This Top Shelf Under-Eye Cream Is Pricey — But It's Worth The Investment

It will give you instantly refreshed-looking under-eyes, and it plays nicely with concealer.

THE SPLURGE: This Top Shelf Under-Eye Cream Is Pricey — But It's Worth The Investment

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Under-eye concealer is one of my beauty non-negotiables. Even on days when I opt for "naked makeup" (that's what I call minimal makeup using CC cream, concealer, and a coat of mascara), I reach for my favorite illuminating under-eye concealer to help brighten my under-eyes and even-out some speckles of melasma. I know I'm not alone in this; virtually anyone with deep-set eyes or tear troughs deals with shadows, and everything from allergies to a night of bad sleep can result in dark circles. But the problem with under-eye concealer is that it is prone to creasing, thanks to the skin's delicate and extra-crinkly nature. 

So if you're wondering how to cover under-eye circles, I recently learned about a luxury hack using the cult-favorite La Mer Eye Concentrate developed by celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan Fisher. Ringing in at $260 for each precious half ounce, the lightweight formula includes a kelp-derived ferment, lime tea concentrate, and their proprietary Miracle Broth™ to hydrate, brighten, and smooth the eyes.

La Mer The Eye Concentrate

To shop: $260;

How to Refresh Under-Eyes

Deenihan Fisher loves using it to prep the skin for concealer, which is a key step in her process before applying any makeup. "The Concentrate works wonders [to hydrate and prep the under-eyes] on all skin types, especially dry," Deenihan Fisher says of the formula. "But I also like to use it to refresh the under-eye concealer throughout the day." 

She goes on to explain that virtually any concealer can crease or move because the skin underneath it is pliable and porous. Making matters even more difficult, the skin secretes oil which can even break down the product over the course of the day; hence the need for multiple touch-ups. "When your under-eye concealer starts to look dry and textured, you can gently press some of the La Mer Eye Concentrate over the concealer to rehydrate [the product] and smooth out any lines or texture that has appeared."

She discovered the trick by accident one day when her under-eye concealer became dry and began to settle. At times like these, adding more concealer only makes it look cakey. "I knew that adding more concealer wouldn't help, and adding powder would only make it worse," she continues. "I just needed to 'rewet' the existing product, so I dabbed my fingers along the under eye with the smallest amount of The Concentrate. The result was immaculate and I've never turned back."

This versatile function of the product is ideal when you consider the luxury price tag. But according to Deenihan Fisher, it truly is worth it. "I tend to use La Mer Eye Concentrate over other products because it doesn't leave a greasy residue, and is lightweight and fast-absorbing," Deenihan Fisher says. As she explains, the best hydration for under-eye prep should efficiently hydrate, diminish fine lines, and leave just the right amount of finish that is "not overly matte or dewy." The Concentrate's texture falls somewhere in between a gel and a cream, and it leaves behind a smoothed surface on the skin. 

The Best Way to Use The Eye Concentrate with Makeup

So, how do you use it? Well, if you are applying it to prep the under-eye before makeup, it comes with its own little applicator that you can use to glide it onto the periorbital area. "You can also stick the applicator in the fridge for a few minutes, or run it under cold water before using, for a cool touch," Deenihan Fisher adds. Alternatively, you can use your ring finger or a soft brush to press The Eye Concentrate into the skin. "Once the product is absorbed, apply thin layers of concealer, blend, and then set it with a translucent powder."

Throughout the day, keep an eye out for when the concealer starts to budge. When the time comes that you want to refresh it, gently press a small amount of the concentrate onto the under eye concealer (lately she has been using bareMinerals Original Liquid Mineral Concealer) and buff it into the skin using a "small, soft, fluffy brush" — hers is by rēphr. "This can be done wherever the concealer looks dry or is creasing. It's a great way to reinvigorate the concealer," says Deenihan.

And there you have it — a top shelf secret for perpetually refreshed under-eyes, straight from the mind of a celebrity makeup artist.

The Splurge is our recurring column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are worth it. This week, why we're rebuying La Mer Eye Concentrate, despite the $260 price tag.

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