Run, Don't Walk: Tons of Levi's Jeans Are on Sale for Up to 70% Off at Amazon Right Now

Prices start at $21.

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Run, Don't Walk: Tons of Levi's Jeans Are on Sale for Up to 70% Off at Amazon Right Now

There are some pieces I’ll willingly splurge on (dresses, shoes, and knits that don’t itch), some I’ll never pay more than $20 for (basic tees and underwear), and some I just simply don’t want to buy — one of which is jeans. For reasons I probably don’t need to explain (but will), I hate buying jeans. You might as well close your eyes and throw a dart to find your size in each store because they’re inconsistent across brands, and styles that you adore on someone else rarely look the same on you. And unfortunately, they're just not that comfortable most of the time.  

It was this frustration that led me to buy a pair of jeans online — something I’d never done — from Levi’s, where the baggy denim was on sale for less than $30. It was a price that made me think, “if this doesn’t fit, it’s not the end of the world,” and shoppers seemed to love them. Cynically, I anticipated that they either wouldn’t fit or I’d hate the style, but upon arrival, I immediately fell in love. The jeans were true to size, the material was incredibly soft, and the loose fit made me feel confident and comfortable. Now, I willingly add new jeans to my closet without a tormenting trip to the mall. And thanks to Amazon’s secret denim sale, you can too, with Levi’s currently discounted up to 70 percent off.

The brand’s classic 724 straight jeans currently have the steepest discount, with select colors at 70 percent off. These are made of a cotton, polyester, and elastane blend, making them soft to the touch with a little stretch. For those who prefer waist-cinching jeans to the Y2K low-rises, these are a great option, with the high-rise placing them just above the waist. It’s also ideal for those wanting to phase out skinny jeans but who aren’t quite ready to make the jump to an oversized pair, with one shopper noting that the roomier calf “accommodates [their] compression socks with no ugly bulges,” while still offering a, “body-con [look] without the girdle effect of skinny jeans.”

Levi's Women's 724 High Rise Straight Jeans


Shop now: $21 (Originally $70);

Anytime I bring up hating jeans, someone will ask me, “well, have you tried Levi’s Wedgies?” The high-rise jeans are known for their butt-lifting fit and vintage-inspired cut, and right now, select colors are on sale for just $24. One shopper who wrote that they typically have to buy curvy jeans because of waist gapping noted that these “fit perfectly,” while another wrote, “finally, they made jeans that actually fit a woman's body. And, they are so comfortable and so flattering,” explaining that they fit both the hips, waist, and butt, and that they make, “your bum looks good!”

Levi's Women's Wedgie Straight Jeans


Shop now: $24 (Originally $70);

But if you’re loyal to skinnies (comfort and confidence outweigh Gen Z approval, IMO) grab the brand’s 311s while select washes are on sale for just $28. These have over 11,200 five-star ratings, with one writing, “[My] booty looks great in them and they fit so comfortably!” Another, who calls these the “epitome of comfort,” wrote, “they truly sit just perfectly under [your] belly button and at [the] waist. I’ve never felt so comfortable,” adding that after years of avoiding jeans, they finally found a pair that made them good.

Levi's Women's 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans


Shop now: $28 (Originally $70); 

Upgrade your denim collection without going over budget by shopping Amazon’s denim sale, where some of Levi’s best-selling jeans are now majorly discounted.

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