Your Astro Poets Spring Horoscope Is Here

Prepare for productive chaos ahead.

Astro Poets Spring Horoscope
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We've already changed the clocks and this Sunday, March 20, we'll officially enter the spring season. The spring equinox is always an exciting and somewhat destabilizing time. But in order for new light to come in, the old has to go. It's a productive chaos (something Geminis know a lot about).

A few key dates on the horizon: The new moon in Aries on April 1 will bring us closer to an energy from childhood. The full moon in Libra on April 16 will offer up space for an important realization about a past relationship. Do not carry your doubt into the spring. There's no use for it.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,
The Astro Poets

Ahead, what to expect based on your zodiac sign this spring season.


Astro Poets Spring Horoscope

Something new and important will surprise you at work. You will feel a surge of energy in terms of your professional pursuits. There will be an opportunity you'll want to think very carefully about, and resist your immediate nature to be impulsive. Toward the end of the month, a close friend will come to you for help and you'll have a chance to tell them something that's been bothering you for a long time.


Astro Poets Spring Horoscope

While the winter months have not been especially focused, this equinox will bring calm. Be gentler toward yourself and others. You have learned something coming into spring. Although that something can't be measured, and you love to measure, allow yourself to feel accomplished. The summer will test your idea of what romantic love can do. You will swim in the currents of desire in a totally new way.


Astro Poets Spring Horoscope

You will return to old routines and patterns that work for you. Specifically when it comes to your work, but also in terms of your social life. This equinox will be eye-opening in terms of who has your best interests in mind. You may be surprised. The good news is, the clarity will fuel you and a productive, ambitious energy will fill your days. Remember that no matter what, there are people who have known you from the beginning. You can always count on them.


Astro Poets Spring Horoscope

Spring will awaken the romantic in you. Though that romantic is always there, you have felt a certain gloom lately. You have not felt like yourself. The equinox will bring frenetic energy. Although that energy can feel chaotic, it will shake things up. It will move you away from the gloom. Keep a list of all the things you are looking for near your bed or on your desk. Let the material things be written in invisible ink. What's left?


Astro Poets Spring Horoscope

You will yearn to be pushed outside of routine. This will be an uncomfortable but exciting feeling for you, being a fixed fire sign. It may mean going out more than usual and letting yourself see people who you haven't seen in a while. Don't fight it. See what it does for your mental space. The equinox is a turning point for Leos. Use the forward momentum and risky energy to say and do exactly what you want. Put aside your doubt. It won't do you good.


Astro Poets Spring Horoscope

The equinox will be an opportunity for Virgos to think about stability in a new way. One not specific to a job or a location but to personal growth and creative interests. It's a time to dream up a future you don't necessarily have a plan for. And that's okay. Swim in the rivers of possibilities in your own mind. Don't think of anything as fixed. Where would you like to be in 5 years in an ideal situation? Let yourself dream it.


Astro Poets Spring Horoscope

In general, you feel more alive in the winter months, as the increasing sense of what is internal manifests itself into social opportunities, both big and small. But maybe that hasn't been happening with everything going on and so the spring now feels new. It should because the spring solstice will bring to you a sense of what's possible and of how you can bring your real self into your everyday. Love has gotten even more intense lately in so many ways. You may want things from your current relationship and will be asking for them. This solstice is the time to get them, so consider closely what you are asking for. The same goes for your career. Whatever you seek you will get. So be sure that what you seek is what you want. Whatever the case, this time is sure to be a good one.


Astro Poets Spring Horoscope

You are entering this spring solstice period even more reflective than you have been in years. Because certainly lately you've suffered from wanting more and more in the moment. This solstice will bring things into even smaller moments, where the eternal lies. Or where the eternal rises really, as your sense of what you want from eternity has become more focused and succinct. Love is what you always want, but maybe you have that now. Old times recall themselves in the haze. You will spend many hours recombining the past into ways it can be more felt and utilized in the future. The past of course has many lessons to tell us. You will see the spring solstice as a truth-teller. And you will rise to meet this truth, as you always do.


Astro Poets Spring Horoscope

You've spent much of the winter lost in a world of your own thoughts. Maybe in some ways, you've been trapped in the things others say and have lost sight of how you really feel about things. Feeling trapped is never a happy way for you to feel. This spring solstice will give you plenty of opportunity to feel differently. The words of others will wash away and left in their place will be your holy thoughts and emotions. In the space will be your own dreams, which you can see through now to a type of completion. Because when you lose sight of your dreams you lose sight of yourself. This spring solstice will remind you of this lesson. In other seasons this was a hard-won lesson. In this spring season, it will only be sweet.


Astro Poets Spring Horoscope

Spring has its meters and metrics. It has its predictability, even if most of the time this predictability is pleasant. This spring solstice you will be throwing all of this aside, as you run into the future with a sort of unregulated ease. What can you make of the future these days is the real question. You've wondered a bit about what can be done to make it better. The truth is that your own future is bright because you've done the work to make it be so. Never forget the times when you had to struggle into the day. Now your increasingly warmer days will welcome you as you meet them with a renewed sense of purpose. This spring solstice will have a new sense of metered rhythm. Meet it in your own way and meet it with happiness.


Astro Poets Spring Horoscope

You are enjoying every aspect of this new time already. It's a bit like for you the spring solstice already happened and now you just have to live it. You will be so glad for everything and may spend the actual days around the solstice appreciating the tiny aspects of life, like the light of the sun, the feel of fresh air, and the experience of food and the sensual. You will want to commemorate these moments in some sort of art or other creative output, but also you will be so full of living that you may not have the time. Do not put any pressure on yourself. You have found the key already and now you can use it to unlock the beauty of any time. This solstice you will be grateful and the world will be grateful for you.


Astro Poets Spring Horoscope

The spring solstice has you feeling things that cannot be quantified. Maybe even if you try you won't be able to see them as clearly as you want to. Instead, let them wash over you and affect everything from your work to your daily routines. There's nothing to run away from. Instead, you might as well replicate your heart everywhere. So say the things you want to say to the people you love. Give the gifts you've been meaning to give. Do the things you've needed to do. But in all of it never forget that your purpose is always to feel. This spring solstice will give you time to appreciate that side of yourself and all its beauty. And this time will be beautiful.

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