5 Astrologers, Psychics, & Tarot Readers on What's Coming in 2020

Here's what they see going down in awards season, the presidential election, and even your love life in the year to come.

2020 Predictions
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As the new year and decade get closer and closer, it’s fair if your excitement is laced with a little (or even a lot) of nervousness around what’s to come. Change always brings a sense of uncertainty with it, but, if you put your trust in tarot, astrology, and psychic readings, you don’t necessarily have to equate starting 2020 with plunging into the utter unknown.

So, because we like to be prepared, we asked some of the keenest readers and divination experts to share their predictions on what love, work, politics, and even the Oscars will look like in 2020. From a dark horse presidential candidate to multiple Zodiac signs potentially hearing “wedding bells” to Charlize Theron’s personal forecast, our cadre of seers paint a vivid picture of what ought to be a very interesting year.

Read on to learn what the next 12 months hold in store.

Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Kristy Robinett, Psychic Medium and Astrologer

Kristy Robinett
E'Lisa Campbell

On 2020’s overall vibe...

“The energy brings up red flags for a pending recession. This, however, doesn’t feel fear-based, but more of a vibration to be conservative with money and buying of property. As the political campaign in the U.S. heats up even more, we will likely see an economic fallout before the next two years. Have fun, don’t live in fear of what’s next, but be smart.

“The world is bracing for change in 2020, a bit of a war between what’s old and what’s new. We will be aligned with the energy for the next 30 years of restructure, especially in economics and politics. Those wanting to start a new business or make new investments will see quick expansion and success, especially if it has a creative edge to it.

“We will see expansive communication for freedom and equality, using peaceful means with love and compassion. With that, we will see an uprising in humanity and fairness over greed and profit in a revolution for kindness. We will see this in the areas of technology, medicine, and pharmaceuticals."

On our prospects for love...

“Love will burn bright in 2020, especially for the two fire signs Aries and Leo. When the trees bloom in the springtime the sassy Scorpios and watery Cancers will be singing the sweet melody of love songs.

Aries — Venus, your love planet, makes an unusual four-month transit in Aries from February 2 to June 6 so get your flirt on, Aries. This winter and spring will be hot! There are opportunities for new relationships if you are single, just make sure to do some soul work as the person you meet will be worthy of being a forever mate. Are you ready to commit? 2020 is all about new beginnings and new loves.

Leo — be cautious [in the] middle of May and again in September, when the ego tries to trip you up. Wedding bells may indeed ring in 2020 for Leos.”

Scorpio — The winter’s snow showers will ultimately bring May flowers and even wedding bells. You might not be ready quite yet for those wedding bells, but this year is all about passion and relationships. So, if you are single and looking, or with someone and feeling stagnant, Jupiter helps kick things into high gear in [your] love zone – all for the better.

Cancer — Venus is in your seventh house, which is indicating prosperity and love for 2020. Passion, sensuality, and sexuality is in the stars for 2020, and this combination can help current, new, and potential love interests. Be careful, though, as the potential for a lost love from your past may pop up. It’s up to you to determine if an ex should stay an ex.

“It's not that the remaining astrological signs will be love-less, because there’s always an ability to manifest what you want in the special energy that 2020 brings.”

On the 2020 election...

“2020 is a phase where people want change, but it’s also a phase where we can get stuck in the past unless action is taken.

“The change and the energy of kindness speaks on [Mayor Pete] Buttigieg, but he seems a bit too early for the astrological forecast. [Vice President Joe] Biden’s energy feels comfortable and calls to the past. Although his astrological energy is unpredictable and maverick-like, he makes for a safe choice. The astrological energy for [Senator Elizabeth] Warren speaks to someone ready and willing to serve, yet there’s something in her past yet to be revealed. [Senator] Bernie Sanders’ astrological chart glows with good things, but [there may be] hesitation around health.

“Even with the conflict with Donald Trump and the pending impeachment, from an astrological standpoint, there is a high chance he could win the next election. I, however, don’t see him fulfilling the second term and see pending health issues. I also see a dark horse coming into the race early in 2020 that may create a total upheaval.”

On awards season...

“The 2020 award season will be riddled with jokers, as in Joaquin Phoenix, an intense, hardworking, and mysterious Scorpio, will likely be rewarded for his role in Joker. The good ole boy’s club of the Irishman will also see several awards in hand for both the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

“Although I see an Oscar nod towards Marielle Heller, a Libra and director of It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and Greta Gerwig, a Leo and director of Little Women, they will both likely be overlooked, unfortunately. I do see more amazing projects for both these women in the future.

