The Lasting Power of Justin and Hailey Bieber's Marriage, According to an Astrologer

The spouses have the ‘astrological glue’ he never had with Selena.

Hailey & Justin Bieber
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For years, the public couldn't get enough of Justin Bieber's love life — namely, when it came to his on-again-off-again relationship with Selena Gomez. But little did they know that the pop prodigy actually met his forever match way back in 2009. When he was just a preteen on the set of the Today show, actor Steven Baldwin introduced him to his daughter, Hailey Baldwin. By 2014, following Justin's first split with Selena, the pair was spotted at Hillsong Church and then at a New Year's party, sparking rumors that they were together, but Hailey insisted they had just been "good friends over the years."

But their bond couldn't possibly remain 100% platonic. In 2016, they made their "complicated" relationship Instagram official with a steamy kissing post. Hailey explained to the press that they weren't exclusive, so it's no surprise that over the next two years, Justin was linked with Sofia Richie and also reunited and split up with Gomez. Finally, in July 2018, the singer and Hailey announced their engagement. It might've sounded speedy, but the pair had basically grown up together.

Now, Justin and Hailey Bieber have had two weddings (one at a New York City courthouse in 2018 and another big ceremony in South Carolina in 2019), starred in a documentary, and made it clear to the media that not only are they blissfully in love but they're up for doing the work of marriage.

In the time since, addressing the public's continued appetite for Selena drama, Justin has acknowledged that he "absolutely loved and loves Selena" and "she will always hold a place" in his heart, but he's "head over heels" with Hailey. "She is absolutely the BEST THING that has ever happened to me period," wrote the singer in a comment on Instagram.

Now, from their sweet displays of affection in music videos like "Yummy" to their adoring social media posts, it's apparent the pair is fully committed to a lifelong love — despite Justin's recent GQ interview referring to their first year of marriage as "really tough." So, what do the Biebers' astrological charts say about the future of their marriage?

Their Sun Signs Square One Another — Which Isn't Necessarily a Bad Thing

Justin (born on March 1, 1994 at 12:56 a.m. in London, Ontario) was born with his sun in imaginative mutable water sign Pisces while Hailey (born on November 22, 1996, exact time unknown, in Tucson, Arizona) was born with hers in free-spirited mutable fire sign Sagittarius. Two signs that share the same quality — cardinal, mutable, and fixed — either oppose or square one another. In the case of Justin and Hailey's sun signs, they square one another in a wide orb of 10 degrees. (A wide orb means the square is not as intense as it would be if their suns were closer, degrees-wise.)

A square is generally thought of as a challenging aspect, but the more nuanced truth is that it simply presents two people an opportunity to learn and grow. The connection is dynamic and exciting, and when they do clash, it can be in a way that challenges them to see the world in a new way.

In the case of Justin's Pisces and Hailey's Sag, Justin is undoubtedly opening his wife's eyes to the more poetic, romantic side of life, while she urges him to broaden his horizons and take action. The signs also share a love of spirituality — Pisces tends to let themselves get swept up by it, while Sag appreciates philosophizing and learning — so it's no wonder they connected through shared religious beliefs.

Plus, his ascendant or rising sign, is at 29 degrees Scorpio, while her sun is at 0 degrees Sag. While they're not in the same sign, this is considered a dissociate conjunction — a pairing that's occurring in two different signs but is basically thisclose to being a full conjunction. The way Justin appears outwardly is in tune with Hailey's core identity, giving them plenty of lasting power — and they'll present a united, synced front to the world as well.

BTW, Selena's sun in Cancer at 29 degrees is precisely trine Justin's ascendant at 29 degrees Scorpio, so the two had a similar connection, supporting one another and presenting as a natural, harmonious pairing. But when push came to shove, there really wasn't a significant amount of "astrological glue" holding them together.

They Share Easygoing Romantic and Sexual Chemistry, Thanks to a Sweet Trine and Conjunction

Justin was born with his Mars — the planet of action, energy, and sex — at 25 degrees Aquarius, and his Mercury — the planet that colors how we think and communicate — at 23 degrees Aquarius, cozied together in the third house, which rules communication. This means that Justin's words reflect his actions — which are uniquely his own and, at times, rebellious, thanks to their placement in quirky air sign Aquarius.

This Mars-Mercury pairing, or conjunction, in Justin's natal chart forms a tight trine — the most harmonious aspect — to Hailey's Venus. When the model was born, the planet of love, beauty, and money was at home in Libra, one of two signs it rules. The air sign is associated with beauty, balance, and partnership and forms a sweet bond with fellow air sign Aquarius.

Basically, Hailey's planet of love is activating Justin's planets of action/sex and communication, so they understand one another's love language, have an easygoing compatibility in bed, and think similarly. It bears noting that given that this connection is based in strong air sign territory, it's no wonder the two were just friends at times as well as on and off again. Aquarius tends to be most comfortable with platonic bonds while Libra prioritizes one-on-one relationships, while both air signs forge intellectual connections before they get super-emotional or physical.

And the airy harmony doesn't stop there. Justin was also born with his moon in Libra, at 24 degrees, forming a conjunction to Hailey's Venus. His emotional compass is in line with her love personality, and both are wired to prize partnership and romance.

Her Mars Opposes His Sun and Venus

Hailey's Mars — aka how she takes action and approaches sex — is in grounded earth sign Virgo at 12 degrees, which opposes Justin's sun at 10 degrees Pisces and also forms a wide orb opposition to his Venus at 20 degrees Pisces. Like a square, an opposition can have a dynamic, intense effect, and in this case, with go-getter Mars, the confident sun, and romantic Venus at play, the spouses share a steamy sexual and romantic attraction. Hailey might be the more assertive as well as pragmatic partner, while Justin is happy to be swept off his feet by the passionate sparks between them.

What This Means for the Biebers' Marital Future

The Biebers are clearly in sync in terms of how they think, how they love, and how they're wired to take action in the world. With creative, intellectual, partnership-driven air signs at the root of their romantic bond, they'll only continue to collaborate and present themselves publicly as a united front. As Justin acknowledged in a recent interview, the pair has had their fair share of challenges, but thanks to their natural compatibility and a mutual interest in doing the work, the in-it-to-win-it couple will push and support one another to be, as Justin has repeatedly declared, "better at 70."

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