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2020 Horoscopes
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Welcome to a brand-new decade! Yes, January 1 always brings a clean slate, but this year in particular will provide us with even more celestial opportunities for reinvention (see: a whopping six solar and lunar) eclipses.

At the very same time, we’ll encounter some heavenly activity that feels quite familiar: Mars retrograde will test our tempers. Venus retrograde will needle its way into our love lives. And old reliable Mercury retrograde will hit us with three periods of social awkwardness and logistical headaches. Whether these events remind you of the past or launch you into the future, one thing is for sure: The stars will keep this year from ever feeling dull.

Read on to learn more about the key celestial events your sign will have to look forward to (or, potentially, dread) in 2020.

And here all the key dates to mark in your calendar now:

January 10: Full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse in Cancer

January 10: Uranus retrograde ends in Taurus

February 16: Mercury retrograde begins in Pisces

February 9: Full moon in Leo

March 9: Full moon in Virgo

March 9: Mercury retrograde ends in Aquarius

April 7: Full moon in Libra

April 25: Pluto retrograde begins in Capricorn

May 7: Full moon in Scorpio

May 11: Saturn retrograde begins in Aquarius

May 13: Venus retrograde begins in Gemini

May 14: Jupiter retrograde begins in Capricorn

June 5: Full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

June 18: Mercury retrograde begins in Cancer

June 21: Annular solar eclipse in Cancer

June 23: Neptune retrograde begins in Pisces

June 25: Venus retrograde ends in Gemini

July 5: Full moon and penumbral eclipse in Capricorn

July 12: Mercury retrograde ends in Cancer

August 3: Full moon in Aquarius

August 15: Uranus retrograde begins in Taurus

September 2: Full moon in Pisces

September 9: Mars retrograde begins in Aries

September 12: Jupiter retrograde ends in Capricorn

September 29: Saturn retrograde ends in Capricorn

October 1: Full moon in Aries

October 4: Pluto retrograde ends in Capricorn

October 13: Mercury retrograde begins in Scorpio

October 31: Full moon in Taurus

November 3: Mercury retrograde ends in Libra

November 13: Mars retrograde ends in Aries

November 28: Neptune retrograde ends in Pisces

November 30: Full moon penumbral lunar eclipse in Gemini

December 14: Total solar eclipse in Sagittarius

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ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

As you ease your way into the new year, Aries, we ask you to look far ahead to next fall, when your hot-headed sign will encounter a bounty of frustrations — that just might be opportunities for growth. Practice your calming breathwork now, Aries.

Self-soothing techniques will be necessary when Mars retrograde begins on September 9 in your own sign. Normally, hosting your ruling planet feels like running with the wind at your back: You know where you’re going and you have the energy necessary to get there. The wind reverses course, however, when your ruling planet goes retrograde. Your personal goals may be stalled, your regular collaborators might leave you in the lurch, you may even realize you’ve been working toward the wrong goal. In other words, your temper and patience will be tested, but you’ll end the retrograde on November 13 having learned a crucial lesson: How to get out of your own way.

October’s Mercury retrograde will dip into your relationship zone on the 27th and do its best to muck up any burgeoning romances in your life. Your best course of action will be to stay calm (remember, Mars will be retrograde, too) and to listen before you react.

You’ll get a chance to fine-tune your communication style on November 30 with Gemini’s full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse — consider what’s keeping you from expressing your true self.

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Venus, your ruling planet, will begin a retrograde on May 13 and, while your love life won’t exactly be stellar during this period, your wallet will be an even bigger source of frustration, Taurus. You cashflow may ebb or your desire to spend may reach well beyond your means. You won’t land in dire financial straits out of the blue, but you will find yourself feel antsy about money — how you’re earning it, how long you hold onto it, and where it ends up going.

You’ll have the opportunity to reassess your relationship with money during the full moon and penumbral eclipse in Gemini on November 30. Your sign craves security and has a soft spot for the finer things in life — it’s only natural to stress out over your budget, especially if it’s tighter than you’d like. That stress won’t magically melt away, but you can develop small saving strategies (a rainy day fund, anyone?) that should help you feel more at ease the next time you check your balance.

Now, back to your love life for a moment. So as not to scare your romantic sign into thinking you’re in for a dry year, mark your calendar for November 21, when Venus will light up your relationships sector and put you in the mood for more meaningful connections.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Your ruling planet, Mercury, will enjoy about nine weeks’ worth of retrogrades this year, stirring the pot and befuddling everyone in its wake. You tend to emerge unscathed from these backspins, but this year, Mercury will undergo all three of its retrogrades in water signs, which will be a challenge for your cerebral sign.

Simply put, Geminis are always thinking. That’s how you come up with your many jokes, ideas, and (sometimes harebrained) solutions to problems. Usually, you can analyze your way out of a retrograde-inspired snafu — but when water signs host Mercury retrogrades, you’re better off going with your gut feelings. This means you’ll need to move much more slowly than you normally would (which will undoubtedly rankle your need for expedience in all things). Heeding this warning means ending the year with more patience and emotional intelligence.

