This Stabilizing Beauty Device Is a Game-Changer For People With Limited Mobility

Learn more about Lancôme's HAPTA device here.

This Stabilizing Beauty Device Is a Game-Changer For People With Limited Mobility

Courtesy of Lancôme

For people with limited mobility, everyday mundane tasks for the fully able can be tricky to complete — from tying your shoelaces and doing your hair, to using keys or applying lipstick. And it doesn't help that there's been minimal innovation on the tech side to help those with disabilities live without challenges.

On the beauty side, a research study conducted in 2019 by Proctor & Gamble found that just 4% of beauty and personal care brands created products that address the needs of those with physical disabilities.

These facts become even more alarming when you look at additional stats. According to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, 13.7% of U.S. adults have a serious mobility disability and 3.6% of U.S. adults have a self-care disability (that's bigger than the entire population of California).

Thankfully, Lancôme understands that makeup is something that should be accessible to all, so the cosmetics giant took matters into their own hands to develop a stabilizing tool that gives users the ability to apply their makeup without aid.

"Under development by L’Oréal scientists and engineers, HAPTA is a handheld, ultra-precise smart makeup applicator for users with limited hand and arm mobility, offering them the ability to steadily apply lipstick at home," reads a press release on Lancôme's website. "HAPTA will incorporate technology originally created by Verily to stabilize and level utensils to give people with limited hand and arm mobility the ability to eat with confidence and independence."

The release goes on to explain that HAPTA uses a magnetic attachment that allows for easy ergonomic use, which enables 360 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of flexion.

"A 'clicking' feature allows the user to intuitively set the intended position, stay in position during use, and allow for the user to lock in customized setting for future use," it furthers. "HAPTA comes with a built-in battery (three hours to full charge) and device charging which results in one-hour continuous use (approximately 10+ applications)."

The device is currently being showcased at the 2023 CES event and is expected to roll out to the public later this year. And while no further details have been shared on future HAPTA extensions, The L'Oréal Group has said there will be additional details in the future.

Here's to a more inclusive future in the beauty space!

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