Try This Masturbation Tip, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Astrologer Erika W. Smith breaks down the best masturbation tip for your sun sign.


If you have an astrology app like Co-Star on your phone or you read your daily horoscope, you probably know that the stars can teach you a lot about yourself. Think: How you relate to others emotionally, how you present yourself to the world, the talents that come most naturally to you...oh, and also how you might want to masturbate.

What, you haven't read this one in your horoscope before? There's actually a long, long history of astrologers using the stars to gain insights into the world of sex and love. And while there are many parts of your birth chart — particularly your Venus and Mars signs — to take into account for a little sexy self-knowledge, your Sun sign can be a great place to start, too. For example, we know that the zodiac sign of Gemini is strongly associated with all things communication — so a Gem might want to download an erotic audiobook to accompany their next session with their favorite sex toy.

Without further ado, here's a masturbation tip for you, based on your zodiac sign. For more, check out my book Astrosex: How to Have The Best Sex According to Your Star Sign.


You are competitive as hell, and you have a reputation for being particularly fast-moving. So hit your phone's timer and see how long it takes you to get yourself off. Then, try to beat your personal best. Want company? Try racing your sex partner.


Luxury and comfort are two words that describe you, Taurus. So take your time! Change your sheets, make your bed, light a scented candle, turn on your expertly curated sex playlist. Maybe take a bath or read some erotica to get in the mood. Then, enjoy.


As I said, you have a way with words, Gemini. Try out an audio porn app, like Dipsea or Quinn; read your favorite dirty fanfic; or have a hot sexting sesh with your partner/FWB/etc.


In medical astrology, your sign is linked to the breasts. So how about some nipple play? Pull out some nipple clamps, an ice cube, a lightly buzzing bullet vibe, or your fingers and spend some time on your nips before you head to your genitals.


Everyone says it, but it's true: Leos love the spotlight. Masturbate in front of your mirror and be your own audience, or take a few photos/videos to send to your sex partner for posterity (lingerie optional). You look good, you feel good, and you know it.


Planning is your thing, so how about a little solo role play scene? Create an elaborate fantasy in your mind (or write it down, if you like), from first kiss to last orgasm. Bonus points if you dress up, first.


Libra, you're known to be a flirt and a tease — so tease yourself. Stroke your nipples, stomach, thighs, wherever feels good before you let yourself get to the main event. Remember, you're ruled by Venus, so pleasure is all yours.


You are the sign of sex, so don't be afraid to be a bit extra in your masturbation routine. Light candles, put on a playlist, and break out your toys — your entire collection. Use all of them in one session, why not! In fact, clear your schedule for the night.


Adventure gets you going, Sagittarius, so for now, your bed is off-limits. Try masturbating in your living room, your shower, or even just your bedroom floor. The idea is to make those sensations feel new again.


Unlike Sagittarius, you are all! About! Stability! In fact, you're even ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure. Translation: You know the best way to get yourself off, and why mess with perfection? Whatever it is — your Magic Wand? A certain hand position? — stick to it.


You're ruled by Uranus, the planet that governs innovation, and your sign is strongly associated with technology. How about a high-tech sex toy or some VR porn? You're an early adopter, after all.


You looove a romantic fantasy, Pisces, so pick up a spicy romance novel or fast-forward to the sex scene in your fave movie (maybe that library scene in Atonement?). You're also a water sign (In fact, you're represented by the fishes!) so grab a waterproof vibe and hop into the shower.

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