Will 2022 Bring You Wealth? Financial Astrologers Offer Their Money Predictions for Every Sign

Here's your financial forecast for the year ahead.

What Financial Astrologists Want You to Know About Your Money In 2022
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No one could have predicted a global pandemic would ravish the world and transform the global economy. Or could they? Financial astrologer, Mahendra Sharma, and astro-therapist, Crystal Bichalski (better known as Crystal B.), are among a small cadre of cosmic guides who just might have been able to. Although they hail from different traditions and parts of the world, both have a strong client list of high-wealth individuals and successful businesses that rely on their insights to make career, investment, and financial decisions.

Born in Rajasthan, India, Sharma has a degree in finance and economics and spent two years at the Astrological Institution of India. He has over three decades of experience working with global institutions, private investors, and analysts to pair astrological tools with technical financial analysis. He has authored over 14 books and has used the wave of nature theory and planetary movement calculation predictions to assist banks, financial institutions, and high net worth individuals to apply financial forecasts to their business needs.

Crystal B. is a second-generation astrologer in Montclair, New Jersey who picked up the craft from her father. Now, she is a globally recognized astrologer and author who has worked with prominent universities, including Harvard, Barnard, Columbia, and Rutgers. She uses horoscopes to help teams decode compatibility and to guide individuals' successful career changes. As a full-time professional astrologer, mentor, teacher, life coach, and author, she sees trends each year that can spell windfalls or penny-pinching all based on the Zodiac.

To that end, Crystal B. says that there are general themes to expect over this year. She says female entrepreneurs will generally do well in 2022. "From a financial perspective, individuals are going to be geared towards maximizing their earning potential and looking for new, possibly creative ways to make more with less. Needs for freedom, self-expression, and creativity are going to be paramount," she offers. "With the moon's nodes operating in Taurus and Scorpio, themes such as privacy, security, wealth, art, luxury, beauty, and comfort will gain attention. Our values will be changing, alongside where we want to put our dollars."

According to both astrological experts, every sign has money gains and pitfalls to watch out for in 2022. Their insights for your financial future, ahead.


A re-evaluation of how you are valued may begin in early 2022, which could change the direction of your career. This year, you toy with new ideas and, quite possibly, experiment with new ways to make money. You might go outside your conventional norms and become riskier in the short term. But something is nagging you to keep up with your long-term strategy. Look for new growth opportunities and don't fear learning something totally new to ultimately leap forward. —Crystal B.

2022 will be a good year for Arians. From January to April, Arians will earn well in any kind of investments in the stock market, as well as precious metals. This will also be an auspicious time to buy property or real estate. From May to December, remain careful with your investments and relationships. Keep your aggression in check. Invest in companies with the initials S, G, R, T, M, & J. —Mahendra Sharma


Expect to take a ride on the roller coaster of extremes in 2022. There's a deep desire to reinvent the way you work with your finances and 2022 delivers just the right frame of mind to operate outside your safety zone. You've already likely changed careers or are seriously toying with the idea. Whether you switch up what you're doing completely or find a side-hustle, there are serious gains to tap into. You're ready to play with new ideas. The caveat is that the ride involves both highs and lows, so gear up for the long haul. —Crystal B.

Taureans do well in 2022. They flourish financially from late-April onwards. It is possible that foreign investments or businesses abroad will turn out positively. I predict sudden success and a career turnaround. Taureans benefit from business in luxury goods or clothing (even stocks in these areas). Remain calm. Make no hasty decisions before April, otherwise, they won't be fruitful. Invest in companies with the initials H, D, N, Y, B, V, & U. —Mahendra Sharma


The key to making more money in 2022 involves putting yourself on the front lines. There's going to be a lot of attention on what you're doing, which helps to ramp up your confidence. Renewed focus on cleaning up old debts will also come front and center early in the year. Ultimately, you're looking to break away from joint holdings. You're being pressured to up your game solo and create a totally new system of worth for yourself. —Crystal B.