“2020 is looking amazing for Bombshell’s Charlize Theron, both professionally and personally. It seems more important to notice that there’s true love coming for this talented woman that will only help inspire even more wonderful work.”

Theresa Reed, Tarot Reader

Theresa Reed
Danielle Cohen

On 2020’s overall vibe...

Cards drawn: Queen of Swords reversed, Nine of Pentacles

“Truth is currency this year. Which means: This is not the year to fudge with the facts. It’s better to admit the truth, even if it’s not pretty. Speak candidly, admit your mistakes, and clear the air as need be. If you are pushing a false narrative, don’t be surprised if the truth gets revealed. People want the facts — and will find them, no matter how hard you try to cover your tracks. If you do get fronted out, fess up. It’s never too late to turn things around...

“This year brings growth, especially from hard work done last year. Rewards are coming due for those who laid the groundwork and planted the seeds. Everything is beginning to blossom. All that hard labor pays off in 2020. Be sure to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Treat yourself a bit. Make time to indulge in a little luxury when you can. The other side of this tarot card is preparing for the future. Pay down debt and squirrel money away. Invest wisely. Get your insurance in order and take care of all the practical financial matters. Long term growth is possible if you handle your money wisely now.”

On our prospects for love...

Card drawn: The Hierophant

“The Hierophant favors tradition and commitment, which means this year can bring wedding bells as well as other ways of ‘making it official.’ For example, you may decide to become exclusive with one person. Or you may be ready to move in together. Commitments made this year could bring long-term security. If you’re single, make sure you’re crystal clear about your beliefs, whether you’re meeting someone on the dance floor or on a dating app. You’ll have a better chance at making sweet music together if you’re singing the same tune. Another thing to consider this year: working with a matchmaker to find a compatible partner. If your relationship is troubled, the Hierophant can symbolize a therapist. Seeking guidance from a couples counselor may help to bring healing to even the most challenging partnership. If you’re willing to do the work, you can get back on track.”

On the 2020 election...

Card drawn: Five of Wands

“This election promises to be a battle royale. It may even be more contentious than the last one. All sides are in it to win it — and most likely, there will be a vicious fight to the finish. When all is said and done, the victory will go to the one who is best able to hold their ground in the debates. Those debates are going to be the defining moment where we can clearly see who is on their game and ready to lead. My advice to those who are running: Be careful about fighting dirty. The backfire will be spectacular.”

On awards season...

Cards drawn: Six of Pentacles, Seven of Swords, Four of Wands

“The Six of Pentacles symbolizes generosity and fairness — which means we should see a bit more justice in regards to winners this year. The awards may be divvied up between some of the usual winners along with others who truly deserve it. An important nod will be given to someone who has been a great benefactor to the industry. We might also see a few crumbs tossed to popular shows such as Game of Thrones to placate the fans. The judges will be mindful about the choices they are making and most likely, there will be a feeling of satisfaction when all the awards are handed out.

“Golden Globes: Seven of Swords. An upset is in the cards. A dark horse or unexpected winner will surprise (or shock) the public. A debate will rage on as to whether or not this person ‘deserved’ to win.

“Oscars: Four of Wands. Overall, the public will be happy with the winners. One particular Oscar winner will have everyone to their feet. History may be made.”

Michael Lennox, Psychologist, Astrologer, and Dream Expert

2020 Predictions - Michael
David LaPorte

On 2020’s overall vibe...

“Both Saturn and Jupiter are basically in the same place in the sky, in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn is structure and discipline, and through Jupiter we experience abundance and prosperity. These two planets spend the year together in the sign that represents slow advancement, and the ultimate achievement of goals. This is an excellent year for focusing on one particular direction, rather than exploring lots of new ideas.”

On our prospects for love...

“Venus is the planet of love in astrology, and she is doing a rare retrograde journey in the spring of 2020. When Venus moves backward like this, it is not uncommon to bump into old lovers and friends. If an old love returns during a Venus retrograde, it is usually so you can see how far you’ve come, and not necessarily about getting back together. The two best months for love this year are March and October, as that is when Venus will be in harmony with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune.”

On the 2020 election...

“The entire year of 2020 is marked by Pluto, the planet of power and total and utter change, dancing with Saturn, the planet known as the Great Teacher. There is so much brewing in the election campaign, and challenges in the White House, and those challenges are rising on the same wave. That celestial dance will continue all year, with the added intensity of expansive Jupiter joining in a transit that ends, ironically, in early November. There is no doubt it will be a very intense year in American politics, but since astrology doesn’t take sides, there is no way to know which side will prevail.”

