Aliza Kelly Wants You to Know Astrology Is So Much More Than Horoscopes

The astrologer and author shares how to use astrology as a tool for manifestation.

Most people use astrology to give them insight into their personalities and guide them in making difficult decisions, whether it's the next career step or picking a partner they'll be most compatible with. Others seem to believe that their destiny is in their own hands, rather than written in the stars. So they turn to manifestation to get the things they want in life. They speak and will it into existence.

But there is way a to be in control of your life while still using astrology to assist you in the process.

Enter astrologer and author Aliza Kelly and her new book: This Is Your Destiny: Using Astrology to Manifest Your Best Life ($20; InStyle's Senior Lifestyle Editor Kylie Gilbert (virtually) sat down with Kelly to talk about astrology and how you can use it to rewrite the stars.

"Astrology is the process of cycles and manifestation is channeling your energy with intention," Kelly tells Gilbert. "So when you combine the process of sort of seeing yourself as this whole true person and allowing yourself to be totally and completely honest with yourself — which is another huge part of what makes astrology such an incredible practice — you can really reduce it to, 'What do I genuinely care about? What do I genuinely want to achieve? What are my values and how do I want to bring those values into my life?'"

She adds that you can take it one step further and look at your astrology cycles to manifest based on timing because as we know, timing is everything.

"Then you are working with this lunar cycle or solar cycle, and you can start creating a link between when you practice your manifestation and what is going on in your life based on the timing of how different planets and different orbits are in flow," she says.

Kelly tells Gilbert that she first got into astrology when she was feeling lost and a bit out of control. She says she "looked to the stars" to find the answers ... and herself.

"I think people do when their life is feeling really chaotic and really confusing," she explains. "I found astrology because I really needed help. My life was really in shambles. I felt really confused about who I was, what I was doing, really every aspect of my life was not going well."

She continued, "The reason that astrology for me has been just an ongoing fabulous tool for self-discovery and for self-actualization is that it gives you the space to take up as much space as you need."

If you're feeling similar to how Kelly felt, we highly advise you to pick up her new book, which will help you see yourself truly and find out what astrology can do for your life.

"It's what happens when you see yourself as this multi-dimensional complex nuanced being," she explains. "And then what happens, because that is ultimately the stage of astrology that you want to get to is self [actualization], so we just pick up from there. We say 'Ok, you are everything. You are all of the planets. You are all of the signs. You are all of your truths. You are all of your embarrassments. You are of your accomplishments, now what?'"

This Is Your Destiny: Using Astrology to Manifest Your Best Life is available for pre-order now.

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