Financially, this will be one of the most fruitful years for Geminis. Even those who are new to investments can take their first steps and try their luck. They will succeed because all the major Astro-combinations will support them. Note any ideas that come up, as those indications will be sent by nature. Invest in companies with the initials A, L, E, K, P, S, G, & D. Food, restaurants, groceries, and education businesses will do amazingly. If you get any offers in these areas, accept. —Mahendra Sharma


Expect new waves of abundance in 2022. You've been working hard on cleaning up old debts and the year ahead finally delivers some breathing room. You might even find yourself spending more than usual because a new kind of freedom surrounds you. A new cycle of partnership is unfolding, so it's possible that you combine resources in some way. You might even do something very outside the box regarding setting up a long-term investment. —Crystal B.

2022 will be a mixed year for Cancerians. Saturn won't allow them to make the correct decisions. I do not recommend any aggressive new investment decisions during 2022. From January to April, avoid any emotional decisions in investments or your career. After the 2nd of May, a sudden change will come in your life. This planetary change will focus on narrow areas. Do business or invest in companies associated with liquid (water, juices, alcohol, chemicals, etc.) and silver. Invest in companies with the initials P, J, B, V, & U. —Mahendra Sharma


You've been working very hard as you continue to go through a total process of reinvention. Expect to connect with new networks of people that introduce you to new means of financial growth. The key to your success comes through financial vehicles that require patience and persistence. There's also a new mindset surrounding you to change your old ways and potentially get rid of outdated and burdensome assets. The good news is that you are up for the challenge because you know there is more on the other side. Expect uncomfortable moments of not having control, but this is the path of growth. Others will take notice of your efforts and help you. —Crystal B.

The start of the year will be slow but, financially, it is a promising year. I strongly recommend Leos consider metals or mining-related business. There is a possibility of a new venture after the middle of 2022. Wait for that opportunity. Expect good news. Jupiter won't be moving through a favorable house for Leos, so avoid taking or giving loans. You may gain huge financial successes between July and October. Invest in companies with the initials S, G, K, A, L, E, & M. —Mahendra Sharma


It's all about the law of attraction for you in 2022. Your strongest financial gains will come through new alliances. The year ahead is very much centered on relationship building — particularly new ones. You may find yourself benefitting through partnerships, both romantic and business-oriented. It's also a great year for you to hire a professional who can help you organize and see the big picture. This is your year to reach outside your usual parameters and visualize your strong potential for more. —Crystal B.

Overall, 2022 will be a good year for Virgos. Avoid major travel decisions or moving your business abroad. January to May will be a good period to start any new venture or investment. Invest in food, restaurants, household articles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper, or packing industry companies. These sectors do very well for you and bring you great luck. Invest in companies with the initials H, K, V, D, & J. —Mahendra Sharma


Expect a very busy year of important growth. The good news is that you're in just the right frame of mind to take a chance on something new — potentially centered around real estate. You're really going to be looking to expand your horizons. But know that in order to manifest more, you'll have to step outside your comfort zone. A new mentor or alliance may come into play to help you see your way through the financial trees that can sometimes overwhelm you. It's hard to make decisions when you see both sides so equally. But 2022 is a year where you gain a new vision of what you need to do to get what you want. —Crystal B.

Focus on money, career, and business. This year can bring great success by working or investing in any industry except for the financial industry. During this period, your sixth sense will work very well, so pay attention to your thoughts and trust yourself. Art, theaters, movies, restaurants, and any creative-related business or investment will do very well for you. Overall, 2022 will be a very successful financial year. Money may come unexpectedly. Remain a short-term investor, as a trader or investor in the market. If you are not holding any positions in the stock market, then take advantage of buying. If you are holding positions, then make a profit if your investments are doing well. Invest in companies with the initials R, J, S, G, A, L, E, & M. —Mahendra Sharma


It's all about speculation and taking bigger risks in the year ahead. New opportunities will present themselves for you to take a calculated risk in growing your bank. Alongside that will be continual pressure to relinquish control. While you will feel challenged not being able to maneuver in the way you want, there will also be great portals of opportunity that will find you. Use your sharp strategic nature to see your way through. —Crystal B.

