — and Scorpio — are bringing up similar themes.

The North Node and South Node are mathematical points in the sky where the orbit of the moon intersects the plane of the ecliptic, which is the apparent path of the sun among the constellations over the course of 12 months. And every 18 months or so, the Nodes switch signs. They're always in opposite signs, and they move backward through the zodiac.

The Nodes moved into Taurus and Scorpio in January of this year, and for about 18 months prior, they were in Gemini and Sagittarius. The Nodes tell us a story of where we've been and what we know (South) versus where we're moving toward karmically and need to do in order to achieve personal growth (North). And while they're in Taurus and Scorpio, until July 2023, we're all being challenged to think about how we want to show up for ourselves, foster our self-worth, and be more self-sufficient (Taurus' M.O.) while also forming and nurturing our most intimate bonds and negotiating power (Scorp's area of expertise). Just like Uranus' transit, the Nodes' residency on the Taurus-Scorpio axis stirs us to get super-clear on what we value.

The meeting between Uranus and the North Node will host fated awakenings.

With Uranus intent on opening your eyes and pushing you into the future and the North Node geared toward helping you identify what you need to do to get where you're meant to be, their meet-up is setting up to be a truly shocking and spiritual moment. You could be compelled to re-envision what you find comfort and pleasure in and redefine what brings you a sense of security.

And remember, because Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, a humanitarian air sign that's deeply community-oriented, this transit could lead to exciting realizations about how you want to show up for others and tap into your inner strength to make the world cozier for others in some way.

Mars and Saturn could make for hotheadedness or obstacles.

It also bears noting that Mars — the planet of energy — will be conjunct Uranus and the North Node on the day of their meet-up, and in slow, steady Taurus, this action-oriented planet can be a bit frustrated. Its pairing with the electrifying Uranus and karmic North Node could mean that you have a brilliant epiphany about where you need to go and immediately feel the need to hit the gas. But Saturn, the planet of boundaries and restrictions, in fellow fixed sign Aquarius will be squaring off against the whole group in Taurus, which means that you'll be nudged to fully commit to your future and put your nose to the grindstone before you can truly see the fruits of your labor.

A sextile to Venus emphasizes connection.

One planet playing quite harmoniously with the Uranus-North Node conjunction is the ruler of the event: Venus in intuitive, compassionate, deeply nurturing Cancer and forming a friendly sextile to the rare pairing of Uranus and the North Node. This aspect can urge you to own your most unusual, imaginative thinking — especially around your closest bonds, perception of beauty, and money. And the more open you can be to the tide turning, the more magical — and fulfilling — this moment is sure to be.

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