Crazy Dreams This Weekend? Blame the New Moon In Pisces

Watch for recurring themes.

Crazy Dreams This Weekend? Blame The New Moon in Pisces
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Warmer weather is right around the corner, but this month the moon will still give us reasons to stay in. Saturday, March 13, will see the final new moon of the wintertime and it will arrive, fittingly, in the intuitive sign of Pisces. Last month's full and new moons both had us in our heads a little too much, urging us toward self-analysis and -examination to the point of mental fatigue. Pisces is undoubtedly a thoughtful sign, but its ruling element of water means that its heart works just as hard as its head, leaving space for thoughts to mingle with feelings and pass by as smoothly as a crane moves across a pond. This combination will make for a simultaneously restorative and fantastical weekend.

The new moon in Pisces wants you to dream big…

This could be literally or figuratively. On one hand, Pisces people have imaginations as big as their hearts. They tend to be thinkers and ponderers, old souls and sages who happily mine the past and their subconscious in equal measure for lessons that apply to the here and now. You may feel compelled to do the same under this month's new moon. This lunar phase is always a good time to reflect on the immediate future — and all the potential you hold within yourself to shape it.

And this new moon, in particular, will make you feel especially powerful to direct your own course. You need only pause and let your mind wander. Allow yourself to entertain both realistic and wild hopes. Perhaps you've been harboring them for a while but the timing has never felt right. Take a moment to reflect on the recent past and then consider if the coming weeks (say, before the full moon on the 28th) could finally be the time to act.

On the other hand, Pisces' planetary ruler is far-off Neptune, which oversees the inner workings of our minds, including the content of our actual dreams. The night of the new moon may find you awash in fantasies, so vivid and so immediate you'll have to pinch yourself in the morning. Be mindful of (and even log in a journal) the images that dominate your dreams during this period. Even the most outlandish could have thematic merit to your waking life — a warning, an expectation, a hint as to where to direct your creative energy, could appear.

...but don't forget about reality.

Keep in mind that, while you entertain your flights of fancy, the demands of everyday life will still need your attention. When a lunar phase as introspective as the new moon occurs in a Zodiac sign as imaginative as Pisces, it's far too easy to get lost in the weeds of your subconscious and, in turn, neglect where you're needed here on Earth.

During this period, you may run the risk of overlooking timely tasks, missing the mark on assignments that would normally be a slam dunk, or simply struggling to focus on your to-do list at all. Pisces' inherent sensitivity could inspire needless frustration if you catch yourself making mindless mistakes, but beating yourself up over these slip-ups will not help you avoid them in the future.

Instead, lean into Pisces' empathetic energy and handle your feelings as gently as you would someone else's. So what if you need a little more time to sit and wonder? So what if the recesses of your imagination are more alluring than your standing desk at the moment? Consider what actually needs to be done and focus on that and let the things that seem like pressing "musts" but are merely pestering "shoulds" take a backseat until after the new moon.

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