Apparently Friday the 13th Isn't an Unlucky Day At All

Before the patriarchy got involved, it was a day for celebrating women and their powerful sexual energy.

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Right up there with black cats, Friday the 13th gets a reputation for being inherently evil and unlucky. But the extreme superstition and all-around bad vibes surrounding the day couldn't be farther from its original meaning, which was about celebrating women and their sexual energy. (13 is the number of menstrual cycles women have and Friday is actually the day of the goddess of love and sensuality — more on that later.)

In fact, this fear around Friday the 13th is actually a sexist notion perpetuated by the patriarchy (and Hollywood — just look at the vengeful, murderous mother Pamela Vorhees in the Friday the 13th series) that we've all become victims of. So before we dive into how to embrace Friday the 13th and tap into your feminine power, let's go ahead and debunk the many Friday the 13th theories once and for all...

The Number 13 Is Actually Lucky

The number 13 gets a lot of hate in the world. Many buildings don't have a 13th floor and it's an unlucky number to bet with. Some people even have triskaidekaphobia, which is an intense phobia of the number 13. But the number 13 is actually a divine number in Judaism, as it marks the age when boys and girls have Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, meaning they are on their way to becoming adults, and thus ready to take part in public worship. In Tibetan culture, the number 13 is also very auspicious. It's considered to be a holy number that is often used in fairytales to remind people that they will be cleansed of their sins in heaven after 13 rounds of prayers.

It's also interesting to note that in numerology, the mystical study of numbers, 13 represents change. Not bad change, but change that is essential to life. People fear the unknown, which is what change brings. However, it's actually a good thing. Growth and transformation do take us out of our comfort zones, but they also help us become the most evolved and higher-minded version of ourselves.

In Mythology and Astrology, Friday Is a Day for Celebrating Women

Sure, we all love Fridays because it signals the weekend, but in mythology and astrology, Friday is the day of the week that celebrates Venus, the goddess of love, sensuality, and fertility. The Latin term for Friday is "dies Veneris," which translates to "Day of Venus." Ancient Germans referred to Friday as "Frīġedæġ," who is the Roman counterpart for Venus, and in these cultures, Fridays were a day in which women were celebrated and honored. In the orthodox Jewish tradition, Friday is revered as a wonderful time for couples to have sex, as it's considered a mitzvah (good deed) to procreate during the Sabbath.

Where Did All This Friday the 13th Hate and Fear Come From?

In the Bible, Eve tempted Adam to bite the apple while they were in the Garden of Eden on a Friday, which is why women and Friday have an evil stigma associated with them. At the Last Supper, there were 12 apostles who dined with Jesus Christ (who was crucified on a Friday) at his last meal. The 13th apostle was Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus. Another reason given for the superstition is that King Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of the Knight Templar, a Catholic military order, on Friday October 13, 1307 and had them executed.

The main reason that the number 13 is feared so much, though, is because of its relationship to womanhood. There are 13 phases of the moon in the year, which represent the divine feminine (not just in astrology, but historically throughout time). It is also the average number of menses women have in a year. Menstruation hate is a form of misogyny that the patriarchy has used against women for centuries. Instead of relishing in this powerful time, the patriarchy has brainwashed us all into thinking that having one's period is bad because it acknowledges a woman's power to create life. (On the other hand, it's also used to shame women and cast them as infertile.)

Magically though, menstruation is deemed a very energetically potent time because menstrual blood has protective and healing properties in it for spells. Witches today use menstrual magic for aphrodisiacs, spells, and rituals. And, we all know the patriarchy isn't fond of women who unite in covens together or who speak their minds. Therefore, it's no surprise they have stripped this innate power away from women for decades.

How to Celebrate Your Feminine Power on Friday the 13th

Whether you pleasure yourself or have sex with a partner, everyone should own their sexuality and love all parts of themselves without fear this Friday the 13th. One amazing way to use the energy of the day is by indulging in sex magic, a tool for manifestation by way of orgasm (yep, really). Think of your intention while receiving or giving yourself sensual pleasure. By thinking of your objective as you climax, you can bring your visions and dreams to reality.

This Friday the 13th is also a day to embrace your creative and tender sentiments. Honor the Moon (who rules the tides of the ocean) by taking a healing and restorative bath. Give thanks to Mother Earth by planting a flower or plant in the ground and soaking up the sun. A simpler way to celebrate is to dress up and take selfies of yourself — not for social media, but for you and you alone. Glamour magic, such as this, will allow you to see and feel your own beauty.

And while you're at it, go ahead and pet a black cat, because according to urban folklore and superstition, they are actually considered to be good luck, too.

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