My Mom and I Tried the Face Oil Chrissy Teigen Once Called “Magic,” and It Changed Our Skin Overnight

It sold out so fast, I had to wait a year to finally try it.

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Le Prunier Review

Le Prunier

My mom and I are alike in a lot of ways. Sure, we have our differences, because, well, which mother-daughter duo doesn’t, but we see eye-to-eye on most things, especially when it comes to skincare. My mom has a very easygoing routine, and let me tell you, her skin looks fabulous — so much so that no one believes that she’s over 60 years old. I can’t tell you the number of times people have mistaken us for sisters (I know, I know!), and while her complexion is already top-notch, she was curious to add something new to her routine — specifically, the Le Prunier Plum Oil. 

I wrote about the luxurious face oil in 2021 when it skyrocketed to fame thanks to Chrissy Teigen, who waxed poetic about it on her Instagram stories. It unsurprisingly sold out everywhere overnight, but what we didn’t expect was for it to be out of stock for nearly one year. Yes, 365 days of not being able to find it anywhere really piqued my (and my mom’s) interest even more, as did the fact that Teigen crowned it “magic,” explaining that she “wanted to share because it changed me. Everyone always asks what I use, and it's this. It's holy, it is amazing.”

When it was finally restocked, you can best bet I got my hands on it right away. But given the fact that it seemed like such a “holy” buy — and that it had the potential to sell out again for who knows how long — I didn’t use it right away. I was saving it, until my mom finally encouraged me to give it a try (thanks, mom!) because, TBH, she wanted to try it, too. 

Plum Beauty Oil


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I was so excited the first night I used it because Teigen’s words were still stuck in my mind one-plus years later. “When I tell you I woke up and my skin was plump and supple, and even…,” she said in her stories back in 2020. You see why I had high hopes, don’t you? But let me tell you, this oil exceeded my expectations, which I, frankly, didn’t think was possible. 

Night one, I put a few drops on my palm and rubbed my hands together to gently warm the oil before applying it all over my face. It went on with the perfect amount of sheen, but soaked in very quickly, as well. My skin absorbed every last bit of the Le Prunier formula in a matter of minutes, leaving it hydrated without feeling overly greasy. That said, the real magic happened in the morning.  

The next day, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning as I jumped out of bed to look at my complexion. Just as Teigen said, I woke up with plump, luminous, more even skin with the dry, irritated patches I went to bed with eight hours prior completely gone. I was glowy — so much so, my mom was inspired to try it, too. And her experience was just like mine in terms of how the Le Prunier oil felt when applied on the skin. “So light!” she exclaimed. “It soaks in so well.” The next morning? Her rosacea-prone skin was more even, ultra-soft, and had that sought-after lit-from-within glow. Go, mom!

Important info: I have oily skin, so I am very picky about the oils I use on it. I’ve had my fair share of not-so-great experiences. Other oils usually feel like they're just laying on the surface, eventually rubbing off on my pillow if I don’t apply it early enough in the evening — but not this one. The Le Prunier formula consists of just one simple ingredient: plum oil, that’s packed with essential antioxidants like vitamins E, C, and A and omega fatty acids 6 and 9, making it about as weightless as an oil gets, while still feeling ultra hydrating and oh-so-luxurious. 

To say my mom and I are obsessed doesn’t even cut it. I can’t imagine my skincare routine without this pretty one-ounce bottle on my shelf — and hopefully, I won’t have to. (Fingers crossed it stays in stock forever.) Worth mentioning: The Le Prunier oil is also a multi-tasking beauty buy that can be mixed in with your foundation or body lotion to enhance its benefits, or even applied onto the hair to protect against heat damage.

TL;DR: My mom and I agree that our skin has never looked this good, and the Le Prunier Plum Oil is to thank for that. Shop it for $72, and watch your skin change overnight.

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