Scorpions rule 2022, as this will be one of the best years from every angle. Make some investment decisions aggressively, and you'll be rewarded handsomely. Investing in real estate, farming, automotive industries, building and construction businesses, and technology will provide great returns. Do not invest in the financial sector. Many Scorpions will buy properties; if you are already planning to buy, then do it in 2022. Your risk-reward ratio will work very well. Do not miss opportunities to invest in these areas. Invest in companies with the initials N, Y, J, S, G, M, & H. —Mahendra Sharma


A new valuation of resources begins to unfold for you in 2022. You may stumble on gains through real estate or family members. A strong desire to accumulate more, with less, continues to surround you. It's also possible that you become more speculative, experimenting with new ideas surrounding money. The key to your 2022 bank, however, is around gaining more experiences. You're an adventurer and the call will be great to make a getaway of some sort. Be sensible with how far you take things. —Crystal B.

Sagittarians will be very successful, especially after the third week of April. The early part of the year won't be negative either, but the magic will happen after April. This is one of the best years for money, career, wealth, investments, and your personal life. Take complete advantage of 2022 by using your abilities, putting in 100% effort, and working hard. If you do, you will have one of the most phenomenal years that you have ever seen. 2022 will bring a lot of luck if you invest in stocks. Choose companies with the initials K, P, M, T, S, G, D, A, L, & E. —Mahendra Sharma


The year ahead is a good one for you to become a little riskier in matters pertaining to manifesting more. The planets are on your side. Even though it's totally not your style, expect to want to take some calculated risks in order to make the greatest gains. A new eight-year cycle of how you deal with money surrounds you from late January onward. Support surrounds you from multiple angles to help earn more in both your career and outside investments. You may also experiment with some speculative ventures. This is a year where you can appreciate the benefits of spending money in order to make more of it. You might even find yourself stepping outside your usual patterns of how you make money, invest, or deal with money in general. The natural entrepreneur that you are is activated to the fullest. You've been building a totally new framework for yourself, which has helped you attract very different energies. It's time for you to make more in totally new kinds of ways. —Crystal B.

Capricorns will feel relief after January 15, because they have a new direction to work in. A lot of new opportunities will be on the way. Compared to the last five years, 2022 will be the best year, so Capricorns can sigh with relief. Financially, your bank balance will improve, and you will make more money. Your investments will provide great returns, and your financial status will be recognized. This will be one of the best years that you have seen in a long time, so enjoy it as the money keeps flowing your way. Hold all your investments for the longer term. Mining, construction, real estate, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and technology will be great for you. Invest in companies with the initials R, T, B, V, U, J, & H. —Mahendra Sharma


The good news is that your money sector begins to grow and expand in 2022. It's a great year for making gains, which may require you to give something in order to get. Pressure continues to surround your sign to step outside of your old ways of doing things. Reinventions and restructuring are major themes. Reminders will continue to come surrounding possible restrictions in your life, but so will new opportunity factors. What's most important will be to put your gains to good use for the future. You're in the process of rebuilding and your aim should be to make your new structure solid and long-lasting. —Crystal B.

Aquarians will have a mixed start to the year. Don't make any decisions regarding business, career, or investments during the first quarter of 2022. Hold your existing investments or cash. Start putting your money to work after May 2022. Self-confidence will bring great prosperity in your life from May onwards. Then will be a great time to invest in or start a new venture that you have been thinking about for a while. The food industry, clothing, technology, energy, and power will be great areas for you. Choose companies with the initials N, Y, R, T, & K. —Mahendra Sharma


Get ready for a great year of financial growth. You will have opportunities to manifest more, both short and long-term. Your sign is at the front of the line in being able to accumulate more wealth. There will be lots of new developments that find you, perhaps out of the blue, to expand your horizons. This is a great year to switch jobs and gain new confidence as a result. The year ahead will deliver new roles of creativity and long-term visualization. See it. Believe it. Achieve it. You may take on a new role that pays more or even begin something on your own. The caution point is to make sure to keep one foot on the ground, as you look for new places to soar. There's so much happening that there is the potential to get lost and not find your way back. —Crystal B.

This will be a mixed year for Pisceans. Don't take any major risks or leans. Keep your money in the bank. This year, take it easy. Do not make any harsh or speculative decisions. Continue what you are doing in your investments, career, or business. This is the year to take a holiday. Nature is providing you the opportunity to relax and enjoy life. If you must, invest in companies with the initials H, P, & J. —Mahendra Sharma

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