Find out what the next year holds for your sign.

By Melanie Fiver
Dec 18, 2020 @ 8:00 am
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As excited as we may be to leave 2020 behind, 2021 has a few tricks of its own in store. With two solar and lunar eclipses apiece and nine planetary retrogrades on tap in the new year, the cosmos will remind us that, no matter what we’ve weathered so far, the Earth keeps turning. And, with that continuous movement comes the usual headaches and stumbling blocks, but it also presents us with opportunities for growth and reinvention. When so much is uncertain, we are challenged to find a strange kind of comfort in the fact that change is the one constant. 

With that in mind, we present you with your 2021 astrological forecast. And here all the key dates to mark in your calendar now:

January 13: New moon in Capricorn

January 14: Uranus retrograde ends in Taurus (started on August 15, 2020)

January 28: Full moon in Leo

January 30: Mercury retrograde begins in Aquarius

February 11: New moon in Aquarius

February 20: Mercury retrograde ends in Aquarius

February 27: Full moon in Virgo

March 13: New moon in Pisces

March 28: Full moon in Libra

April 11: New moon in Aries

April 26: Full moon in Scorpio

April 27: Pluto retrograde begins in Capricorn

May 11: New moon in Taurus

May 23: Saturn retrograde begins in Aquarius

May 26: Full moon and total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

May 29: Mercury retrograde begins in Gemini

June 10: New moon and annular solar eclipse in Gemini

June 20: Jupiter retrograde begins in Pisces

June 22: Mercury retrograde ends in Gemini 

June 24: Full moon in Capricorn

June 25: Neptune retrograde begins in Pisces

July 9: New moon in Cancer

July 23: Full moon in Aquarius

August 8: New moon in Leo

August 19: Uranus retrograde begins in Taurus

August 22: Full moon in Aquarius

September 6: New moon in Virgo

September 20: Full moon in Pisces

September 27: Mercury retrograde begins in Libra

October 6: New moon in Libra, Pluto retrograde ends in Capricorn

October 10: Saturn retrograde ends in Aquarius

October 18: Jupiter retrograde ends in Aquarius, Mercury retrograde ends in Libra

October 20: Full moon in Aries

November 4: New moon in Scorpio

November 19: Full moon and partial lunar eclipse in Taurus

December 1: Neptune retrograde ends in Pisces 

December 4: New moon and total solar eclipse in Sagittarius

December 18: Full moon in Gemini

December 19: Venus retrograde in Capricorn

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The new year begins by begging an age-old question for you, Aries — how do you balance your work and play? Your boundless energy emboldens you to burn the candle at both ends, but it also enables a “go big or go home” attitude that can prove destructive if you aren’t careful. When 2021’s first Mercury retrograde kicks off on January 30, think about how your vim and vigor lands with those around you. Do you inadvertently expect coworkers or friends to pick up the slack when you hit a wall? A healthy support system is important — it’s time to reevaluate your role within yours.

As the year progresses, train your focus closer to home, namely toward your daily life. Mercury’s second retrograde, starting on May 29, will make regular, seemingly inane conversations feel treacherous. And the new moon and solar eclipse on June 10 will call for reflection and revolution in equal measure, granting you the critical eye to reconsider how you handle the busywork of day-to-day life, as well as the mental clarity to prepare for major changes in this arena of your life. You’ll have an opportunity to check-in and see what the solar eclipse churned up on December 18 when the full moon peaks in Gemini.

While you’ll feel like you’re in Mercury’s crosshairs for much of the year, there’s one silver lining on the retrograde front. Blessedly, your ruling planet, combative Mars, won’t be retrograde at any point this year. So, while you’ll need to tread carefully at times, the overarching desires that fuel your actions and inform your resolute nature, will not be up for grabs.

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“Steady as she goes” may as well be the Taurus family motto, but this gradual pace can mean carving yourself into a rut. This year will ask you if your routine at work, specifically, has drifted into rut territory or not — and whether you’re ready to break out of it.

The first Mercury retrograde of 2021 will fall in your career sector, shaking up how you’re seen in your workplace and challenging you to perform under pressure. This won’t be a great time to ask for a promotion, but it will be advantageous to putting in the kind of work that warrants an upgrade at the office — revisit old assignments or refresh a project you previously thought was perfected. (Be warned that Mercury’s second backspin from May 29 to June 22 will make financial decisions feel particularly delicate, which could make it once again difficult to ask for a raise.)

