Your 2022 Sex and Love Horoscope

According to astrologers, we have a really good year for romance in store.

Your Sex and Love Horoscope for 2022
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If you've had bad dating luck in 2021, then we've got some good news to share: 2022 is an amazing year for love, astrologically speaking. As long as we move past our fears, hang-ups, and allow ourselves to receive the love that we deserve, it's the year our wildest romantic dreams will be fulfilled.

These are a few of the important astrological dates in 2022 that make it such a big year for love (note: quite a few of them are just around the corner in January!):

  • January 8 and October 22: The first Venus Star Point of 2022 occurs on January 8 in Capricorn. The second one occurs on October 22 in Libra. When the Sun, Earth, and Venus connect it's a time to manifest love and level up relationships.
  • January 18: The North Node of Destiny moves into Taurus on January 18, bringing the South Node into Scorpio. This means that we're wanting to work hard towards heightening commitments and partnerships.
  • January 29: 2022 begins during Venus retrograde in Capricorn. The planet of love and beauty ends its backspin on January 29, allowing us to see who and what we want to invest our hearts in.
  • February 12 and March 12: Venus and Mars will connect two times in 2022. The first is on February 12 in Capricorn and the second is on March 12 in Aquarius. These are amazing times for first dates or encounters on dating apps, as well as tender romantic moments with bae.
  • April 12: When Jupiter and elusive Neptune connect in Pisces on April 12, this will prove to be an amazing time for romance and dating. Nothing will exist besides you and your crush.
  • July 31: Uranus and the North Node of Destiny will connect in Taurus on July 31, causing excitement, shake ups, or breakups — but only if we don't give our partners freedom to soar (vice versus).
  • The eclipses of 2022: April 30 (solar eclipse in Taurus), May 16 (lunar eclipse in Scorpio), October 25 (solar eclipse in Scorpio), and November 8 (lunar eclipse in Taurus). Once again, these eclipses are asking us to give our all to who and what we love — invest in passions.

Ahead, your 2022 sex and love horoscope, broken down by zodiac sign:


The Venus and Mars conjunction on February 12 in Capricorn will give you the push you need to take your relationship public by sharing selfies of you and your new partner on social media. This could also be a time when you let your feelings be known to a crush (or vice versa). Exactly one month later, Venus and Mars collide in Aquarius. At this point, you will be able to speak your mind and heart in assessing how you feel about the direction of your current situationship. It will be a fruitful time that brings growth. Later on in the year, the Venus Star Point in Libra on October 22 that promises love — even if Mars's moonwalk from October 30-January 12, 2023 makes you anything but proactive in attaining it.


The year ahead tugs at your relationships and heartstrings, making romantic matters feel like a see-saw. And, although you don't like instability in any area of life, this may be a sentiment that you will have to get used to when entering 2022. The eclipses on April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8 are shaking up partnerships — all of which may make you feel a little lightheaded and woozy. If you both choose to let go of resentments and create a unique relationship that works, then Uranus's connection with the North Node of Destiny on July 31 will help you connect in an intimate way — as long as you give each other freedom outside of the relationship to grow and flourish.


You're longing for love, but will have to make adjustments in your work schedule to make it happen IRL. The key is to find time to fit it in — whether that is searching for new options if single, or maintaining the spark for longer-committed pairs — especially on April 12's Jupiter and Neptune connection. Communication with partners will ease tensions during the Venus Star Point on October 22 — also the need to ask for their aid if you need to share some of the weight. You don't need to carry everything on your shoulders — something you'll learn from Mars's backward journey from October 30-January 12, 2023. Partnerships exist in order to improve one another's lives together.


The eclipses of 2022, particularly those on May 16 and October 25, will make you lovesick and want to invest your energy in making a relationship work. This doesn't spell out bad news for your partnership, it just means that things have to change in order for the commitment to stay intact and strong. The fiery planet Mars, ruler of sex, passion, and drive, will be retrograde from October 30-January 12, 2023. This means that you may simmer down your desires when pushed to step up a flirtation or relationship. Therefore, this is not an ideal time to take things to the next level. Instead of putting pressure on yourself, use this time to roll up your sleeves and recharge your partnerships with goodness.


