How to Make Moon Water — And How to Use It

Crystals aren't the only item you can charge with la luna’s magic.

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A full moon shines against a dark sky and reflects off water below
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You may only know it's a full moon if your yoga teacher mentions it. Or maybe you're a total self-described witch obsessed with crystals. Either way, anyone can benefit from the magic of the moon. Its intuitive, emotional power has been touted for centuries, so it's no wonder there is a bevy of rituals to try when it's at its most luminous once (on occasion, twice) a month.

One that's earned some buzz recently is moon water. It's a tool for harnessing and working with the particular vibe of a full or new moon (which is why it's sometimes called 'full moon water' or 'new moon water'). Here are more details on what moon water is, as well as how you can make and use this potent energetic tool.

What Is Moon Water?

If you are an astrology skeptic, know that the moon does, in fact, affect the tides. It's just one of many ways that la luna is energetically associated with water and receptivity. (There's also the fact that it rules water sign Cancer.) So it stands to reason that water can pull in and "hold" a full or new moon's energy.

"Moon water is a magical water programmed by the moon's gorgeous energy — usually under the full moon, sometimes the new moon," explains Lisa Marie Basile, author of City Witchery: Accessible Rituals, Practices & Prompts for Conjuring and Creating in a Magical Metropolis and founder and creative director of Luna Luna Magazine. "It collects the moon's radiant light and its phase properties, and it can amplify your magical workings or intentions."

How to Make Moon Water

Moon water, or full moon water, is wonderfully easy to make. "Simply place a jar or bowl of water under direct moonlight at the window or a porch," explains Basile. "For city dwellers without access to direct moonlight, don't worry about capturing the light directly. The energy will still be absorbed by the water; your intent is powerful."

You might add salt for its cleansing properties and crystals around or to the water to "amp up" its quality, suggests Basile. Just be sure the crystals you submerge are water-friendly. (Some, like hematite or tangerine quartz, that are lower on the Mohs Hardness Scale might dissolve or crack in water, according to Crystal Clear Intuition.)

How to Choose a Full or New Moon to Charge Your Water Under

It's also key to consider the particular astrological aspects surrounding the lunar event. For instance, you may want to avoid using a full or new moon that's also an eclipse, as they're already so intense and change-bringing on their own. You don't want to do any harnessing or intention-setting rituals around them. Basile also advises against making moon water during a Mercury retrograde, when it's more of a struggle to think and communicate your intentions and desires.

In general, you can choose the best lunar event for making moon water by thinking about the qualities of a particular sign that you'd like to tap into. For example, if you're a Pisces looking for grounding energy, you might find the full Taurus moon to offer a lovely sensual, stabilizing force. If you're a Virgo who'd like to get out of their head and into their feelings, you might want to soak up the energy of a Cancer full moon.

And of course, look for positive aspects around any moon. Regardless of the sign it is in, if a moon is conjunct fortunate Jupiter, it could bring luck and abundance. Or if it was forming a sweet trine to the planet of love, Venus, the water you'd create would have a harmonious, relationship-loving energy. (Translation: Be sure to check our monthly full and new moon breakdowns to find out what's in store!)

Ultimately, you'll want to tune into your intuition to determine whether a particular moon is one you'd like to capture the flavor of. If anything feels "off" or forced, skip it.

You could also be spontaneously inspired to make it — perhaps while traveling. "My favorite moon water experience is creating it in one city and bringing it home," recalls Basile. "I made moon water on the Mediterranean Sea with seawater collected under a full moon. I now use it for ancestral practices."

How to Use Moon Water

In short, you can use moon water for basically anything you would normally use water for, says Michele Lefler, a Jewish shaman and witch and founder of Living Moon Meditation. "Using moon water in place of 'regular' water will transfer the energy of the moon to whatever the water is used for," she explains.

Once you've created your moon water, you can use it to do any of the following, says Lefler:

  • Water plants
  • Drink it
  • Wash your hair and face
  • Add it to a bath
  • Cleanse your home

Basile adds, "For anyone who is living in a shared space or has allergies or in a city, moon water space sprays are a great replacement for smoke cleansing or incense."

Moon water might also support your creativity. "I'll even spritz a little when I write to inspire me," says Basile.

No matter how you use it, you'll just want to remember to hold a very specific intention in mind during your practice. Perhaps you want to boost your well-being after fighting off a cold or release toxic bonds. Create an affirmation, prayer, or mantra that relates, e.g. "I am healed and revitalized" or "I release relationships that are no longer serving me." As Lefler points out, "intent is paramount to making/using moon water — as it is to anything magical."

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