Just make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach.

This Month's Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse Will Bring Out Our Reckless Side
Credit: Aleksandar Nakic/Getty Images

Don’t be alarmed if your shoulders are feeling lighter and your heart is feeling warmer. What you’re feeling is the sunlight of the fast-approaching summer — and the optimism that comes with it. The combination of the balmy weather, the full bloom of nature, and the fact that, after the year-and-change we’ve had, we’re all aching for something purely good to look forward to, ought to make summer 2021 one for the books. And, with the full moon and total lunar eclipse arriving in the rollicking sign of Sagittarius on Wednesday, May 26, we’ll receive yet another boost to propel us into the season with open hearts, eyes, and minds. 

The Full Flower Moon, to use one of several Native American names by which this month's full moon is known, also happens to be a supermoon this year. Astronomically, this means the moon is as close to the Earth as it can get in its orbit. Astrologically, that closer proximity means more intense celestial effects. So, we'll likely feel all the more willing to explore the fringes of our world and to say "yes" to all that we see. All we have to do is make sure our eyes aren't bigger than our stomachs.

The full moon in Sagittarius will shake you out of your rut.

This fire-ruled sign is often represented by an archer, taking aim and preparing to let his arrow fly toward its target. This symbol suits Sagittarius to a T for its enduring dedication to pursuing what it wants. Passionate and unceasingly curious, Sagittarians are almost always in the mood for adventure — whether the endeavor involves a suitcase or a good book depends on the individual. Either way, they strongly dislike feeling hemmed in by the familiar. When that feeling starts to creep up, they're liable to book an impromptu trip or take up a new, outlandish pastime (underwater basket weaving, anyone?). 

Don't be surprised if you get the Sagittarian itch yourself on the night of the 26th. What can you do to shake things up for the better? What have you always wanted to try but didn't for so-called practical reasons? Indulge your curiosity during the full moon in Sagittarius. Get curious, get weird, but watch yourself if you start to get a little reckless.

The catch here is that, once you shoot your arrow, there's no getting it back. Seeking out the unknown is not without its risks — you may sink valuable resources into a cause that doesn't pan out, you could get lost on your way to your destination, or you might realize that you just don't enjoy your new hobby. Feel free to explore, but don't forget your map. This is a lifelong lesson for people born under Sagittarius, so don't sweat it if you wind up in the weeds. Just think like a Sag and see it as just one more opportunity to learn on your feet. 

But the lunar eclipse will ask for something in return.

Cycles are thematic throughout astrology — we see them in the changing face of our moon and in the cadence of our planets' retrogrades. Eclipses are no exception. Where solar eclipses signal the start of something, lunar eclipses often bring something to an end. You may recall the lunar eclipse in Gemini that closed out last November and (hopefully) helped us shed some of our 2020 baggage. This month's eclipse will similarly ask us to leave something behind — a hindering habit, a stagnant relationship — if we wish to progress. It's likely that you've become so attached to this presence that the idea of letting it go is as scary as it is relieving. A small comfort: Ultimately, making the choice to move on without this burden will be more service than sacrifice. 

You may feel a sense of loss now, but the space created will eventually be filled with something new, exciting, and more relevant to your needs in the future. Take the time you need to grieve and mourn, but don't turn your back on the horizon for too long. The upcoming solar eclipse on June 10 could deliver that "something new" right to your doorstep — and you'll want to be ready.