Venus will kick off its only retrograde of the year in your sign on May 13 and start needling you about your sense of beauty — in others and, more frustratingly, yourself. The urge to get bangs, pierce your eyebrow, or get matching couple’s tattoos will be high. We implore you to resist or at least wait until Venus directs course on June 25.

You’ll have the chance to make a less superficial change on November 30, when the full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse occurs in your sign. Spend the night in quietude and think about how you can best prioritize your needs.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Your sign will host two full moons this year, the first of which will arrive on January 10 and coincide with the first penumbral lunar eclipse of 2020. With this event will come a new mode of seeing and feeling for you, Cancer — don’t be surprised if it imbues your year with a heightened sense of tenderness, even vulnerability.

Speaking of which, this year will see three Mercury retrogrades unfurling in water signs, including your own from June 18 to July 12. These planetary backspins are sure to test your emotional mettle and challenge you to be simultaneously strong and sensitive. Silence your self-doubt, Cancer, and know that you certainly can be both. The solar eclipse and new moon in your sign on June 21 will remind you of your potential. Even if you aren’t sure how to harness it quite yet, something immense is coming to tap it awake. Such is the nature of solar eclipses — the changes they enact ask us to change in kind.

Luckily, the second Cancerian full moons will serve as a sort of bookend for the first. Falling on December 29, it will afford you an opportunity to start 2021 with a clean emotional slate.

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Striking a balance between your independence and your partnerships will be a long-term task, Leo, arising when Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 21 and lasting well beyond this year. Your relationships will take on a sudden air of seriousness, with the (somewhat cold-hearted) question of their longevity hanging overhead. Resist the urge to ghost without warning — if you’re sure you’re ready to let go, go about it gently. Those you ought to keep around will prove to you why they should stay.

This year’s two solar eclipses could be your opportunity to take a revolutionary tour through your life, Leo. These celestial events will challenge your perspective, expose the unknown, and very likely incite some sort of change that demands an adjustment to your way of living. June 21’s annular solar eclipse will take aim at your dreams and attachment to the past, while the total solar eclipse on December 14 will close in on your sense of play and expression.

You’re more likely to feel the latter more immediately, perhaps in the form of a creative breakthrough or, sadly, a creative dry spell. That said, both will work in tandem to bring you closer toward a key self-discovery, one that will inform your feelings and actions as the year comes to a close and you welcome 2021.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

This year could see you in full “fix-it” mode, Virgo. For one thing, your ruling planet, Mercury, will be up to its old tricks and going retrograde three times, and in water signs to boot. These backspins rarely bode well for our emotional state, but feelings will simmer even closer to the surface than usual thanks to the sensitive influence of water. You aren’t one to be easily overcome by emotions, but you may find yourself drying your friends’ eyes throughout 2020.

Meanwhile, Saturn will make its way into Aquarius on March 21 and, aside from a brief retrograde visit to Capricorn from July 1 to December 17, it will take up this new post for the next two and a half years, compelling you to address any kinks in your wellness and work routines. Where Saturn’s challenges can overwhelm some signs, you may actually enjoy the long-term tasks it lays out for you, which are, simply, to examine how your everyday choices and schedule actually benefit you — and how they may be sabotaging your potential for success. Beware of so-called “life hacks” that claim instant efficacy, Virgo. This year, you’ll be better served to comb through your daily activities and fine-tune them for efficiency. Improvements will not be immediately evident, but Saturn will undoubtedly reward your sign’s meticulousness (especially when you finally hit upon a proper sleep schedule).

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LIBRA (September 22 - October 23)

Your people-pleasing tendency will be doubly challenged this year, Libra. Questions around your professional reputation will loom large for you on January 10 with the full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse in Cancer, which will ask you to let go of your desire to make everyone happy at work. Instead, focus on your own career goals and help others only when you can. This attitude will set the tone for your professional success in the months to come.

Mars retrograde will begin on September 9 and call on you to reckon with the dynamics of your closest relationships. If you realize that you’ve been giving far more than the others have, it’s likely you’ll want to lash out (Mars can bring out the tempers in even the kindest among us). But you’re the sign of diplomacy and compromise, Libra — flex those mediator muscles and put any interpersonal issues to rest through a calm, tactful discussion about what needs to change.

About midway through 2020’s final Mercury retrograde, which starts on October 13, the messenger planet will whirl its way into your sign — and do a number on your confidence in the process. You’re normally such a smooth talker and sly networker, Libra, but Mercury will make you feel uncharacteristically short on charisma. Think before you speak, but don’t get stuck dwelling on that one awkward remark you made at happy hour. This period should inspire greater social tact, not flat-out self-consciousness.

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Saturn will move into your domestic sphere on March 21 and call your attention home. The ringed planet is sending you down a path toward a greater sense of being “at home,” literally and figuratively, that will take several years to reach. For a focused sign like yours, the long game that Saturn likes to play could prove maddening — but this process, in which you’ll likely clean out your house and clear away familial baggage in equal measure, is supposed to take a while. Otherwise, your eventual sense of ease, stability, and self-sufficiency wouldn’t feel earned (insert Scorpionic eyeroll here).

