The New Moon in Taurus Is Going to Challenge Your Idea of Comfort

There’s no such thing as a “guilty” pleasure.

The New Moon In Taurus Is A Free Pass To Do Nothing
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Brace for impact: After April's new moon in Aries, which likely had you itching to surge ahead on your springtime plans, this month's new moon will hit the brakes. Celestial whiplash aside, it'll probably be a welcome moment of rest. Truly, when was the last time you spent an entire night in repose, in a state of calm in which no personal need is too small to tend to? If you can remember back that far, you may recall how difficult it was to let go of your concerns, both middling and major.

On Tuesday, May 11, the new moon in Taurus will offer the sort of peace and quiet you need to do just that. And, when you have a moment to stop your swirling thoughts around the coming weeks and months, you may strike upon an important realization about how you cultivate comfort.

Retreat, recharge, and restore during this new moon.

Peaceful Taurus makes a wonderful host for the new moon. People born under the sign of the Bull love few things more than staying in and addressing their needs and wants in equal measure. In other words, you can consider the night of the 11th well-spent if all you do is hunker down on your couch with dinner, drinks, and your favorite show.

When we're exposed to Taurean energy, we're reminded that our creature comforts are not indulgences or guilty pleasures. They are the things that help us feel safe, supported, and rooted in a world that too frequently feels like it's going to spin off its axis. If you were to apply this definition to your own personal "creature comforts," would you feel freer to enjoy them more often? Would your experience of them change if you did away with any feelings of guilt?

There is a lot of subconscious pressure to deny ourselves the things that make us feel good, to view those things and the sensations they bring as rare "treats" only. However, when you set aside a night for "you" time, you aren't necessarily taking the night off or treating yourself. You're using it to replenish your energy (your most valuable resource) which, in turn, will help you feel capable of doing everything that feels less than treat-like the following day. If you take one thing away from this new moon in Taurus, let it be a new point of view on what makes you feel good.

This new moon may illuminate where you've been feeling stuck.

As with all lunar phases, this new moon can also serve as an opportunity for reflection, if not an incitement for some sort of change. This stubborn earth sign has a tendency to get stuck in its ways, in some cases to its own detriment. Creature comforts aside, is it time to challenge your current routines? More specifically, is it time to address your attachment to them?

Of course, if you're confident in the structures you apply to your daily life and believe that they serve you well, there's not much to worry about. But, this is a time of momentous change in the world — in the last year, we've been asked to adapt and do away with old understandings of normalcy at a stunning pace. It's quite possible (and perfectly human) to cling to ways of living simply because they are familiar — and in that familiarity we derive real comfort. But we need only look to the lunar cycle to remember that change is the only constant we have. Upcoming shifts that occur on a macro scale will likely require you to make adjustments on a personal level.

However, you don't have to spring into action immediately or beat yourself up for feeling stuck in a rut. The new moon is extremely well-suited for observation, deep thought, and reflections upon the possibility of future growth. You may plant the seeds for a pivot now, but don't veer off your current path just yet.

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