This month is all about you, you, and you.

By Melanie Fiver
Updated Apr 01, 2019 @ 12:00 pm
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April will be all about you — and that means every single one of you. With the sun already posted up in the very diva Aries, and Mercury and Venus joining it later this month, we’re going to be feeling ourselves, which isn’t necessarily bad. This influence can help us have more honest conversations and feel empowered to actually go after what we want. Of course, when we feel emboldened to do and say exactly what we want, we can all too easily end up hurting those around us. The challenge this month will be to embrace this air of confidence while remembering the importance of intuition and empathy (which Mercury and Venus’ stay in Pisces at the start of the month will undoubtedly teach you).

This month is also marked by several significant retrogrades, the first of which will be Jupiter on the 10th. And the final week of April will see two more gravely powerful outer planets, Saturn and Pluto, hitting retrogrades as well. Under these backward skies, May could be a real doozy, so milk this month’s motivation boost for all you can.

Don’t feel bad about focusing on yourself right now, Aries — there are reasons beyond your birthday season to do so. In fact, your desire to hit the town while the sun is in your sign will be countered with an uncharacteristic craving to turn inward. Early this month, your feelings of nostalgia may be overwhelming, which could prompt you to recall the past fondly — or dwell on regrets you’d long put to bed. The question for your forward-thinking sign is, simply, how can your memories serve you now? What are they here to teach you?

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You won’t have to swim in your psyche all month long, dear Ram. When Mercury and Venus link up in your house of self on April 19, you’ll know exactly what you want — and how to ask for it. And this realization will blessedly coincide with the sun’s yearly visit to your financial house on the 20th.

This month begins with an agonizingly slow crescendo, building toward April 20 when the sun scoots into your sign and kicks off your 30-day-long birthday season. Luckily, if there’s one sign that knows that good things come to those who wait, it’s the even-handed Taurus. Besides, you’ll have other reasons to go out and be where the people are.

Mercury and Venus conspire in the zone that rules your reputation, social appeal, and sense of community, until the 17th and 19th, respectively. You normally stick close to the same handful of besties, but this period could see you spreading your butterfly wings and connecting with a much larger group of pals. It’s Taurean nature to crave consistency, so it may be disheartening to realize that some of these new people won’t be your lifelong friends, but you’ll have ample opportunity to reacquaint yourself with your most important relationships when Venus moves into your house of renewal and introspection on the 19th.

This month is your chance to lay the groundwork for a future win at work, Gemini. Your natural charisma is turned all the way up and it’s helping you get noticed by the higher-ups. Use that social finesse as you see fit, say, at the next office happy hour, and try to time it with the new moon on the 5th. This lunar phase will sharpen your social agility even more — and wouldn’t it be nice to show off that blazing wit and network at the same time? Don’t worry about your actual work falling by the wayside: Thanks to Mercury, you’ll be laser-focused on executing your day-to-day tasks.

That aforementioned charm will make its presence known outside of the workplace, too, once Mercury and Venus slide into your social life sector in the last half of the month. Plus, the full moon on the 19th will beam through your pleasure sector, as if to reward you for all the work you put in.

Prepare for a revolution at work, Cancer — or, at the very least, a revolution in how you view your career. You’ve been preoccupied with your purpose at work since the sun entered your job sector last month, but now the new moon will join the party and make the question of your career impossible to ignore. Take a deep breath; the stars aren’t going to make you fly off the handle the next time your boss delegates an unfair task to you. Rather, the new moon will encourage you to keep your cool and lay out a plan that will guide you toward sustained satisfaction at work.

And if you need more reassurance, Mercury and Venus will set up camp in your career zone just as the sun is making its way out. These planetary pals will lend you a greater sense of clarity around how to get what you want — whether that’s existential pride or a cost-of-living raise is up to you.

Your ruling planet, the mighty sun, is setting you up for success this month, Leo. It’ll inspire you to pursue your extracurricular passions and veer off the beaten path in favor of a more enriching, yet unknown, experience. On April 17, the sun will get a visionary boost from Mercury, and your desire to broaden your horizons will be stronger than ever. Enjoy your fanciful thinking and enrichment while you can — the full moon on the 19th will bring you back to Earth, reminding you of all the chores left to do before you can philosophize the day away.

After the 20th, the sun will compel you to adjust your focus from your higher self to your professional persona, as it posts up in your career sector for the next 30 days. From here, it’ll help you implement everything you learned from your vision quest into your working life.

Who gets to be a part of your life this month, Virgo? This question will surface with the new moon on April 5, which will ask you to take stock of your most valuable resources (money, intimacy, and deepest desires). As a practical (if somewhat perfectionist) earth sign, you rarely share these things with others. There’s nothing wrong with keeping things close to the vest, but this lunar phase could see you getting hung up on, well, your hang-ups around privacy.

