A Once-In-a-Lifetime Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction Is Headed Our Way

Here's how the meet-up between the planets of luck and magic will affect you for the next 13 years.

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction Is Headed Our Way
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You may recall from your 2022 horoscope that April is a pretty big month for astrology: Neptune will meet with Jupiter in Pisces on April 12 for the only time in our lifetime.

Although Jupiter and Neptune align every 13 years, it's been a while since they met up in this mystical water sign. The last time these two planets connected in Pisces was way back in 1856 and the next time won't be until 2188.

What does this mean? We'll have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to give our dreams the opportunity to become a reality. That's because this conjunction in Pisces will change the way we set intentions and manifest our hopes and goals.

Quick background: In astrology, Jupiter is the planet associated with luck, optimism, adventure, and expansion. Neptune is the planet of dreams, hopes, and desires. Both planets rule the magical sign Pisces, which has the innate power to create. Therefore, it's an extremely fluid and transcendent time. The cosmic energy is willing your dreams to come true.

This is the beginning of a new cycle — one that comes from the heart. The hopes and dreams that we've been carrying within us for some time now have the ability to spread their wings and fly. The question is: Are you ready?

Here's what to expect based on your sign, and how to make the most of this magical cycle that will last for the next 13 years.


Healing starts from within. All the more reason for you to manifest a life without pain and only pleasure. This will require you to let go of the past and stop dwelling on situations that are in the past. Then, you can be at peace with yourself, others, and the universe.


Relationships are very important to you, which is why you've been wanting to evolve and grow your friendship circle. The catch: In order to have that big group of besties, you'll need to expand your mind and cultivate relationships with people who share different views than you.


The promotion or job you've been dreaming of for some time can be yours, if you truly want it. After all, you have been giving your all to work and the appreciation is well deserved. Make it known that you are down for the gig and that you want it.


It's time to step outside your life and open your eyes to newness. Traveling around the world and understanding different philosophies, cultures, and mindsets will bring you closer to a deeper state of being. You'll be able to think, connect, and be part of the global community and broaden your horizons.


At times you can be a tad spendthrift and flashy, which is why you need to manifest ways to enhance your bank account. If that means a raise at work or sales at the store then so be it. Once you're flush, you can spend as you want and wish.


The most important priority in your life at the moment is love. It can be scary, but creating a healthy relationship with your S.O./crush will require you to implement boundaries and speak from the heart.


It's time to shake up your daily routine, challenge yourself more, and rejuvenate your energy. This might mean implementing a new daily schedule, workout, or personal vibe. Step up and be positive, then absolutely commit 100% to ensure that you're living every day to the absolute fullest and best.


Creativity is pouring through your bones right now but you're unsure about what you want to make and show the world. Manifesting the artist within will require you to let go of your fears and criticisms. Embrace your talents and release those judgments you have of yourself in your mind.


A happy home life is something that you want and need in order to thrive. As you know, happiness starts within. This is why you will have to allow yourself to embrace your true positive spirit and savor all of the wonderful time you have to spend with your family.


No one knows more than you that serenity is something that is underrated. Now, you can add the chill and calm energy that you need and crave into your life by allowing yourself a few moments of chill a day. This will also help you have a better work-life balance.


Although you are confident most of the time, you doubt yourself and question your choices. Building your self-esteem will bring you to a higher place of being where you won't be held back from making decisions. You'll stand behind them with certainty.


Believing in a higher purpose allows you to feel connected to the world. Whether you choose to believe in a religion, spiritual practice, or yourself, the most important thing now is that you align with a path that is outside of yourself and helps you to become a better person.

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