Further out in the solar system, Saturn, the planet of discipline and long-term goals, will be retrograde from May 23 to October 10 in your house of career and public reputation, which means five more months to scrutinize — and improve — this area of your life. If you’ve gotten comfortable in your current role, it may be time to take another look at your five-year plan (or finally get around to writing one at all) to make sure it aligns with your professional priorities. Of course, you may realize you’re altogether too comfortable, in which case another kind of plan, one that involves asking for a new title or even changing fields, could be in order. Don’t make any snap decisions while Saturn is retrograde, but consider righting course before the year is out. 

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You probably already have Gemini season marked in your 2021 calendar, but we’d recommend you circle it, outline it, and underline it twice. This year, your birthday season will be no mere celebration — it will be an all-out bombardment of celestial activity.

First up is a full moon and total lunar eclipse in your relationships sector on May 26. On one hand, the full moon will bless you with a renewed sense of ability when it comes to communicating, working, and living with your loved ones. Previously challenging issues will feel easier to address and compromises will appear within closer reach. On the other hand, the lunar eclipse will highlight certain issues and compromises that may be more difficult than they’re worth. There is a line between giving your partner what they want and stifling your own desires, Gemini, and this period will ask you to reconsider your bond with anyone who asks you to do the former.

Next, Mercury will be retrograde from May 29 to June 22 in your very own sign. You’ll feel keenly aware of the impression you give others upon meeting them — and the feelings you leave behind upon saying goodbye. How you present yourself is subject to change during this period, though extreme or rash decisions are ill-advised. The new moon and solar eclipse will arrive in your sign on June 10, smack dab in the middle of Mercury’s backspin. This is yet another opportunity for self-examination, to reflect on the role that your impulses and instincts play in your life, but it’s also a warning that change is imminent. You may need to detach from a certain communication style. You could even find yourself starting a new chapter in the near future, one that demands you adopt a new perspective.

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With the moon as your ruling celestial body, you may often feel as though your whims and emotions are running on a loop that’s tied to the waxing and waning of the lunar cycle. There’s a comforting sort of consistency in this relationship, but that doesn’t mean it’s always predictable. This year, the moon will be eclipsed twice — and, both times, you’ll find that its effects are far from ordinary.

The first of these lunar eclipses arrives in tandem with the full moon in your house of wellness, work, and routine on May 26. A sudden bout of inspiration and motivation will bubble up within you, particularly when it comes to tackling any goals you may have around self-improvement and self-care. But, even as you’re raring to get started, it could become undeniably clear that something is standing in the way of those goals — something that will require proactive work if you wish to see it removed from your path forward. This might mean having a difficult conversation with a friend who doesn’t share your values or distancing yourself from an unproductive or destructive habit. 

The second full moon and lunar eclipse pairing will occur on November 19, bringing to light issues concerning your larger network. Are you plugged into the goings-on within your outer circles? Are you taking up an active role in helping your friends, acquaintance, and community? The skies aren’t asking you to put everyone else before yourself — rather, they’re asking you to consider whether the work you do for yourself can actually serve others, too. 

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A lifelong challenge for any Leo is learning to balance the desire to take what’s yours with the need to provide for others. This year will see you getting a little closer to striking such a balance, as your relationship with others and yourself will be leveled beneath the celestial microscope.

The Mercury retrograde from January 30 to February 20 will assail your partnerships sector, complicating what should be straightforward conversations and making difficult subjects feel nearly impossible to broach. Your way through this challenging period is patience, Leo. Listen before speaking and be prepared to backtrack if you find that you’re not on the same page as your S.O. or BFF.

The spotlight will swing squarely back onto you in the springtime. The full moon and lunar eclipse on May 26 will highlight what’s blocking your path to joy — and ask if you’re ready (or even able) to start breaking down that barrier. This, of course, is easier said than done, especially if you come to realize that long-standing relationships or habits are interfering with your happiness. Though they may be fixtures in your life as it is right now, lunar eclipses have a way of showing us what life could look like if we’re willing to let go of things we’ve held onto simply because they’re familiar. If you make some difficult sacrifices in this moment, you’ll be better equipped for the changes to come during the new moon and solar eclipse on December 4.

