So, Great, the Moon Is Going to Make Us All Feel Insecure This Month

The new moon and solar eclipse in Gemini will be kicking off worry spirals for everyone.

This Month's New Moon And Solar Eclipse Will Be The Definition Of Chaotic-Neutral
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The start of June finds us reeling from last month's full moon and lunar eclipse double whammy, celebrating Gemini season, and weathering the storm of yet another Mercury retrograde. Astrologically speaking, we're in the thick of it — and much of this energy will come to a crest on Thursday, June 10, when Gemini hosts the new moon and an annular solar eclipse. Part of the sun will still be visible during this eclipse (as is the case with partial and annular eclipses), but that won't dampen its effects on us here on Earth. In fact, this celestial event could set the tone for the rest of your summer.

The new moon in Gemini will send our minds a-whirring.

Often characterized as a moody, mercurial bunch who are too busy thinking about what they want to say next to listen to anyone else, there's no denying that Geminis get a bad rap. It's true that this sign is always thinking — often in several different directions at once — and it's also fair to say that they rarely shy away from speaking their mind. However, people born under this charismatic air sign aren't purely out for themselves. Geminis deeply value their social circles and one-on-one relationships. They derive comfort, inspiration, and mental stimulation from these connections, even if it may seem like they're just looking for a willing sounding board.

When the pensive new moon coasts into this sign, we'll feel compelled to take a closer look at how we balance the ebb and flow of a conversation — are we leading the charge, lending an ear, or lost amid the chatter? This is a valuable point of reflection at any time, but sitting with these questions on the night of the 10th may lead to powerful realizations around how you should speak and listen to your friends going forward. If you come to the conclusion that you haven't been particularly giving or caring in your recent exchanges, some insecurity may rise to the surface. Don't focus on past habits and instead, think about how you can be more supportive and present in the future.

Worry spirals will be far too common under these skies, thanks to the sheer mental activity associated with Gemini. If you don't channel this energy into focused reflection, you could find yourself in a pile-on of your own thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Emotions will be intellectualized, plans will become incalculably complex, and desires will shift like sand in a dust storm. Seek out a stabilizing presence (a setting, an activity, a person) if you can't quiet your mind on your own.

The solar eclipse will take our social lives for a spin.

Speaking of getting grounded, the accompanying solar eclipse in Gemini is likely to rattle our very foundations. In the same way that the rising sun signals the start of a new day, a solar eclipse signals the start of a new chapter in our lives. And, just as we can never be sure what another day will bring, we can't say for certain whether this new chapter will be easy or challenging. The neutrality of a solar eclipse is what makes it such a fascinating — and, in some cases, scary — cosmic event. It simply brings the promise of changes to come.

If you're hoping to brace for impact, set your sights on your social life. This area of your life is likely to feel the most immediate effects of the eclipse (though that is not to say you won't feel it elsewhere, too). Be on the lookout for potential friendships with unexpected people, a shift in your inner circle's dynamic, or a change of heart when it comes to how you bond with others in general. Where some may feel relieved or even excited to feel these transitions take place, others will feel only trepidation. Again, there's no way to know whether these effects will be good or bad on their face. All you can do is trust that they're arriving at the right time — and that, with a little patience and flexibility, you'll be able to adapt and land squarely on your feet.

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