Shoppers Say Their Thin Hair Is "Soft and Fuller" After Using This Volumizing Scalp Scrub

It tackles dryness and itchiness, too.

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Lather CPC - Shoppers Are Loving Their Softer and "Fuller" Hair Thanks to This Foaming Scalp Scrub 


While most of us are focusing on staying warm with a pair of trendy boots or starting a fuzzy hat collection, we’d like to remind you to take care of your hair during these colder months, too. As temperatures drop, you may notice that your scalp feels dry and that your strands look particularly damaged. Using a few winter hair care pointers, I went on a hunt for a hair treatment to help you with these concerns. 

That’s when I found Lather, a brand that prioritizes vegan and gluten-free ingredients across its skincare, body, and hair care collections. One hair treatment that immediately caught my attention was the foaming scalp scrub that’s appropriate for all hair types (yes, it’s sulfate-free).

Avocado Mint Foaming Scalp Scrub


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Applying this scalp scrub is super easy: Use once or twice a week on wet hair by massaging this treatment into the scalp. It doubles as a shampoo, so when you’re all done, just rinse out the scrub and continue the rest of your hair care routine. 

Avocado oil and mint are the main ingredients in this plant-based scrub that strengthen hair, lock in moisture, and stimulate the senses. Per the brand, the formula removes dead skin cells, dirt, and build-up on your head to clear follicles. If your scalp has been particularly itchy and flaky this winter, this Lather treatment should be your go-to.     

Shoppers can’t stop raving about their experiences with this scrub — which, by the way, has an average 4.8-star rating. One user said they have “really seen a difference,” and that their hair is “soft and fuller” after using this treatment. A second person with a sensitive scalp loves how “a little goes a long way” and that they only have to use this exfoliating hair treatment a couple times per week to see the effects.  

A third shopper explained that it “adds volume” to their thin hair, and another shopper, who’s been struggling with dryness, said their scalp has been “noticeably less flaky” since they started using this Lather scrub.  

Grab this foaming scalp scrub for enviable strands and shop the rest of Lather’s collection for your winter hair care.

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