Why Does Everyone Hate Geminis So Much?

We aren't the two-faced, gossipy flakes of the zodiac that the Internet would have you believe.

As a Gemini, I've been a victim of astrological slander my whole life. But while the Internet would have you believe we're the two-faced liars, cheaters, and flakes of the zodiac, I'm here to tell you that we don't deserve all the astrological shade thrown our way.

So let's myth-bust a few common stereotypes, shall we? Sure, Geminis love to chat about new tea circulating our social circle … but, who doesn't?! And contrary to the memes you see on Instagram, Geminis are far from the only sign who loves hearing hot gossip. (Looking at you, Libra!) Frankly, we are quite aware that we are talkative. And the truth is that everyone loves our chatty nature. Without us and the great stories we tell, life would be boring!

Are we bad listeners? Ok, yes we are. You got me there. We do like to talk but aren't great at hearing what others are saying. But, we can't help it because we are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. (Gemini is responsible for travel, technology, communication, news, and information!) We are very vocal and can monologue at times rather than ask others about their lives. Personally, I'm working on that.

As a Gemini and astrologer, I have to be real though. Anyone has the capacity to lie, cheat, and be flaky. I've seen charts and encountered Leos (a zodiac sign known for their honesty) who've been some of the most shadiest and manipulative people I've ever met. Plus, in my experience, emotional, homebody Cancers are more likely than social Geminis to flake out on plans due to their mood swings.

There's a mythological reason for the Gemini hate.

Believe it or not, there is a mythological explanation for this. The famous twin brothers, Castor and Pollux, were identical in every way — except for the fact that Castor was the mortal son of King Tynfarus and Pollux was the immortal son of Zeus. (Fun fact: Gemini is Latin for "twins.") When Castor was killed in battle during the Trojan War because Pollux's attention accidentally drifted away from defending him, Pollux was consumed with grief and guilt and begged his father Zeus to immortalize Castor to reside in the heavens throughout time with him. Zeus allowed them to split their time in the heavens and in the Underworld.

In other words, people are scared of the twin star because they can live in different realms: the Underworld and the heavens. How can one trust a person who is able to laugh with the sinners and cry with the saints? However, the ability to transcend between worlds is actually a gift. It allows Gemini the ability to see and comprehend different perspectives on matters, urging the dualistic sign to always have an open mind.

So, despite the reputation for being flighty or two-faced, it really comes down to being dualistic: Us Geminis are hard to pin down because we literally are two people rolled up into one. Think of it like this: With a Gemini in your circle, you can double your pleasure by having two friends in one person!

Is there any real reason to hate on Geminis?

No. The real reason we are the most susceptible to having shade thrown at us is that we don't care! Typically, by the time we focus on the actual reason we are upset, we have emotionally moved on to another drama. We tend to move on from matters faster than most, as our minds work at an accelerated pace.

At the end of the day, despite what the memes circulating this Gemini season may say, this mutable air sign brings a ton to the table: We're curious, expressive, quick-witted, outgoing, charming, and adaptable. Bottom line: Don't hate, appreciate us!

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