Your "Vaxxed and Waxed" Summer Sex and Love Horoscope Is Here

Here's how horny your Shot Girl Summer will really be, based on your zodiac sign.

Your Summer Love Horoscope by Zodiac Sign
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It's no secret that after more than a year of not being able to meet up IRL, we're all craving human contact. More importantly, we're yearning for love and romance. After all, it's the ultimate connection. While dating has been complicated for many during the pandemic (to say the least), this summer's cosmic energies are pushing us all towards opening our hearts to others.

The stars predict romance particularly on July 13th — the Venus and Mars conjunction in Leo, which will broaden our desires and relationships — and August 22nd, when Venus harmonizes with the Nodes of Destiny, offering a chance at commitment.

Yes, the optimal time for love is's our once-in-a-lifetime and Blue Moon chance to take a risk in romance. Go for it!


Your dating A-game is on, but that doesn't mean you won't meet a few duds before striking gold in August. And, if you are in a situationship then it's definitely time to step things up by the end of the summer. Word of advice: Have fun and don't hurry love.


The birds may be chirping outside, but you're not wanting to leave your bed to visit them. Instead, you're opting to stay indoors in the AC to call a crush on FaceTime or snuggle with your boo. Romantic candlelit dinners at home will add spice to your already hot summer.


Here's your romantic tea: You are hitting a dating high. While this would usually bring your heart joy, you're finding that having too many options is holding you back from finding the one you love. Conversely, you'll find that the person you're needing more attention and affection from may end up being the person you end up getting serious with.


You're not one to commit right away, unless the vibe is right. This summer, you'll encounter a few contenders for your heart or want to elevate your partnership. Before you go all-in, make sure that you share enough common interests to keep the spark alive.


You won't be swiping right on Tinder for long. The good news is that you'll find your ultimate match in July, which means a possible commitment by Labor Day. If you're currently partnered up then it's time for you to let your S.O. dazzle and spoil you.


Expect a little drama in your love life if you don't set limits and stand up for yourself. Try defining and creating boundaries to ensure that you aren't being taken for granted. Once you do this, you'll find you're able to have the relationship that you truly desire.


It's time to get social and have fun! Take your S.O. out for a BBQ with your closest friends or invite your new romantic interest out for a late-night cocktail. Chatting it up with your boo and sharing secrets will make you both grow closer together.


Getting too caught up in what your friends think can alter the way you feel about the person you're investing your romantic energy into. Don't listen to their superficial opinions of your crush. Remember, beauty and love are skin deep and in the eye of the beholder. Trust your heart.


Taking a trip with your boo will help you to create a deeper connection, as you'll both be seeking adventure and thrills. If you're not attached, then you may meet someone on a vacation with friends. Although they aren't local, you'll start a sexy romance with them that will last.


The temperature outside isn't the only thing rising this summer. A commitment or situationship is reaching a feverish high, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the romantic rapture of the season. Merging with another will be easy, as you're both wanting and willing to jump 100% into the relationship.


As long as you don't respond to work emails after hours, you'll be able to concentrate fully on romance. Finding a balance that works between love and your career will allow you to create a healthy medium in which you can have it all: an amazing career and love life.


You will find love in your neighborhood this summer while chilling with your crew. All the more reason for you to hang out in the park sipping iced coffees with friends. You may meet a potential romantic partner (who is also local) while throwing around a frisbee with your squad.

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