The Super Pink Moon In Scorpio Will Be Anything But Warm And Fuzzy

Just remember — this, too, shall pass.

The Super Pink Moon In Scorpio Will Be Anything But Warm And Fuzzy
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They say the truth will set you free, but with that freedom may come some discomfort. That sentiment will never feel truer than on this month's full moon, which will arrive in the mysterious sign of Scorpio on Monday, April 26. Though it may feel like sailing on stormy (inner) seas, this lunar phase will help you keep moving forward into sunnier climes.

The full moon in Scorpio may bring challenging feelings to the surface.

When we think about water signs, our minds may summon up images of gentle streams or crystal-clear coves. But, when the water sign in question is Scorpio, it's more accurate to imagine a torrential downpour or a vast lake, so dark that you cannot see its true depths. People born under this sign feel their emotions intensely and immediately, but they're unlikely to let that show to just anyone. Privacy (if not downright secrecy) is extremely important to Scorpios. This Monday, the full moon will amplify this influence and make us all feel a little cagier, a little more guarded, and, if our boundaries are pushed, much more likely to withdraw completely.

However, the full moon also has a way of illuminating things that were previously hidden away. This is the point in the lunar cycle where matters come to a head — and the fact that this is a super full moon means we'll feel its effects to an even greater degree. So, if something has been building up within the depths of your psyche recently, it could very easily breakthrough into the open this Monday. This is not to say that you should preemptively lay bare any and all feelings you've harbored over the last month, but this should be your sign that, if you have been dealing with a mounting sense of resentment, sadness, or any intense emotion, really, now could be the time to confront it.

Depending on your situation, that confrontation may involve someone else: Perhaps an ongoing roommate cold war that's ready to be squashed for good or maybe there's an elephant in the room that you and your S.O. need to address together. But, there's a chance that it's up to you and you alone to carry the full weight of this problem — and, in turn, to find a solution or closure. Luckily, one of Scorpio's strengths is a willingness to go deep when it's necessary, to sit with uncomfortable feelings, seek out their source, and determine what to do from there. If something has been eating away at you this month, you now have a shining opportunity to cut it off and regain your focus.

The traditional meaning behind this full moon will provide you with some much-needed comfort.

While you reckon with your personal drama, don't lose sight of what April's full moon represents more broadly. Often referred to as the Pink Moon, it's a reminder that, from the blooming flowers to the thawing ground, spring is in full swing. And with this season comes a feeling of rebirth and evolution. If you start to feel bogged down by what you're feeling in this present moment, remember the Pink Moon's message: As part of the natural world's cycle, you will find a way to move forward. Much like the cold and dark winter from which we've just emerged, this, too, will pass.

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