Here's what to expect and how to make the most of the long season ahead, based on your zodiac sign.
Your Astro Poets Winter Horoscope Is Here
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We're now officially two weeks into the winter season — on Tuesday, December 21 the winter solstice arrived, marking the beginning of lengthening days and shortening nights. It brings more light, it brings hope without the apparent reason for hope, and it also brings a hidden silence. Let that silence make a space for something new in your life. Maybe the answers won't be obvious or clear, maybe nothing will be figured out immediately. But the coming days will bring a vitality and energy to move forward. Regardless of what is there. 

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The Astro Poets

Ahead, what to expect based on your zodiac sign this winter season.

Winter Horoscope


Although doubt has swirled around you this past fall, things will change. You have stuck to your principles. You are looking to firmly commit to certain areas in your career and are willing to put in the time. But let the solstice remind you that there is more than work. That you are an engine of ideas, but also an engine of joy. You will feel like yourself again. You will remember advice from an old friend, from a green time, and feel new.

Winter Horoscope


The solstice will bring a new pace into your life, specifically your romantic life. The slower you take things, the better. And although you tend to be a workhorse, it's great to slow things there as well. Slow things down everywhere. Take many walks in the cold and study the landscape. There is a stillness in you that matches the early sunsets. Although you are not done yet. With your ambitions or anything else.

Winter Horoscope


You will feel a large impulse to change almost everything about your life. From love to work to where you live. This impulse has been here before but this time, it may be better to investigate it, instead of just acting outright. The solstice will bring you vitality and an energy with which to inquire. You will see yourself as a participatory agent, not merely an actor in your own life. If you feel like something has been missing, let yourself continue to feel. Things will change.

Winter Horoscope


The past will make a brief return around the time of the solstice. Do not indulge it. Do not let yourself rewatch a film you've seen many other times. If it has to play, let it play. But don't mind it. Keep focused on all the good work you've accomplished this year, both professionally and personally. You are much stronger than even just a month ago. Remember that the solstice is a time to hope even without reason for hope. You have practiced this your whole life.

Winter Horoscope


A recent trip or encounter has shifted something in your thinking. You want to be more active and immerse yourself entirely in something new. The solstice is a great time to start this, whatever it may be. For Leos the solstice is the return of their ruler, the sun. The longer days will leave you feeling more introspective. Let yourself ponder all the questions you've been saving all year. No one has to know about it. There doesn't have to be an answer to all of them yet.

Winter Horoscope


If you must break ties with something or someone important to you, let yourself. Do not look back or feel bad. The winter solstice often is the beginning of things which, necessarily, signals the end of others. Let the new light convince you of this. Whatever doubts you've had about this friendship, romance, or person — trust your intuition. You will throw yourself into work. It may not be the best thing forever, but it will work for now. You know exactly how to move on.

Winter Horoscope


You've had a creative burst these last few months, which has given your days a sense of renewed purpose. This solstice will give you a chance to reflect and to look over all of your creations. You may even see them anew in the fresh light of winter. You will be thinking of plans, both far and wide, and small. You will long for something social that can fulfill your everyday and you are ready to start looking for it in a serious way. This solstice will also make you more aware of what you want in the long term. Perhaps you've been toying with a big plan but haven't had the motivation to really see it through. This solstice will give you the ability to see into the future and to know that it really could be the right choice. This solstice will be your friend.

Winter Horoscope


A fresh outlook will frame this solstice long before it even begins. The last few months with their many changes have had you thinking about how much you've grown emotionally in the past year or so. Now you are ready to better understand why all of these changes have occurred — and you will ready for even more changes coming your way. This solstice will give you time to focus on your career, particularly ideas you have for it way into the future. There may even be an action or two you can do now to make these future career movements occur more quickly. Take care to be in contact with people important for the long off future, too. You will feel the love in whatever you do. Luck is on your side now.

Winter Horoscope


New thoughts are moving into your head quickly now, more quickly than you can make note of them. Many of them have to do with the ways you want to grow through this next period. It might feel frustrating to lose some of these precious and new ideas into the ether, but take solace that all of them are building towards an inevitably bright future. You can see a horizon in close distance. All of this work and sorrow will amount to something. You can be sure of that as you settle down into the solstice and its sparkly magic. You will notice this sparkliness especially too and will delight in the good wonders of the universe. Perhaps you might even get quite philosophical and use this solstice to ponder the depths of existence. You've got this, dreamer.

Winter Horoscope


Some hard days at work have left you quite down as you enter this new season. Use this time to recharge and to think about how to make your life happier. You only owe part of your spirit to your vocation, but the rest should go to your life — your real life — full of all of the people that you love. This solstice will help you reflect on who these people really are and how much they deeply mean to you. You may even be in close contact with each and every one of them to let them know how special they are to you. In all of this reflection and love, you may get a new idea for where you want to go in terms of your career. If this happens, bounce some ideas off of your closest friends. They will give good advice –– they only want what's best for you.

Winter Horoscope


In so many ways this winter solstice will be your happiest time. You are becoming even more aware of how hard you have worked this past season and how much you need celebration. Don't be afraid to use this solstice as a space to bring out your most alive self. You may even see a new version of yourself within these days, which may make you want to bring parts of this self into the future. Your creativity will be off the charts. Use any downtime from work to let this come out, too, and to not be afraid of any new ideas that appear weird at first. The most brilliant inventions arise out of just letting one's thoughts flow. Really no one knows this better than you. Don't be afraid of who you really are. The world is waiting for your excellence.

Winter Horoscope


You've spent a good deal of last season in the space of the new. A new adventure or relationship (or love interest) has given you a new sense of energy and purpose. This solstice will be a time to let these new activities cement into more of a routine. The regularity won't make you lose interest. Quite the contrary, you will rejoice that you can go deep into your feelings. You haven't felt this secure in a long time. This solstice will help you to feel safe and you will of course welcome these feelings. As far as career goes, don't worry about it for now. It will be waiting for you when you return. Instead, let the dreaminess of this solstice take you far beyond these matters. You are ready to live the life you've never fully thought was possible. Enjoy it.