Later on this year, Mars’ retrograde in Aries will spin through your wellness sector and throw off your daily routines, from your sleep to your work schedule. This period, lasting from September 9 to November 13, will either see you floundering for structure or rising to the occasion and making new lifestyle choices that ultimately improve your everyday life. (It’s perfectly fine if you initially do the former and only later manage to do the latter.)

As your most fundamental needs (your health and a home to call your own) come into question this year, keep in mind that you can ask for assistance. And that could come in the form of a once-in-a-while housekeeper or a friend with an open ear. As satisfying as it may be to see matters as you against the world, going it alone isn’t your only option, Scorp.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Prepare to feel the waves of personal change, dear Archer. Your sign will host two of 2020’s whopping six eclipses — a penumbral lunar eclipse on June 5 and a total solar eclipse on December 14. Where others will feel the effects of these events in, say, their relationships or careers, you’ll feel them in your reflection. More specifically, June’s eclipse will ask how you see yourself and whether your point of view needs to change. Too much negative self-talk? Practice treating yourself the way you would a dear friend. Hung up on external appearances? Reacquaint yourself with your beauty within.

Making these internal adjustments will be crucial to getting through December’s eclipse. You’re normally one of the most confident signs around, Sag, but this solar eclipse could shake the foundation of your self-esteem, if only for a moment. Your rapid-fire jokes may go unheard; you may wind up alone on your next impromptu weekend trip; you may lose your motivation to work on your passion projects. Will you take your ball and go home? Or will you recall the work you did in the summer and know that you can muddle through this period, no matter how un-shiny the world makes you feel? This year will reintroduce you to yourself, Sagittarius. We think you’re going to get along.

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Your sign has been the long-term host for several outer planets for a while now, Cap. And although Jupiter and Pluto will remain your guests this year, Saturn, your ruling planet, will move into Aquarius on March 21. After nearly two and a half years spent reflecting on self-discipline, distant goals, and your personal definition of “success,” you will feel some semblance of relief — but that will come with a renewed sense of discipline around money and your understanding of worth. Where you’ll thrive in revising your budget and finding new ways to save, you may struggle with the more figurative meaning of the word “worth.”

This year may find you at war with your perfectionist side, Capricorn. The next time that voice in your head says you aren’t working hard enough, it’ll be easy to acquire tunnel vision and ignore your obvious successes. Keep stock of your wins — no matter how small — in a journal to keep that voice at bay.

You’ll have an opportunity to get back some of your confidence on July 5, when the full moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse land in your sign. It’s not like you to boast, but if there were ever a night to toot your own horn, this is it.

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Mark, circle, underline, and bold March 21 on your 2020 calendar, Aquarius. Saturn, the taskmaster planet that rules our sense of discipline and responsibility, will move into your sign for an extended stay. For the last two and a half years, the ringed planet has been in Capricorn, where its influence over you was relatively subtle — perhaps you felt moved to put away childish things and stop dwelling so much on the past, but you weren’t whipped into shape in the way that your Mountain Goat neighbors were. From the end of March onward, however, you can expect to hear Saturn’s demands that you work hard, invest in your success, and stand up for yourself much, much louder. This transit is undoubtedly daunting, not unlike taking a test with a stern teacher looking over your shoulder, but it will ultimately guide you toward a more mature and organized version of yourself.

While Saturn is retrograde from May 11 to September 29, it will spin back into Capricorn and give you a moment’s quiet, during which time Venus’ retrograde in your creativity sector will ask you to reconsider where you find inspiration. But, by December 17, Saturn will be back in your sign, just in time for you to make some serious New Year’s resolutions around your work and routine.

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

This could be a quiet year for you, Pisces — or, at least it’ll seem that way to any outside observer. Within, however, you could be in for a tumultuous 12 months, as Saturn begins to stir the waters of your subconscious at the end of March, challenging your nostalgia-prone sign to clear out your memory banks, let go of the many “what if” and “why did” questions that nag at you, and, instead, adjust your perspective to be balanced, critical, and, above all, forward-facing. This disciplinary planet will move into your own sign in 2023, at which point a clear head, free of expired goals and unfounded concerns, will be tantamount to your success. You’ll have plenty of time to wade through your psyche, during which you may pull away from others.

February’s Mercury retrograde, beginning on the 16th, will also contribute to your hermit-like tendencies this year. These retrogrades always set your sensitive sign on edge, considering how they inspire others to overanalyze every bit of information and engage in petty disagreements, but this one will begin in your sign, intensifying the effects and making them feel more immediate.

There will be plenty of reasons to hunker down and hide this year, Pisces, and as Neptune, your ruling planet, begins its yearly retrograde on June 23, your dreams will seem more inviting than reality. But, if you resist the temptation to go off the grid, this could be the year where you learn to care for and nurture your inner self without having to withdraw completely.