Your Summer Tarot Card Reading, By Zodiac Sign

Make the most of the upcoming season with your tarot 'scope.

Your Summer Tarot Card Reading, By Zodiac Sign
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Welcome to summer! As the days get longer and nights get shorter, it's time to make decisions about how we wish to spend our time and energy. By pulling a tarot card, we can keep our plans, vibe, and drive in check to understand what we should be moving towards in the upcoming months. Think of this as your energetic check-in.

The overall theme for the summer is the 6 of Pentacles. Having fun is important and crucial, as long as you don't forget about your obligations. Understanding that life is a give and take is essential throughout the dog days of summer. Here is your personal tarot card resting, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: 2 of Swords

2. Two_of_Swords

It's tough to decipher who is a friend or foe — especially now. Indecision is holding you back from making the right choices for yourself in relationships. Instead of enlisting facts and truths, lean into your intuition. This will help you gauge who's a real friend — and who's not.

Taurus: 9 of Wands


Don't hide away from people and situations who are creating drama in your life. The more you avoid dealing with problems, the harder it'll be to overcome these obstacles later on. Facing issues head-on and confronting others directly is the only way to put an end to these negative emotions and matters. Standing up for yourself will make you feel confident, powerful, and strong.

Gemini: 5 of Pentacles


We all have regrets in life, but that doesn't mean we should use them as a reason to avoid growing or evolving as people. It's no use crying over spilled milk. The less you dwell on the past, the better you will begin to feel in the present and the more progress you'll make for the future. You got this!

Cancer: Wheel of Fortune


In times of doubt or when you're having a crisis of faith, you tend to turn inwards to your cocoon. Instead of holding in your emotions, it's time to embrace a new philosophy. Life has its ups and downs, so relish good times and use the unfortunate circumstances as a learning moment. Everything happens for a reason.

Leo: Ace of Swords

1. Ace_of_Swords

If you're able to rise to the occasion, you will experience major breakthroughs and clarity. The caveat is that you must be honest with yourself in order to experience this high level of comprehension. Honesty, openness, and truthfulness are important right now. Once all sides of the matter present themselves (which they will, in time) you'll have newfound clarity to make a tough decision you're facing.

Virgo: 10 of Cups


Happiness awaits you this summer. Jump into the merriments of the season by connecting with friends and family. If you're single, you can expect a romance to come into full bloom. If you're committed, the relationship will deepen in a spiritual and emotional way. Just look forward and don't look back in order to embrace the positive vibes that are coming your way.

Libra: Page of Swords

12. Page_of_Swords

Don't involve yourself with petty gossip about friends or colleagues. Skip the rumor mill and avoid taking sides in squabbles between peers. Give more energy towards speaking your truth and sharing realness with others. Being upfront can be super scary for you, since you avoid conflict — but it's necessary in order to live your best life on your own terms without the extra drama.

Scorpio: Strength


You are the only one who is in control of your destiny. TBH, you're also calling the shots in the lives of others too. The caveat is that you cannot give your power away. Instead of giving your energy to help others, use it for yourself. Remember, it's ok to be selfish. You shouldn't have to be a people pleaser to keep the peace.

Sagittarius: The Devil


Quit standing in the way of your own happiness. If a situation or relationship isn't really working out for you, leave. This may require you to disengage from toxic relationships and unhealthy patterns that are holding you back from becoming the person you want to be. Move on in any direction you choose.

Capricorn: Queen of Cups

13. Queen_of_Cups

Although you are known for your practical and straightforward demeanor, you have a soft center that sometimes comes out — and now is one of those times. Being kind and compassionate suits you, as long as you do not forget about your own needs while giving to others. Try not to be too sacrificial to ensure that you're seen and heard.

Aquarius: The Moon


You are a dreamer by nature, but you also need to be realistic. Don't let finding the perfect balance between the two hold you back from making moves in your life. Keep a clear mind and accept situations and people for who they actually are — not who you want, assume, or expect them to be.

Pisces: Justice

InStyle Tarot Cards

Making things right is important to you now — especially if you've been MIA to people who've needed you the most. Be available to others to right the wrongs from the recent past and to start fresh before karma gives you the push to do so. That way you can have harmony, balance, and fairness in all of your partnerships during the next few months.

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