Your Fall 2021 Horoscope Is Here

The Astro Poets break down what to expect this autumn, aka the time of the soul, based on your zodiac sign.

With the end of Summer Fridays and the start of Fashion Week and back to school, it may already feel like fall is already upon us, but it's technically still around the corner. This year's autumnal equinox happens at precisely 3:20 pm on Wednesday, September 22, marking the beginning of fall.

In many ways, autumn is the time of the soul. Large questions loom in the mind, but the days are also busier, so it's important to honor both the physical tolls of the season and its mental vastness. On October 6th, there will be a new moon in Libra which will open a door into the way you think about a career-related problem. On October 20th the full moon in Aries will bring an immense energy to pursue a passion or dream you've set aside for a while. This may also have to do with romance. Listen to this energy. Let it remind you that fall is also a season of beginnings even as the days grow shorter.

Fall Horoscope- Astro Poets
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You will feel a new energy at work. Many projects that have been in uncertain territory will finally come through and open the door for a passion project. Keep your head down and work. The Libra new moon on the 6th of October will help you do this. In the days before and after it, you'll feel a confidence with which you approach meetings and people in general. It's a great time to go big and ask for everything you've wanted. Your career will kick into high gear this season. Do not be distracted by the few doubters and naysayers.


Your autumn will be full of chance encounters but also a deep longing for the past. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though do keep your cards close to your chest. Spend some time thinking about the unresolved relationships that still plague you. Then tie a red string around a tree branch and let them go. The full moon in Aries on October 20th will help you do this. As we get deeper into autumn you'll begin to feel stronger and less nostalgic. Let yourself feel everything. It's just passing through.


Your very close relationships, whether romantic or platonic, will test you this fall. They'll require a patience you've been looking for and haven't been able to find for some time. Don't be too hard on yourself. Remember that your eccentricity is one of your great strengths and something people deeply admire about you. Allow yourself to be playful. To not overthink and stifle yourself. As the days get shorter you'll feel a need to be a bit more reclusive and introspective. Remember that some answers take a long time to arrive.


Many close friends will need your nurturing ear this fall. You know this role of caretaker well and you mostly enjoy it. Remember to tend to your own peace of mind and well-being, even in the midst of being needed. The full moon in Aries in late October will give you some energy to do that. Saying no is as powerful as saying yes. Being alone can be as restorative as being with others. Although you're a sign that gets their energy mainly from others, notice how much better you move through the world when you take some time for yourself.


If you've found yourself stuck at work, all that will change with the new moon in Libra in early October. Mostly, you may have felt uninspired. You may have even doubted why you're continuing to go deeper into certain projects. Clarity is coming your way, though the doubt certainly has changed you. It has taught you something about endurance. That you're much more resilient than even you thought you were. Let yourself bask in this new confidence. You've earned it.


Many past romances will tempt you this autumn. You'll find yourself obsessively thinking about relationships that didn't work out and you may even run into one or two exes. Think of it as the universe testing your will, which is strong. You've certainly learned from your mistakes. Do not consider going backward. You may feel lonely, even with friends, though the full moon in Aries will spark your desire to put yourself out there again. This doesn't mean you have to conquer love at all once. Remember that everything takes time and a slow, building belief.


For a while now you've felt like you aren't sure you are on the right path. You've questioned everything — where you live, where you work, who you're with — and not been completely sure if things are all going the way you want them to. This solstice will ease some of these tensions for you. It will bring in a clarity that you are, for the most part, already doing the things that will make you grow and be happy. You might even feel calmer as you celebrate the seasons changing. To celebrate this time even more, look at some old pictures of yourself. Think about how far you've come since then and feel hope for the future. You are strong and so are your intuitive powers. You will always know what's best for you.


This fall your witchy side will definitely be out in full force. With everything going on in the world, you will be feeling like you are picking up on all of the spiritual cues around you. And with the seasons transitioning, you will feel as if it's your time to change, too. This could mean a move, a new relationship (or a new phase of an existing one), or simply a shift in your priorities. Whatever you do (and despite how much you might want to), don't look back into the past. Feel yourself become in tune with the future and all of the good things it will bring. To celebrate the solstice, bring out all of your special candles and other magical tools and focus your heart on all the greatness that is yet to be.


For the past year or so, you've been growing in ways that you haven't felt the need to show off. But now is your time to shine and to let the world see everything you have been working on. You will feel proud of yourself for all that you have accomplished and these positive feelings will likely fuel more fantastic achievements in the future. Be on alert for a new friend who can help move your career forward. Once you meet them, you will sense that things are truly clicking into place and that you are on the right trajectory. To celebrate the solstice and this productive time of your life, ask someone to take a picture of you. Whenever you get stressed this fall, look back at this picture and remember how great the future can be.


The fall always makes you think about love, particularly about love and relationships in the past. You have a tendency to go deep into what exactly happened and what made these relationships work or fail. Analyzing these moments can be good, but don't let them overpower where you currently are at in terms of love. Whether you feel in a good or not-so-good place in this moment is still something you can control and not something predetermined by your past actions. The idea of fate can be a beautiful and comforting thing, but don't let it overtake your ability to have great love in the future. To celebrate the fall, cook up a family recipe for a current partner or love interest. Sometimes there's nothing more romantic than tradition.


Everything about this time can feel overwhelming, but especially now, you are feeling quite overtaken with the fall. Take some time now to focus on yourself and what your goals are for the future. Try not to get lost in others' expectations of you and even your own expectations of yourself. Instead, think of what you really want out of life and who and what you want in it. Use this moment to revise any parts of your day-to-day that don't contribute to this future vision. To celebrate the fall, go on a series of walks admiring the changing leaves. Consider all of the ways that things change and still stay consistent. Life is like this, too, of course. And your spirit too can change and stay the same simultaneously. Feel all of this sustaining energy.


This is a very charged time for you. Whether you are in a new or old love affair, it will feel just exactly like that — an affair. All of the good things about affairs will enter into your relationship: the heat and passion, the delicious longing, and the insatiable desire. Enjoy this time not just for your relationship but also as a creative outlet. You will feel more inspired to live daily life fully while you are infused with this romantic energy. During the fall solstice, take some time to record and commemorate these feelings, so that you can revisit them again and again. Also, be wary not to neglect your friends. They want to celebrate you and everything you are. They love you greatly and you will always need this love.

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