Love will hit a high during March 12's Venus and Mars conjunction, followed by your prowess peaking on April 12 from Jupiter and Neptune aligning in the sky. This energy will make you feel like a cat on a hot tin roof and boost your libido. Instead of rushing into a momentary fling, try to savor the flirtation. Know where you stand before taking the situationship to the next level. As the summer arrives, be wary of relationship drama — especially on July 31, when Uranus and the North Node shake things up and escalate an argument. Choose your words and actions wisely.


In a year filled with so much activity, you are being cosmically urged to focus on making sure that you have enough time for love, romance, and sensuality. Intimate relationships will demand a tremendous amount of time in 2022, due to Jupiter and Neptune heating up your chart — particularly on April 12 when they align. This will bring a new relationship or crush your way and even heighten the level of commitment that you're in with your S.O. As Jupiter galvanizes the relationship sector of your chart for the majority of the year, you can rest assured knowing that big things are happening in your love life. There will be moments when the tides change, but they'll settle down soon enough and remain peaceful.


Both Venus and Mars connections on February 12 and March 12 will heighten your desires and create fireworks in your love life. During this planetary alignment, you'd rather be wrapped up in the sheets with the person you're crushing on than anywhere else. You may experience a momentary need for autonomy on July 31, when Uranus connects with the North Node of Destiny, but you'll be led back into your boo's arms during the Venus Star Point that aligns with your Sun on October 22. TBH, you'll probably regret the drama that you imposed on them and try to make nice with the intentions of getting back together during Mars's backward spin from October 30-January 12, 2023. They will make you work hard for their forgiveness.


You are having cold feet in leveling up an existing relationship or crush. It'll be apparent on January 18 when the North Node of Destiny enters Taurus, setting the stage for eclipses on April 30 (solar eclipse in Taurus), May 16 (lunar eclipse in Scorpio), October 25 (solar eclipse in Scorpio), and November 8 (lunar eclipse in Taurus). While you'll be apt to run into the sunset with bae on April 30, the alignment between Uranus and the North Node of Destiny on July 31 will hold you back and urge you to break free. If you let go of the fear that you have in commuting to a partnership and have your own identity outside of the relationship, then your love life will shine.


2022 starts off with you socializing with your crush at fancy dinners and events. However, you will quickly discover that you're in the mood to give and receive cuddles more than anything else — especially during April 12's Jupiter and Neptune conjunction. Savor those moments, as the spring and fall bring issues to the frontline of your current partnership when Mercury and Mars start their retrograde journey on May 10-June 3 and October 30-January 12, 2023, triggered by a random intense encounter with an ex. Try to cool your jets when moments get tough. The Venus Star Point in Libra on October 22 will help you move past these issues, but only if you resist the urge to have the last word in a fight.


The motto "work hard, play hard" definitely applies to you in 2022. January 8's Venus Star Point allows you to see that your romantic life requires some upkeep. The moment the North Node enters Taurus on January 18 (the high point will be July 31), it'll be apparent that this year is meant for fun times alone with your special someone. Instead of putting all the energy towards hanging with friends, you'll opt to canoodle with the person you adore on February 12 when Venus and Mars align. The winter months will help your heart spring forward to Jupiter's passionate dance on May 10, which will give you a push to elevate your relationship (perhaps this is the right time to give them your Netflix password?!).


When Venus and Mars link up on March 12, you will feel as though your dating life is at a high. The caveat is that Mars's backwards spin, which lasts from October 30-January 12, 2023, may extinguish the passionate fire that began to burn bright on July 31. You'll want to stay at home and order pizza while watching romcoms, while your partner/crush will be in the mood to party alongside friends. Finding a middle point to connect with them will be challenging. Give the situation a little patience and room to breathe. Chances are they'll find their way back to you if you don't freak out over the temporary romantic fizzle.


The moment Jupiter and Neptune link up on April 12, you'll begin to feel butterflies. The springtime will set you up for a once-in-a-lifetime fairytale romantic opportunity. The only caveat is that you may overlook some red flags or flaws and kiss a few frogs before finding your one true love. From here on out, your relationship and dating life will be blissful (of course there will be a hiccup ever so often, because nothing is perfect), with the exception of Mars's moonwalk from October 30-January 12, 2023. This transit isn't all doom and gloom, but it'll motivate and inspire you to find exciting ways to keep the spark alive and the momentum moving before you get swept away in the undercurrent.

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