Brace Yourself: Your Cuffing Season Horoscope Is Here

Here's what the stars have in store for your love life this fall and winter.

Your Cuffing Season Horoscope Is Here
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Once the smell of pumpkin spice lattes is in the air and Halloween costume brainstorming is underway, you know what else is just around the corner: Cuffing season! As the temps drop and holiday season approaches, it also begins the season for partnering up — or fully committing our energy to relationships that may have started as a fling this summer. (And it's no secret that the pandemic has only intensified our urges to cuff and be cuffed.)

Bonus: It just so happens to be Libra season until October 22. Considering Libra is the most relationship-oriented sign of the zodiac that makes right now the perfect time to find that person to cozy up to while watching holiday movies.

Ahead, what to expect this cuffing season based on your zodiac sign.


Expect to reconcile with an ex during this cuffing season. It may bring you into a new emotional realm and situationship that can last this time around. As long as you're both on the same page and honest about your feelings, then the partnership can blossom into a long-lasting and magical relationship. Give it one more chance to make things right. Two times a charm!


Money can't buy you love, but it can be used to make your Venusian and earthy sentiments feel seen. Having a partner who gives you luxury items will make you appreciate their kindness. However, you're looking for real love and a spiritual connection now. If they can offer you all of these, then you got a winner. If not, then it's time to keep swiping.


You're getting too possessive in your relationship, Gemini. Yes, you believe that your partner should have the time and space to do their own thing. But, you need to know the full tea and deets about who, what, and where they are at all times. Give them some room in the relationship. If you do, they'll be more receptive to including you in their plans.


Your heart is always open to relationships, which is why you are known to be giving and kind to those you care about. Make sure that your boo is reciprocating your affections this cuffing season. If you're wanting more love, don't hesitate in telling them that you need QT with them. Odds are they will understand your needs and make it work. Speak up, Cancer!


Not gonna lie, your love life is getting intense. If there's anyone who can bring the fraught relationship energy down it's you, Leo. Make sure your partner feels like they are the most important person in the world, besides you of course. If you give them a little extra attention, they will begin to understand that you are trying to manage and excel in love and life.


You are too hungry for love that you aren't paying attention to who you're aligning with. The person that you think you're having feelings for may not be the one who you're meant to be with. However, that doesn't mean that you won't meet someone new throughout cuffing season. There are many other fish in the sea with whom you can make a great pair.


For the most part, love has felt like a roller coaster ride. The good news is that your romantic situation will smooth out towards the middle of cuffing season. However, you can prepare yourself for a rocky road until then. Instead of arguing with your partner or crush, try to find an activity that can connect you both and allow you to focus on positives.


Don't be afraid to put your needs first and create boundaries. The moment you integrate TLC into the way you treat and feel about yourself, the easier it will be to give fully to another. Your cuffing season task is to give yourself a whole lot of love to ensure that you are giving others the proper treatment and respect they deserve (and vice versa).


You are so fearful about commitment that you often let good and solid relationships pass you by. Now is the time to break free of this nasty habit you've acquired and try to give your heart to another. If you find someone who is as fun loving, adventurous, smart, and free spirited as you are, then the relationship won't feel like an obligation to you.


Your dedication to making things work is strong. But, you're feeling taken for granted in many ways. Simple things like asking to go grocery shopping and do laundry together will remind your S.O. that relationships need effort to work. Remember, relationships are supposed to be based on equality and that means your partner needs to carry their weight, too.


With work demanding your attention more than ever in the next few months, you are struggling to find time to make your situationship flow with ease. Don't spend too much time checking late night emails that you forget to hang with your boo/crush. The moment you start scheduling in time for romance, the easier it'll be to approach both aspects of life with equal footing.


Relationships (both the new and existing ones) are in a state of flux and evolution — mostly in the way that you choose to partner. Whether or not you choose to stay in this relationship or not, the only important thing is that you start looking ahead. This means not bringing up old squabbles and issues that are keeping you stuck in the past.

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