On awards season...

“Interestingly, there is an esoteric point in astrology known as Black Moon Lilith, a shadow generating point related to the moon’s orbit… She represents the powerful feminine force in the universe that is as responsible for destruction as she is for creation. Just as awards season gets going, Black Moon Lilith will move into assertive and fiery Aries, so at the very least, we are going to hear from a lot more women about the status quo as a result of whatever awards season brings.”

Amy Tripp, Astrologer

Amy Tripp
Ira Lupu

On 2020’s overall vibe...

“This is a time of being held accountable and ‘owning it.’ People should also avoid clinging to what is being removed from their life. Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn will likely completely restructure something in your life, but first what is old must be taken away. Make room for what is being removed even if it makes you uncomfortable. Clinging to what is outworn will only make the inevitable process of rebirth more difficult.

“If there are big goals to be accomplished, specifically in your career, this will be a good year to take major strides toward where you want to be. This is also a transit of great wealth, so financial planning and investing is encouraged. Jupiter will also conjunct Saturn, allowing you to redefine your social role and status in a way that is considered more respectable and prestigious. Overall, 2020 is well-suited for advancing career goals and making or saving money.”

On our prospects for love...

“It will be a good year for people in a relationship with a strong foundation. Relationships that are superficial or not serving the parties involved will be severed because of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that’s happening in Capricorn. Venus and Mars (the relationship planets) will both retrograde in 2020 causing many people to review their current relationships or reflect on what they want to cultivate in future relationships. Lovers from the past may come back when Venus retrogrades, but they will not likely stay once the retrograde is over. This year will be a testing time for most relationships, and overall, a more serious and introspective year.”

On the 2020 election...

“Trump does not have easy transits around the time of the election (August to October). Saturn will be opposite his natal Saturn (and Venus), testing what he put into action 14 years ago. Saturn is the planet of karma, so if any corners have been cut, there will be consequences for that now. It is not uncommon for there to be problems with authority or for disciplinarian action to be taken when a challenging Saturn aspect is involved. With the difficult transits Trump is having in 2020, his health could suffer or something will happen causing him not to be re-elected.”

Felicia Bender, Numerologist

Felicia Bender
Andrea Flanagan

On 2020’s overall vibe...

“Numerologically, 2020 is a 4 Universal Year, where the global energy is all about getting real! It’s the year to settle in for the longer haul, set clear and well-defined goals, do the research, and create effective systems to achieve the goal(s). It’s not a particularly ‘light’ energy — rather, it demands hard work, concerted effort and some endurance.

“This isn’t the year for slacking! We’ll get the most out of the year when we decide on what we can and make a practical plan as to how to achieve it. Don’t resort to impulsiveness, and make sure you have all the information in front of you. And don’t hang on to old ways of doing things out of sheer stubbornness or inability to step into new territory.

“This year is the year for getting serious about our future! Do slow down, be methodical and keep your sights on the longer view. Also make appointments with yourself for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Pace yourself. The year can place some weird roadblocks in our path and we must work through, over, and around them patiently and with purpose.”

On our prospects for love...

“The overall energy for 2020 is more pragmatic and down-to-earth. So there will be less of a ‘rose-colored glasses’ approach to our intimate relationships in 2020. It’s a great year for building and creating your home (whatever that means to you right now!), sense of stability, and upping the game with your commitment. If you want a start or continue adding to your family with a baby or a new fur baby, this is a great time for it.”

On the 2020 election...

“2020 offers up an intensity with relationships — and this is both microcosmic and macrocosmic. In numerology, the zero is an intensifier and the 2 is all about love, relationships, emotional acuity, and diplomacy. So my interpretation might be that the 2020 election is a test and a tipping point. What direction will we go collectively? Will we value our collective humanity or will we carry forward with a separatist ‘me first’ agenda?”

On awards season...

“I feel that 2020 is ushering in more feminine energy (the 2 is feminine). Yet I feel it won’t be invited into the ‘club’ easily or without struggle, unfortunately. The energy of 2020 is indeed pressing women in the entertainment industry to keep defining themselves, stand up, and stand strong, while also plodding along with patience and trust that the dam will break and that they will have been a part of that monumental reconfiguration of gender dynamics. I find that when some women are getting invited to the ‘big boys’ table, the resistance becomes even more outrageous and intense. Mixed with the #MeToo movement and the overall political spectrum feasting on fear and divisiveness, those in power will hold tight, even as it all dissolves. The 2 is all about patient progress. So I honestly don’t see that there will be a huge and immediate shift with the Golden Globes or Oscars.”

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