What Your Mars Sign Can Tell You About Your Sex Life

The fiery red planet influences who you’re attracted to and what turns you on.

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Whether you're trying out a sex swing or the other kind of swinging, there's nothing like experimenting to figure out what turns you on the most. But you can learn a lot about what will deliver the most satisfaction by glimpsing over your astrological chart and zeroing in on your Mars sign specifically.

Whether you read your horoscope on occasion or are full-blown obsessed with all things zodiac, it can be helpful to remember that your sun sign is just one small detail of your astrological story. To understand how the language of the sky above influences your personality, it's most helpful to look at your full natal, or birth, chart — which, taking your full birth date, time, and location into consideration — is basically like a snapshot of the sky when you were born. By doing so, you can pinpoint not only the sun's placement but also where the moon and all the other planets were — all of which can offer clues about how you might see yourself and the world.

For example, your moon sign is your emotional compass, Mercury helps shape how you think and communicate, Venus informs your love language and romantic attraction, and Mars oversees how you exert your energy — and pursue your desires. For that reason — among others — learning more about your natal Mars can amplify your sexual satisfaction.

Mars Provides Insight on Your Sexual Self-Expression

Named for the god of war, Mars — which spends about six or seven weeks in each sign — rules aggression, physicality, energy, courage, action, desire, anger, and yep, sex. And the red planet's characterization in your birth chart speaks to the way in which you approach all of these aspects of life. Knowing the sign it's in as well as the house, degrees, and relationship to other planets and points in your chart — something you can best learn from a professional astrologer — will offer valuable intel on your inner drive, the things that make you angry, your instincts, the way you exert your energy, and how you express enthusiasm. It also influences what you're attracted to physically, be that a particular body type or sex play, and how you get after it.

It bears noting that Mars is far from the only planet that influences sexual self-expression. After all, sex is a multilayered, often emotional (the moon), sometimes romantic (Venus), imaginative or spiritual (Neptune), and perhaps even transformative (Pluto) experience. But when it comes to how you experience and pursue the carnal, physical, lustful aspect of getting it on, it's your Mars at play.

If you don't have your natal chart handy, you can find your Mars sign by casting your birth chart on a variety of websites, like Astrology.com or checking out CafeAstrology's Mars signs table.

How Your Mars Sign Could Influence Your Sex Life

Given the territory it rules, you can look to your natal Mars to even better grasp your own — and/or your partner's — sexual needs and expression. It can shed light on the fact that you're the type of person who needs a significant emotional connection in order to be satisfied physically or that you love dirty talk during foreplay. Or perhaps it shows just how assertive you can be with your partner when sharing what you want or how interested they are in switching up positions or using toys on the fly. And any of this info can help you take your sex life to the next level. After all, bolstered self-awareness is hugely empowering and can aid in pinpointing and pursuing your needs between the sheets.

While working with a pro is your best bet for learning about all the nuanced details of your Mars placement, here are some general must-knows, based on your element and sign. Note that fixed signs are the most resolute of their element while mutable ones tend to be the most flexible and cardinals are big-picture initiators.

Mars in a Fire Sign

You're especially motivated, action-oriented (you're more apt to take steps to get what you want vs. waiting around passively), and passionate.

Aries: Mars rules Aries, which means the energies of both the planet and the sign are very much in sync. If you were born with your Mars in cardinal Aries, you get after your desires in a fast, furious, and passionate way. This could mean making split-second decisions around hookups, enjoying spontaneous quickies with your partner, and bringing a bold, competitive vibe into the bedroom.

Leo: If you were born with Mars in fixed Leo, you're an optimistic go-getter who craves the spotlight, gravitates to leading the charge and enjoys performative experiences. You might enjoy luxurious sexy getaways with your partner and exhibitionism.

Sagittarius: If your Mars sign is mutable Sag, you're a jovial, free-spirited adventurer who loves soaking up knowledge at every turn. You'll say exactly what you want in a direct, unfiltered way and dive headfirst into learning experiences like attending a seminar on sex positions or even going on a steamy international retreat.

Mars in an Earth Sign

You're grounded, pragmatic, and likely prefer a slow burn that leads up to an off-the-charts sexual experience.

Taurus: Having your Mars sign in down-to-earth, luxury-loving fixed Taurus, you prefer to take everything — including sex — one step at a time in a deliberate way. Sensual and generally refusing to be rushed, you prefer languorous foreplay and lovemaking sessions that you'll be eager to stage with the right music, candles, lighting, perfume, etc.

Virgo: When Mars is in service-oriented, information-gathering mutable Virgo, you likely zero in on all the details of a sexual experience. Adaptable, sensitive, and diligent, you'll be most satisfied when you feel like you're thoroughly caring for your partner's needs and communicating your own in a self-assured, effective way.

Capricorn: If you were born with Mars in practical, industrious cardinal Capricorn, you value being in control, determination, and keeping your cool. Naturally drawn to adopting a dominant role, you might like to experiment with boundaries and restrictions (e.g. handcuffs or other restraints), power play, and discipline.

Mars in an Air Sign

You approach your sexual experiences with a mentally-charged, friendly, and potentially noncommittal or changeable vibe.

Gemini: If you were born with Mars in super-communicative mutable Gemini, language, sounds, and self-expression are integral to your sexual fulfillment. You probably enjoy experimenting with different types of dirty talk, sexting, and trading steamy audio messages.

Libra: When Mars is in social butterfly, beauty-loving, romantic cardinal Libra, feeling like everything is harmonious and in balance is key to pursuing and enjoying sexual experiences. Because you're very visual, using a mirror or taking photos during sex can be a major turn-on.

Aquarius: With Mars in quirky, humanitarian-fixed Aquarius, you're drawn to platonic bonds, so you've probably had your fair share of friends with benefits and situationships. An intellectual connection can fuel your sex drive while you tend to be attracted to anything unconventional whether that's nonmonogamy or a particular fetish.

Mars in a Water Sign

Your emotions, sentimentality, intuition, and even being slightly psychic are all tied into your sex drive.

Cancer: If you were born with Mars in compassionate, heartfelt, caregiving Cancer, feeling emotionally close to your partner is key to fulfillment, and you're also a natural-born nurturer. You might enjoy cooking or sharing delicious food, cuddling, kissing, and initiating sexy new positions and scenarios, thanks to your cardinal nature.

Scorpio: With Mars in magnetic, spiritual, super-sexual fixed Scorpio — a sign the red planet is quite at home in as a co-ruler along with Pluto — you no doubt dig your heels into everything you adore, whether that's a particular type of foreplay, routine, or type of lover. Connecting in an emotional, spiritually vulnerable way is also a must, as you want to be transformed by your sexual experiences.

Pisces: If you were born with Mars in dreamy, empathic mutable Pisces, your sex life is informed by your vivid imagination, romanticism, and escapism. You're more passive than aggressive, preferring to see what comes your way than chasing down whatever it is you're craving. Feeling connected to someone in an otherworldly, soulmate-y way is your version of steamy.

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