When was the last time you gave yourself a break?

April Pink Moon
Credit: Stocksy

Take a deep breath: April’s full moon is here, though it’s not quite as intense last month’s rigorous full moon in Virgo. You may have heard of April’s full moon referred to as the pink moon — a reference to how Native Americans observed the seasons changing, as April brought the appearance of pink ground phlox, one of spring’s earliest flowers.

But, that doesn’t mean the April full moon, which will arrive on the 7th at 10:35 p.m. ET, will be all sunshine and flowers. In fact, it’ll take place in the charming, but indecisive, air sign Libra. This means our relationships (of both the platonic and romantic variety) will be up for serious review.

The Full Moon In Libra Wants You to Remove Your Rose-Tinted Glasses

In general, a Libra full moon highlights how we coexist with those around us, from our coworkers to our neighbors to our significant others. On one hand, this lunar phase and sign combo can put our social and romantic bonds on blast, dredging up long-buried tensions or awakening new, petty differences. But, it can also serve as an opportunity to reevaluate and, ultimately, improve our relationships.

So, this is a wonderful opportunity to rise to the challenge and get your interpersonal relationships in working order — but do understand that it’ll be a true challenge. Libran energy places such a high price on how others view us that it can come to eclipse how we view ourselves, meaning this full moon could need its way under your skin and shake your confidence. You may start to doubt — and, as air signs like Libra are wont to do, overthink — where you actually stand in your most important relationships, but do your best to listen to your gut. Your instincts, rather than your whirring thoughts, will guide you better during this period. If you feel good about the give-and-take dynamics between you and your loved ones, don’t sweat those lunar vibes.

During the Pink Full Moon In Libra, Try to Take It Easy On Yourself

As we mentioned earlier, it isn’t just your interpersonal relationships that may need tending to on the 7th — you’ll also need to check in with the relationship you have with yourself. As often as Libra is characterized as the breezy social butterfly of the Zodiac, this sign has a very not-so-breezy perfectionist streak that shouldn’t be ignored. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and represented by the balanced Scales of Justice, Libra craves symmetry and aesthetic appeal in all things. This desire, when amplified by a full moon that is, itself, associated with beauty and promise, can make even the humblest people worry way too much about superficial flaws.

Make sure you aren’t getting hung up on your appearance or striving for perfection in how you present yourself to others. Instead, try to remember that perfection is always unattainable and that no one is demanding that you look perfectly polished in your next Zoom meeting or that you accomplish every tidying task on your to-do list. Holding yourself to that expectation would mean overlooking all the good that a full moon in Libra can do for you.

Remember: Libra Is the Sign of Balance

In the same way that this lunar phase isn’t asking you to demand the impossible from your partner, it doesn’t want you to freak out if you make a few mistakes on your end, either. Simply put, the full moon in Libra should help you achieve a greater sense of balance. With your relationships, that might mean sharing the work of keeping them healthy and exciting.

With yourself, that most likely means matching all the work you do with some serious self-care — and not stressing out when things don’t look exactly the way you hoped they would. Come to think of it, the wins you garner when things aren’t totally perfect are the ones most worthy of celebrating, no?