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The full moon will arrive in your sign on February 27 — the only time it will do so this year. Consider this your opportunity to get ahead of the curveball(s) 2021 is likely to lob your way, Virgo. You’ll be able to see where you’re giving more than you’re getting and vice versa. All the better, you will have the space and energy to correct that balance before you get any farther into the year. New Years will feel like another lifetime by the time this full moon rolls around, but the same inclination toward resolutions and self-improvement will fill the air.

At the year’s halfway mark, your career zone will get hit with a celestial triple-whammy. First, Mercury will kick off its second retrograde of the year there on May 29. Second, while Mercury enjoys this backspin, this sector will be graced by the new moon and accompanying solar eclipse on June 10. Where Mercury will spam your office inbox and drop important meeting invites at the last minute, the new moon and solar eclipse will spur further activity around the office, accelerating plans that were already in place and teasing at new developments to come. Rely on your practical, poised nature when navigating this period (Mercury will direct its course on June 22). It may feel like you take two steps backward for every one you take forward, but radical change in the workplace is coming — if you don’t believe us now, you will by the full moon in Gemini on December 18.

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We all like to act like we’re the personal victims of Mercury when it goes retrograde, but you may feel particularly targeted by the messenger planet this year, Libra, particularly during its second and third retrograde periods. But, with preparation and patience, you can survive these periods and, in the process, make 2021 slightly less maddening than the previous year.

Mercury will be retrograde from January 30 to February 20, muddling your sense of direction along the way. As with any retrograde, resistance is futile — for the next three weeks, you may feel a little scattered, even aimless, when trying to make your hopes and dreams a reality. Don’t let frustration get the better of you. You may just need to take a new, unconventional approach to your goals during this period. And, not to worry, the new moon on March 13 will unfold in your house of wellness and routines, helping you return to your regular schedule with a renewed sense of what you need to feel truly well. 

Your sign will be next to host Mercury retrograde, from September 27 to October 18. Unfortunately, this means that your birthday season, which will run from September 23 to October 22, will be slightly dampened by Mercury’s befuddling energy. But, if it’s possible to put a positive spin on this period of cosmic confusion, it’s by viewing this retrograde as an opportunity to retrace your steps in the last 12 months, to investigate where the decisions you made during Libra season 2020 took you. Mercury retrograde won’t let you rewrite history, but it will show you how to be wiser and more flexible in the future.

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Last year we warned of Saturn’s long-term influence over your domestic sphere, Scorpio: For the next several years, it will challenge your preexisting definition of “home.” Naturally, that theme will continue into 2021, thanks in part to the distant ringed planet, but a few other, nearer celestial bodies will join the chorus as well. And these will have much more immediate effects on your life and understanding of comfort.

From January 30 to February 20, the first Mercury retrograde of the year will drum up confusion and unrest within your home, demanding that you take a second look at issues and projects you may have thought were already settled. A nostalgic new moon will arrive in the midst of this retrograde on February 11, reminding you that, as difficult as it can be to dredge up the past, there is always a chance you’ll be rewarded for your work, as well. 

Professorial Saturn will try a different tact with its teachings when it begins its annual retrograde on May 23. It’s all well and good to wish for improvements in your home life — a more cooperative relationship with your housemates or family, a greater sense of ease and security, even a better-designed kitchen — but if you don’t demonstrate a willingness to change yourself, progress will be difficult to come by. You’ll have until October 10 to reflect on how you can make your home feel like a true comfort zone. During this period, try to think in the long- and short-term: What do you want home to look like in five years? What can you do in the coming months to get closer to that vision? 

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The year opens on a quiet note for you, Sag, in which you’ll be best off getting your affairs in order. Refresh your chore chart, nurture your nest egg, and spend time with your closest friends. This will be a year of deeply personal changes for you, so it’s best to rest while you can.

Your sign will host a full moon and lunar eclipse on May 26, bringing your place in the world to the forefront of your mind. You may realize how much time you spend waiting in the wings or, conversely, standing at center stage. It’s difficult to go about your days feeling underappreciated, but it’s no walk in the park to feel overwhelmed by attention, either. What needs to change in order for you to be treated the way you believe you deserve? Ask for your due, Sag, but keep in mind that a time is fast approaching when you’ll need to take responsibility for how you’re treated, too.

