Here's What This Week's Venus Star Point Means for Your Love Life

According to astrologers, it's 2021's most powerful day for romance.

This is the Best Day for Love in 2021
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It's no secret that the holiday (aka engagement) season can be a time of year that leaves many single people feeling left out and disappointed. This was further amplified this year — a year that's already been marked by extraordinary loneliness, isolation, and tragedy for many. The good news is though, that although Valentine's Day has come and gone, astrology has even bigger plans for love this March.

If you're looking to manifest a relationship this year (or take your current fling to the next level), there's one day in particular that astrologers say is the most powerful day for love in 2021: March 26th. It's the date of the highly anticipated Venus Star Point, aka "when Venus and the sun will connect in Aries — and it sets off a seven-year activation in terms of love, romance and money," explains astrologer Lisa Stardust.

Basically, if love and romance are something you're looking to welcome into your life this year, March 26th is the day to put plans into action. Here, Stardust breaks down what you need to know about Venus Star Point — and how to move with intention as we embark on this new chapter.

What exactly is a Venus Star Point?

"A venus star point occurs when the sun and Venus link up in the same sign and degree," Stardust explains. "The sun is absorbing all of Venus' power, which means that the planet can really excel and glow because the sun is giving it a lot of vitality." This happens every 10 to 12 months in the cosmos in a different sign, and creates a whole new journey around love, romance and (as an added bonus) money, she says.

"While this happens every year in a different sign, being that it is in Aries this year, we're looking at our passions, desires, and what we want to manifest. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the sun is in its best placement in Aries."

Bottom line: Stardust anticipates a lot of emotions and passions to come out, "because Aries do really like to express their carnal feelings and also really like to work for love and romance and affection of others," she says.

How to make the most of this powerful day for love:

On a powerful day for love, Lisa explains that it's a time where we will see a flood of engagements, breakups, makeups, reconciliations, and rejoining of old flames.

"We're going to discuss the truth about what we want in relationships and if we really see ourselves diving in with someone for the long haul," Stardust says.

As far as your relationship, it will be a time to take inventory of your needs and desires and bring them to fruition by opening up communication with your partner. If you've been feeling a lack of passion or love in your relationship, March 26th is a great day to reconnect with your partner and get things on course. Stardust recommends lighting candles (ideally red for passion and pink for love) to cultivate love with some color magick, this spring.

If you're single, it's a great time to affirm your list of ideals and approach casual dating with a renewed sense of purpose. And if you've had FODA (fear of dating again), it's a great time to get back on the apps or lean into manifestation. Put the desire for love into the ether and see what the universe can bring. Brushing up a dating profile or reaching out to a crush to plan a date will be extra powerful on March 26.

Stardust offers up this final piece of advice when it comes to making the most of this day of love: "It's okay to put your feelings and expectations first, because Aries is all about the self. This Venus Starpoint is really about manifesting your truest most passionate most desirous visions, dreams, and sentiments when it comes to love — without any regrets."

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