You Need a Lash Comb For Your Dream Wispy Lashes

Here's how to use one.

Wispy Lashes

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There's a reason why mascara is such a popular product category — we love elongating and volumizing our lashes. And while clumpy, spider-like lashes have had their rock n' roll trend moment, wispy lashes are timeless. However, getting that perfect flirty look isn't always easy.

More often than not, our mascaras expire and clump, or we encounter the bad luck of choosing a formula that glues our lashes together. Thankfully, though, there's a way to make even not-so-great mascaras give off the prettiest, separated lash looks. Enter: lash combs.

These products are exactly what they sound like — tiny combs that separate each lash to create that lift, volume, and separation. They've been a makeup artist secret for years, and now we're here to share everything there is to know about them.

What is a lash comb?

As explained above, it's a product that combs through each lash hair to separate them and give them that natural-looking wispy effect. Typically, they'll have tightly-packed metal teeth at the tip of a handle. (We like the iLashcomb from Tweezerman, which conveniently folds into the handle to keep the teeth intact.)

What are the benefits of using a lash comb?

First things first: if you have a good mascara, you likely won't need to use a lash comb. J. Brandon Correa, a celebrity makeup artist and YSL Beauté ambassador, says he always keeps one on hand in case he needs to separate lashes or place them in certain spots. Apart from that, he says they also work to pull out any excess product you may have on your eyes, such as eyeshadow.

How to use a lash comb:

Before even picking up a mascara, Correa suggests combing lashes to prevent clumping before it happens. Then, he goes in with a mascara, and while the lashes are still wet, he combs them again. Kelli Sewell, a Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist and Tweezerman ambassador says that if the mascara formula is a little too dry, it will be harder for the comb to brush through the lashes and you might accidentally lift up your eyelid instead. Sewell suggests waiting about two seconds between applying mascara and going in with your lash comb for the best results. If you use an eyelash curler, she suggests to use that first, then mascara, and then the comb.

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