Namely, December 4 will see the new moon and a partial solar eclipse arrive in your sign. As quick as you are to investigate the world around you, you’re far less likely to examine yourself, Sag. We’re afraid there won’t be much of an option during this dual celestial event, which will bring up some difficult questions around your self-presentation — specifically, whether it’s time to change how you put yourself out there. An evolution of the self is coming for you, Sag, just in time to end the year with a new sense of who you are and who you hope to be.

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This year will ask you to take a hard look at your finances in the short and long-term, Cap. Whether you’ve been on a strict budget or extended spending spree, there are some lessons that have yet to be learned — and what better teacher than a few retrograde planets?

The first Mercury retrograde of the year will occur on January 30 and inspire a newly conservative approach to money. You’ll be particularly risk-averse, even when it comes to normally steady, dependable investments. It’s never a bad idea to think seriously about where your money goes, but don’t let this overabundance of caution be your blanket approach to spending right now. When in doubt, get advice from those you trust, who can offer some perspective on your priorities. Trimming down on excessive spending doesn’t have to look like asceticism. 

Your ruling planet, stern Saturn, will be retrograde from May 23 to October 10, reinforcing and expanding upon the message you received from Mercury back in January. As you may recall, the ringed planet has been hanging out in your money house for some time now, urging measured decision-making and clear-headed thinking around material worth. Now that it’s retrograde, it will ask you to consider whether you’ve been heeding those urges. This will be a period of revision, more than a period of loss or gain, necessarily. As challenging as it may be to retread the questionable money decisions you made in the last year or so, it is undeniably an opportunity to learn and do better in the future. This year is a financial rebuilding period — just imagine what you’re setting yourself up to accomplish in 2022.

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You’re one of the most innovative signs in the Zodiac, Water Bearer — and you aren’t one to back down when things get difficult. In fact, you’re far more likely to find a clever, completely out-of-the-box way around any challenges you encounter. You’ll have a shining opportunity to prove your knack for invention during 2021’s first Mercury retrograde, which will begin on January 30 in your very own sign. During this period, you may feel pushed to please those around you at the cost of your individualism. Can you thread the needle in a way that satisfies all parties?

Your ruling planet, unconventional Uranus, begins its annual retrograde on August 19 in your home and hearth sector. This mad scientist of a planet has been posted up in this area of your chart for some time now, inciting a gradual evolution within your private home life. Dynamics within your family unit may be shifting; loved ones might be lashing out; major milestones may have come and gone without even a nod of recognition. When Uranus’ retrograde begins, those forces of change will fall squarely on you — and, more specifically, how you feel about the situation at home. You could start to bristle at your role within the unit if you feel like it’s been foisted upon you rather than taken up on your own (say, if you’re always expected to be the responsible one or if you’re forever seen as the “baby” of the family).

Uranus will continue its backspin for the rest of the year, meaning you have plenty of time to sit with these feelings and determine your next steps. In other words, don’t jump to any sudden conclusions the moment you feel the planet’s effects. Again, change is inevitable — don’t force or accelerate what will come naturally.

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Intuitive, deeply-feeling sign that you are, your mind often seems to be elsewhere, Pisces, whether you realize it or not. While your flights of fancy can often lead to insight into problems at hand, it’s important to spend some amount of time with your feet firmly planted on the ground. This year, that task may be particularly challenging, thanks to a few key planetary retrogrades. 

Mercury’s second retrograde of the year, running from May 29 to June 22, will flurry your private home life with questions around stability, familial bonds, and legacy — distractions from the past are bound to arise during this period, clouding your thoughts. Don’t fly the nest at the first sign of trouble and don’t let the mental fog of nostalgia overtake your judgment. This is a chance to dig deep and root out long-standing mistakes and conflicts that shaped the current state of affairs at home. Stay focused and resist the pull of petty relative drama.

The confusion continues on August 19, when Uranus goes retrograde in your communication sector. This revolutionary planet has been slowly clearing out this area of your life, laying bare the outdated ways in which you process and share information. This process has been underway since 2019, and it will continue for another five-ish years, which may make it sound like a slog but thus far it’s been rewarding, even liberating, to realize how you can better interact and engage with those around you. Unfortunately, Uranus’ backspin will call that progress into question, prompting you to second-guess yourself and rankle at the idea of changing for the sake of anyone. Try to stay the course and resist the urge to act based on snap decisions. Uranus will direct course in early 2022 and you’ll feel the confusion lift.