Luckily, the full moon on the 19th will put these concerns to rest, as it illuminates what you can and should feel comfortable sharing with others, whether it’s a loan with your pal or a fantasy with your lover. Just because your life isn’t as polished and perfected as you’d like it to be doesn’t mean you should hide it from those who care about you, Virgo. Nothing’s as messy as you think.

This month’s full of lunar energy for you, Libra, as your sign will host the full moon on the 19th. This is the second full moon in a row to highlight your first house of self. It’s a Libran instinct to prioritize one’s image, but, if you spent last month’s full moon enjoying a love affair with your mirror, it might be time to get a little more critical.

Although this lunar phase invites you to celebrate yourself just as you are, it’s also an opportunity to reckon with your more selfish tendencies. Make sure you’re putting in as much work as you’re demanding of others, Libra. And while you dole out the tough love for yourself, your BFFs will come through with plenty of warmth and reassurance when Venus heats up your friendship zone on the 20th. Who needs to gaze into a mirror when your pals will point out your best traits?

This April will see you striking a much-needed balance between work and fun, Scorpio. That said, the effort required to find this happy medium may be more challenging than you’d like. Mercury and Venus have been having a romp in your house of pleasure and self-expression, making you even more magnetic, charming, and creative than usual.

By the 19th, however, both planets will have slid into your more disciplined sixth house, urging you to cultivate ease and harmony in your work and well-being. The trick is to keep that light-hearted spirit from the first half of the month alive, while still adhering to Mercury’s newfound need for organization and Venus’ desire for collaboration around the office. When you can imbue your everyday life with a sense of play, you’ll have achieved that balance.

Overall, the stars want you to have a great April: You’ll spend the first half of the month feathering your nest and reconnecting with your family members and roots. Seriously, even the most jet-setting Sagittarians will find fulfillment in staying close to home. Then, on the 17th and 19th, respectively, Mercury and Venus will meet up in your pleasure sector, supercharging your creative vision and powers of flirtation. Sounds like a solid month, right?

The only bump in the road will be when your ruling planet, Jupiter, begins its retrograde on the 10th. And its backspin will twirl its way through your sense of self, asking you some capital-Q Questions about how you present and, more importantly, better yourself. You’re usually a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of sign, but you’ll benefit immensely if you start viewing yourself as a multifaceted being. Reckoning with (and hopefully nurturing) the layers of your persona might put a damper on your month, but you’ll be rewarded in the long run, Sag.

Your spiritual growth will be difficult to ignore when Jupiter hits its annual retrograde on the 10th, Capricorn. You may have a knee-jerk reaction to “fix” any issues you observe in your faith once you’re forced to look at it closely, but this isn’t a good period for making major changes (so don’t sign up for that yoga retreat or take a vow of silence just yet). Rather, focus on simply getting reacquainted with (and reaffirming) your beliefs. Don’t roll your eyes just yet — practicing a little inner self-care will give you a chance to breathe before things pick up at the end of the month.

Mercury and Venus will light up your house of communication on the 17th and 19th, respectively, and when these two heavenly bodies mingle in this zone, your focus will turn completely outward, directed toward the needs of your community and any bridges you can build between others.

Your cash-related concerns continue this month, Aquarius, but, hopefully, you’re already starting to see the benefits of having money on your mind. Last month saw you meticulously reconfiguring your spending and earning to maximize your savings and, by now, you may have a little extra dough lining your pockets. Don’t quit on your long-term investment schemes yet, but do take a moment to celebrate — and even buy yourself a small treat.

Make time to mingle and lay out detailed plans on the 5th, when the new moon will wane its way into your communication and information zone. This energy will just be a preview of what’s to come on the 17th, when Mercury moves into this area of your life and inspires you to emulate your sign’s representative symbol, the Water Bearer. In the same way that water flows from the Bearer’s vessel with ease, so, too, will your thoughts and ideas flow from your mind to your mouth to others’ ears.

You’ve been feeling a little more, shall we say, understood lately, Pisces. Since last month, Mercury’s been posted up in your sign and everyone else has gotten a taste of what it’s like to think and talk like a Pisces — which isn’t how anyone else thinks and talks, frankly. You’ll get to keep swimming in these easy waters until the 17th, when the messenger planet moves on and sets its sights on — shudder — your finances.

Cold, hard cash isn’t exactly a Pisces-friendly subject, but you may be more willing to put your earnings in order now, since your life at work will be heavily affected by Jupiter’s retrograde. You’ll feel compelled to slow down and think much longer and harder about any career moves on your immediate horizon during this period. And nothing goes better with a professional gut-check than a healthy nest egg, Pisces.

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