Why This Is the Mercury Retrograde to Take Your Ex Back

…Or at least respond to their "you up" text.

This Mercury Retrograde, Expect to Be Haunted By Your Ex
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In case you missed it, we have another Mercury retrograde heading our way on September 27th, lasting until October 18th (and then some). In addition to the usual chaos, technological glitches, and miscommunications that Mercury retrograde is known for, it's also a time for reflecting and rethinking. And since this retrograde is occurring in Libra, the most relationship-oriented sign of the zodiac, this is a time where we'll be looking at partnerships from the past in order to make sense of where we're going.

Unfortunately, that also means you can be assured that exes will come out of the woodwork to haunt us, say "hi," reconnect, keep the argument going… you get the picture. And if that means a casual "you up" late night text from our past for one last round of passion or drama — then so be it. To be honest, Mercury retrograde is a great time to do just that. Yes, I know it's controversial, but instead of staying away from exes and former crushes, this astrologer says to embrace them so you can better understand the past. This retrograde is a great time for inner reflection and ideally, it will help you see how you can improve for your future relationships right as cuffing season begins.

Here, my advice for dealing with the inevitable ex crop-up this Mercury retrograde based on your zodiac sign.


Certain things you can't discuss with your current partner and can with your ex. If you find yourself missing the intellectuality of the relationship — reach out. Don't have an emotional affair or act super shady. Be open instead of secretive of these conversations to avoid arguments with your S.O.


This is a time of healing for you. Therefore, you should connect with an ex or old crush to understand why the relationship went south and to get closure from the situation. Once you connect with them, your heart will feel refreshed, revived, and ready to open up to love.


You are known to do things twice and like to stir the pot, which isn't that surprising for you to take on a flirtation with an ex because you like the energy and attention they give you. There is no better time to feed off that vibe than Mercury retrograde.


Ok, so here's the deal: You're gonna start plotting ways to get your ex's attention out of jealousy from their new relationship. If you want them back in your life, then you can totally reignite the romance. Just think before you put a wrench in their situationship.


It's not that you're one to cheat per se, but you do like to play with exes...err...we mean fire. This can create major drama. Think before you decide to meet up with your ex over cocktails at the place you both met and get nostalgic, while your current boo is at home alone.


You may find yourself in an entanglement with your former partner, which may create a love triangle in other relationships. Connecting with your ex will bring you clarity about what you want and who you want it with — even if it initiates and crafts a triangular situation with your current boo.


As someone who loves love, you're going to go hard in trying to get your ex back. Although it seems like a daunting task, you'll be able to do it as long as your heart is in the right place and you want to make it last this time around.


You've been dreaming of your former S.O. After a few days of debating what your subconscious is trying to tell you with your friends, you'll be encouraged to send a sweet text their way, which will lead to a few drinks out and a possible hookup for old times sake.


Hearing nice chatter about an ex will make you wonder about their lives. This encourages you to reach out and connect on a friendly level. However, they may get the wrong impression from your overzealous manner. Try to maintain boundaries so that they don't read more into your reaching out.


A casual local run-in has left you consumed with thoughts of your former boo — so much so that you're gawking at their Instagram account most evenings. Ask them out for coffee to see if you've lost that loving feeling for good or if it's still lingering within you.


You're playing a game of cat and mouse with your former boo. It's making you laugh knowing that you still have power over their thoughts and hearts, but sad to know that they can control your moods. Are you truly over them or do you want to rekindle the romance?


Fortunately, work has kept your mind away from thinking about your ex. Now that work projects are slowing down, you're finding yourself scrolling through their LinkedIn page and sending a friendly DM on social media to say "hi." A friendly check-in is nice, as long as you have good intentions.

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